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                             Hotel Corporation of India Limited,
                           Unit: Centaur Lake View Hotel, Srinagar
                     Cheshmashahi, Srinagar-190001 (J&K) Ph.No.2501236-38, Fax: 0194-2501145

Dated: 23/01/2009

                                 Tender Notification
Sealed tenders in two bid system in the prescribed forms for the below mentioned
contracts/jobs are invited from the registered authorized dealers/suppliers/contractors to reach
this office by 10th February-2009 upto 1430 hours:

 Tender No.      Name of the Contract                           Contract             EMD
                                                                Period               (RS)
 T-09/01         Supply of Plumbing & Sanitary Items            One year             6,250/=
 T-09/02         Supply of Paints & Painting Items              One year             8,750/=
 T-09/03         Supply of Skilled/Non Skilled Labours          One year             10,000/=
 T-09/04         Transportation of Bulk LPG                     One year             7,500/=
 T-09/05         AMC of Diesel Generator Sets -310 KVA (3 Sets) One year             1,000/=
 T-09/06         Supply of Spare parts for Diesel               One year             10,000/=
                 Generator Sets-310 KVA (3 Sets)
 T-09/07         AMC Photocopiers                               One year             375/=
 T-09/08         Cleaning & Clearing of Main Holes              One year             3,250/=
 T-09/09         Supply of Electric Items                       One year             8,750/=
 T-09/10         Supply of Plain Window Glasses/Bath            One year             5,000/=
                 Looking Mirrors
 T-09/11         Operation & Maintenance of Sewage              One year             20,000/=
                 Treatment Plant (STP)
 T-09/12         AMC of Otis make Lifts                         One year             3,000/=
 T-09/13         Lifting of Garbage                             One year             7,920/=
 T-09/14         Supply of Fresh Fruits                         One year             18,720/=

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Dated: 23/01/2009

 T-09/15         Supply of Atta, Maida, Pulses, Sugar etc              One year      25,000/=
 T-09/16         Supply of Fresh Milk & Milk Products                  One year      25,000/=
 T-09/17         Supply of Chicken & Eggs                              One year      25,000/=
 T-09/18         Supply of Basmati Rice                                One year      8,700/=
 T-09/19         Supply of Soft Drinks ( Pepsi)                        One           1,230/=
 T-09/20         Glass Cleaning Job of Hotel Buildings                 One year      5,250/=
 T-09/21         Carpet Cleaning/Shampooing Job                        One year      7,000/=
 T-09/22         Supply of HK Guest Supplies/Items                     One year      7,500/=
 T-09/23         Supply of HK Cleaning Items                           One year      3,375/=
 T-09/24         Providing of Pest Control Services                    One year      4,750/=
 T-09/25         Supply of Printing & Stationery Items                 One year      6,250/=
 T-09/26         Computerization of Monthly Pay Rolls                  One year      900/=
 T-09/27         Providing of TV Cable Signals                         One year      9,625/=

Blank Tender Forms can be collected from the office of Incharge Purchase, Centaur Lake
View Hotel, Srinagar against cash payment of Rs.100/= per form ( which is non refundable)
upto 10th February -2009 1230 hours. The tender technical bids only will be opened on the
same day at 1500 hours in presence of Intending Tenderers. Parties are requested to fill the
tender documents strictly as per instructions provided on separate sheets along with tender
documents. Only technical bids will be opened on due date and after scrutiny of
documents/technical evaluation, the rate/price bids of sound genuine parties will be opened on
next scheduled date. The date will be communicated separately. Earnest Money Deposit
(EMD) shown against each tender should be accompanied with the tender technical bids in the
shape of demand draft or our internal cash receipt, without which the particular quotation shall
be liable for rejection. EMD by way of cheques/CDR(s) will not be acceptable. VAT and
other registrations/tax clearance certificates applicable as per laws of land are

The authority competent to accept the tender reserves the right to reject the lowest or all
tenders without assigning any reason there of.

In case you need any assistance, please contact our Purchase Department on Telephone Nos:
2501236-38,      Cell     No.      9419060554,      Fax     No.2501145    and     E-Mail: The tender Notice will be also available on our HCI
Website: and CLVH Website:

                                             Asst. General Manager Operations,
                                             Centaur Lake View Hotel, Srinagar