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NITC_CENS_Presentation_032508 by liaoxiuli


									Computer Emergency

Notification System

       CENS Application

The implementation of the Computer
Emergency Notification System (CENS)
application will potentially save lives and
ensure the safety of employees.
     CENS Application
The (CENS) application enables
organizations to send messages
electronically and in a designated
environment to notify personnel of
emergencies, building related alerts,
and provide other important information.
                CENS Features
The CENS application works across multiple platforms.

Effectively and efficiently communicates with all the staff,
specified groups, or specified locations via Specified Area
Messaging (SAM).

Provides the ability to notify employees of building or
location-specific emergencies.

CENS can also be used for non-emergency broadcast
             CENS Features

Authorized personnel create messages and
perform administration of CENS.

Complies with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation

Minimal impact to network performance.

Utilizes security features.
            CENS Features

The client runs in the background and does not
interfere with employees’ daily work.

Flexible and adaptable.

Low cost solution.
The CENS application consists of a Message
Generator, Web Server services, and a Client that
resides on individual workstations.

1. The CENS Message Generator is the interface used by
   authorized personnel to create messages.
2. The CENS Server software provides connectivity and database
   transactions and it creates HTML messages.
3. The CENS Client software resides on individual workstations as
   a small application. It polls the server at intervals and receives
   messages, as appropriate.
             CENS Process Diagram
Database Server                                                                         Web Server

                           Polls database. Creates HTML header and
                                  message files on Web server

                                                        Process Flow Steps 7 - 8
                                                        7. Client polls server and
           Process Flow Steps 1 - 5                     server responds with
           Message generation                           acknowledgment         OR    8. Client polls server
           and submittal                                (< 30 bytes)                 and server responds
                                                                                     with message to
                                                                                     client workstation

                              Process Flow Step 6
                               System Administrator
                                installs CENS Client
                                      on Workstation
Message Sender

                   Message Generation                  Client Workstation
              Application Server Component
              on Message Sender Workstation
         CENS – Message Generator

1.    An authorized Message Sender logs in and
      authentication is used to access the server

                                                               Database Server

Message Generation                    Process Flow Steps 1-5
Application Server                    Message generation
Component                             and submittal

                     Message Sender
    CENS – Message Generator

2. Using the Message
   Generator the sender
   selects different types
   of messages.

   The same message is sent
   to all personnel, specific
   groups, or areas
   irrespective of the location
   of the emergency via
   Specific Area Messaging
           CENS – Message Generator

3. Once all options
   are selected, the
   message sender
   previews and
   confirms the
  The user has to
  confirm twice before
  sending the
                     CENS - Server
4.      The message sender submits the message, which
        is then written to the embedded database.

5.      The message sender will receive a notification from
        the CENS Server that the message was sent
        successfully to each server. If there is a problem
        with either server the message sender is notified.

                                                               Database Server

Message Generation                    Process Flow Steps 1-5
Application Server                    Message generation
Component                             and submittal

                     Message Sender
                               CENS - Client
6.     The Client application is installed on desktop.
       Users will know if CENS has been loaded on the
       desktop by the appearance of a black triangle in the
       icon tray.
                 Process Flow Step 6
                 System Administrator
                 installs CENS Client
                 on Workstation manually
                 or automatically using
                 managed software tools or
                 a login script.
 Client Workstation
                          CENS - Client
7.      The CENS client polls the CENS server at
        configurable intervals via a HTTP request
        (typically via port 80).

8.      The CENS server application acknowledges the
        client request by sending a HTML message
        back to the CENS client, currently about 30
        bytes in size.


                                           Web Server

     Client Workstation
                             CENS - Client
9.       If the message sent from the server is a new message, the
         CENS client will:

            Sound a siren for emergency messages. Non-emergency messages
             are a non-obtrusive audible sound on any desktop computer. Either
             internal or external speakers will sound the siren.
            Display a full screen message that cannot be removed without
             deliberately closing the emergency message.
            CENS uses redundant servers for protection of possible network
             communications problems.
         A message is considered ‘new’ if the message ID is greater than the user’s last received
         message and the message timestamp is less than 46 minutes old. The 45 minute value
         is configurable.


Web Server
  CENS Software & Architecture
CENS is written in Java.

CENS has a client side and a server side and uses
‘pull’ techniques.

The CENS server components are designed to
execute on any Java application server that supports
Java Servlet Specification version 2.4 or newer.
                   CENS - Servers
Server sizing is dependent on customer’s requirement and,
therefore, may change.

Server Hardware

   Requirements for disk space, memory and processor are minimal.
   Make usability decisions based upon requirements of web server and
    anticipated network load.
                  CENS Security
Server Security

   Access to the server housing the HTML messages can be
    locked down by a system administrator as deemed necessary.
    Restriction by IP address range is possible.

Client Security

   The client software is loaded automatically at startup (Windows
    login) for all users; however the client cannot alter or send
                   CENS Benefits
CENS ensures that its user organizations are able to
effectively and efficiently communicate with staff in the event
of a crisis situation. The application requires no additional

   CENS delivers a consistent message to all personnel.
   CENS indicates the specific problem and what action to take.
   CENS works continuously if a user is logged on to system.
        NITC Services Offerings
NITC will:
 acquire and/or host a CENS server or utilize customer-
 owned Windows server.
 partner with the customer to provide technical project
 planning and coordination.
 provide applications development expertise to modify
 the most current USDA code and customize it to meet
 customer requirements.
        NITC Services Offerings

NITC will:
 provide CENS application level support during the
 development, installation, and maintenance phases.
 coordinate with the customer’s emergency command
 authority to create a database of message types and
 message content.
 provide application-level technical assistance with
 systems setup, installation, testing, and deployment.
        NITC Services Offerings

NITC will:
 provide application-level “Help Desk”.
 provide application-level web-base knowledge expertise
 for testing and deployment.
 provide application level CENS systems and end user
 CENS documentation.
      NITC Services Offerings

NITC Services Pricing:
    Fee based depending upon
    customization requirements.

CENS Application Pricing:
   Available upon request for Federal
   Government entities.
           “Partnering for Success”

Business Contact:          888-USE-NITC

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