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					                      KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA, 2, SADRAS , KALPAKKAM

Minutes of the VMC Meeting held on 18-8-2008 at the DAE Guest House between 5 PM and
7.00PM. The following members attended to it:

     1.    Dr. Baldev Raj, Chairman, VMC
     2.    Dr. Vineetha, Member
     3.    Mr.Satyamoorthy, Nomineee Chairman
     4.    Dr. K. Tambidurai, Principal
     5.    Mr. R.Senthil Kumar, Teacher Member
     6.    Mr.Manoharan, Head,
     7.    Mr.           , GSO

The following points were discussed:

Sl        Agenda           Points discussed                    Action to be taken
No                                                                                         Remarks
1         Welcome          The Chairman, VMC,
                           Welcomed the members and
                           explained the importance and
                           thrust areas of the meeting.
2         Improving        While the chairman                  Request KVS authorities
          Primary          congratulated the school for the    for filling the vacancies
          Education        exemplary performance in the        of teachers (4 PRTs,
                           Xth Board examination, he           2 TGTs and 1 PGT.)
                           explained the need for
                           strengthening primary               Orientation by the
                           education.                          Headmistress to new
                                                               teachers in methodology
                                                               & teaching techniques.

3         Academic         Dr. Vineetha suggested that the     Principal to do the
          improvement      toppers’ papers can be              necessary on the lines of
                           photocopied and circulated to       suggestion made by the
                           all the students in the class for   member of VMC.
                           the benefit of other children
4         Infrastructure   Mr. Manoharan and Mr. Mani          Principal
          coordination     to have monthly meetings with       Mr. Manohar &
          committee        the Principal for infrastructure    Mr. Mani would proceed
                           upkeep. The chairman needs to       with the task
                           be appraised about the              management.
                           budgetary allocation for such
                           work borne either by
                           DAE/KVS as per norms to
                           expedite the beautification of
                           the school campus
5   Coaching classes   The committee decided to            Dr. Saibaba & Principal
    for IIT JEE,       constitute a team of teachers,      would co-ordinate the
    AIEEE & the        scientists and experts from         activity
    like               leading coaching institutes to
                       meet the requirement of the
                       school and the township.
6   Working Space      It has been decided to convene      Dr, Saibaba, Mr.
    &                  a separate meeting with the         Satyamoorthy &
    Common needs       principals of KV 2 and AECS         Principal would proceed
    of schools in      2 to discuss the immediate          with the task in
    proximity.         needs of both the schools and       consultation with the
                       to take appropriate action.         Principals of neighboring
7   Visiting Hours     It has been decided to display      Principal &
    for parents        the visiting hours for the          PTA Secretary to do the
                       parents and to encourage            necessary
                       parents to meet the principal
                       for any fruitful discussions
                       related to their children. It has
                       been decided that in deserving
                       cases the principal will arrange
                       the meeting of the parent with
                       the teachers.

                        The usual PTA meetings will
                       be held as per schedule. These
                       meetings to be assisted by
                       Volunteers from the township
                       to regulate Congestion and
                       promote orderliness and

                       The chairman appealed to the
                       VMC members to promote the
                       culture of showing very high
                       regard and respect for teachers
                       , the Principal and the school

8   Setting up of      The principal presented the         Dr.Saibaba, Mr.
    Comp. Lab          need for the 3rd computer lab to    Sathyamoorthy &
                       promote technology aided            Principal would do the
                       teaching. The chairman wanted       needful.
                       the proposals to be analyzed by
                       a committee for speedy
9   VVN Budget         VVN Budget for 2008-09 was          Nominee chairman &
                       analyzed by the committee and       Principal discussed and
                       approved.                           the budget got approved.
10    Condemnation of The chairman suggested that             Mr. Monoharan &
      broken furniture Mr. Monoharan will assist in           Principal to co-ordinate
                       finalizing the condemnation of         and get the activity
                       the broken furniture                   completed
                       as per KVS norms.
11    Building         The principal expressed the            Dr. Saibaba, Mr.
      Consturction     need for additional rooms to           Manoharan &
                       meet the immediate and future          Principal to convene
                       requirements. The already              meeting and have follow-
                       proposed construction may be           up activities to complete
                       expedited so that the school           the necessary
                       will not face further problems.        construction.
                       The chairman expressed the
                       need for additional buildings
                       and infrastructure in all schools
                       at Kalpakkam to meet the
                       requirement of the department
                       as around 5000 employees are
                       likely to be added in the near
12    Display Boards   The committee approved                 Principal would do the
                       procuring and fixing display           needful by utilizing the
                       boards in the school with the          funds released by the
                       following specification.               project.
                       Glass Board = 15 nos. ( 8X4)
                       & 1 no.(4x4)
                       Flannel Boards = 30 Nos.(3x4)
                       Notice boards = 8 Nos. (5x4)

The meeting ended with the vote of thanks by the Principal.

                                     CHAIRMAN ,
                                 VMC KV2, KALPAKKAM

To be circulated to the members of VMC:

                                  Minutes of VMC

  A meeting of the 2 nd VMC meeting was held on 17-01-2009 between 3:30 PM and 5:30
  PM. The following members attended to it:

  1. Mr. S.A.V. Sathyamurthy, SO-H (Comp. Div.), IGCAR                  - Nominee
  2. Dr. K.S. Viswanathan, SO-H MCD, IGCAR                              - Member
  3. Dr. A.K. Arora, SO-H, MCD                                          - Member
  4. Dr. Saroja Saibaba, SO-G PMS, IGCAR                                - Member
  5. Dr. K. Thambidurai, Principal, KV-2,                               - Member
  6. Mr. R. Senthil Kumar, PGT (Eng.)                                   - Teacher

   The following members could not attend the meeting.
      1. Dr.Vineetha
      2. Sh.Singha Roy
      3. Sh.M.Venkatesulu
      4. Sn.K.Sundarajan
   The following points were discussed:
Sl.     Agenda
No       points                         Details of discussion                   Action  Remarks
1.   Interaction    Shri.S.A.V.Sathyamurthy has mentioned that in view Principal has
     with Parents of feed back received from parents side, Principal is promised to
                    advised to treat the parents with more sensitivity        do so.
2.   Appointment The principal informed that posting was done against               --- Committee
     of        new vacant PRT and PGT(comp Sc.) posts.                                  appreciated
     teachers                                                                           the efforts
                                                                                        of Principal
3.   Closure of     Shri.S.A.V.Sathyamurthy has informed that on cyclone Principal,
     school on      days or on days of heavy rain, Principal shall assess the KV2
     Cyclones/      situation and will declare the holiday, if required, in
     Emergency consultation with Chairman/Nominee Chairman, VMC.
     situations     Committee felt that a uniform policy can be followed
                    for all the schools in Kalpakkam. Towards this,
                    Principals can be in touch with each other and decide
                    the action to be taken
4.   Reconstitution As the tenure of the VMC is going to be over, Principal Principal,  New List
     of VMC         informed that the VMC has to be reconstituted. KV2                  is attached.
                    Principal was requested to send a letter requesting the          &
                    Chairman, VMC, for reconstitution with a draft panel Chairman,
                    of names                                                  VMC
5.     Budget          A discussion was held on utilization of funds as per     Principal may      The VMC
                       budget provisions and fund position was appraised. The   initiate           approved
                       principal expressed the need for procuring Green Black   necessary          the
                       Boards for all class room and Notice boards for Houses   arrangement        proposal
                       as well as Departments by following KVS purchase         as per KVS
                       procedure. Principal was advised to present actual       Purchase
                       budget position in every VMC meeting and send the        procedure, as
                       status along with the agenda papers to members.          the      project
                                                                                can’t do the
6.     Inspection      Principal was requested to brief the committee about Principal,
       Reports         the inspections conducted by KVS and their reports KV2
                       from the next VMC meeting
7.     Augmenting      The Committee felt that a review of the Principal,
       facilities in   facilities/equipment in the all science labs has to be KV2
       the Labs        done and if they have to be augmented, the necessary
                       action shall be initiated.        It was decided that
                       Dr.K.S.Viswanathan and Dr.A.K.Arora will review.
8.     Minutes of      Committee suggested that the Minutes of the meeting Principal,
       the meeting     shall be made at the earliest and distributed to all KV2
                       members. Approval/review of Minutes could be taken
                       as the first item in the subsequent VMC meting.
9.     Other points    Dr. Vishwanathan suggested to procure a distilled Principal to
                       water plant for the chemistry lab as the school does not discuss with
                       have one.                                                PGT (Chem)
                                                                                and do the

     The meeting ended with vote of thanks.


     Through Nominee Chairman, VMC, KV2

     The Chairman, VMC, KV2, for Approval