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									                              Budget Speech

                             Shri Nirupam Sen

                 Development & Planning Department
                    Government of West Bengal

                                     in respect of
                             Demand No. 12

                                    for the year

                                   June, 2006.

Hon’ble Mr. Speaker, Sir,

       On the recommendation of the Governor, I beg to move that a total sum of Rs.273,
70,36,000.00 (Two hundred seventy three crore seventy lakh thirty six thousand) only in
which a total sum of Rs.91, 23,45,000.00 (Ninety one crore twenty three lakh forty five
thousand) only is already included in the Vote-on-Account Budget be granted for expenditure
for the financial year 2006-07 under Demand No.12 under Major Heads :

(i)   2401-Crop Husbandry- Rs. 7,50,40,000.00 (in which an amount of Rs.2, 50,13,000.00
       is already included in the Vote-on-Account Budget).

(ii)    2402-Soil and Water Conservation –Rs.15,00,000.00 only (in which an amount of
        Rs.5,01,000 only is already included in the Vote-on-Account Budget).

(iii)   2505-Rural    Employment-Rs.134,57,00,000.00      (in   which    an    amount       of
        Rs.44,85,67,000.00 only is already included in the Vote-on-Account Budget).

(iv)    2575-Other Special Areas Programme-Rs.113,99,55,000.00 only (in which an amount
        of Rs.37,99,85,000.00 only is already included in the Vote-on-Account Budget).

(v)     3451-Secretariat Economic Services-Rs.7,41,62,000.00 only (in which an amount of
        Rs.2,47,18,000.00 only is already included in the Vote-on-Account Budget).

(vi)    3454-Census, Surveys and Statistics-Rs.10,06,79,000.00 only (in which an amount of
        Rs.3,35,61,000.00 only is already included in the Vote-on-Account Budget).

        Development and Planning Department, as the Hon’ble Members are aware, is
entrusted with the formulation of Plans and their implementation. The Department, with the
guidance of State Planning Board and in collaboration with other departments of the State
Government, formulates Annual Plans and Five-Year Plans and also monitors
implementation of such Plans. The Bureau of Applied Economics and Statistics (BAE&S),
State Land Use Board (SLUB), the Directorate of EMM, Uttarbanga Unnayan Parshad
(UUP) etc. are all under the administrative control of the Development and Planning
Department. So long the Paschimanchal Unnuayan Parshad (PUP) was also under this

Department, but now a separate Department for Panschimanchal Unnayan Affairs has been
set up. The Development & Planning Department also monitors and administers schemes
like Bidhayak Elaka Unnayan Prakalpa(BEUP), Natural Resources Data Management System
(NRDMS), Rashtriya Sam Vikas Yojana (RSVY). It is the State Level Nodal Agency for
national    schemes like     Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme

        The Annual Plan of the State for 2006-07 has already been prepared and finalized by
the State Planning Board in consultation with other departments of this State. Following
the publication of the West Bengal Human Development Report (WBHDR)                  the State
Government has taken up a Project ‘Strengthening of State Plan for Human Development’
with the objective of strengthening capacity of State Planners to provide human development
perspective for State Plan, providing research and training services and strengthening the
State Statistical system. A Human Development Research & Coordination Centre (HDRCC)
has been set up in the Development & Plannning Department which is piloting the
preparation of two District Human Development Reports for Maldah and Bankura. Reports in
respect of two studies viz. ‘Alienation of land by bargadars, pattaholders, small and marginal
farmers’ and ‘rural indebtedness ‘ are in the process of finalization.

      Studies have also been initiated in the following core areas of Human Development to
evaluate the impact of the existing programmes, gaps in delivery mechanism, problems of
outreach and to find out solutions to attain the Human Development Programmes :-

      1 State sponsored livelihood related programmes.
      2. Forest related activities – impact on livelihood of forest/forest-fringe
      3. Role of micro-financing for Self-Help Groups in reduction of vulnerability.

      The Bureau of Applied Economics & Statistics is responsible for collection,
collation and compilation of different statistical data in respect of Agriculture, Industry, State
Income, Price and other Socio-Economic Surveys. It brings out 7 (seven) publications
annually along with other reports, namely, Statistical Abstract of West Bengal, State &

District Statistical Hand Book, Economic Review, Report on the State and District Domestic
Product Annual Survey of Industries and other Socio-Economic Survey Reports etc. The
publications are updated at regular intervals.

      The Bureau has performed the following activities in last year in various sectors :-

      Agriculture : The BAE&S was entrusted to conduct crop cutting experiments on 19
major crops in the State in order to estimate the yield rates and production of the said crops.
During 2005-06 it has conducted about 40,000 crop cutting experiments at block level as well
as G.P. level.

      Index of Industrial Production : Monthly Index of Industrial Production has been
released up to month of February, 2006.

      Wholesale Price Index : Wholesale Price Index for Agricultural commodities (Base :
1981 = 100) and the same for all commodities (Base : 1952-53 = 100) for Kolkata Centre
have been prepared up to December, 2005.

      Consumer Price Index : Consumer Price Index Numbers for Kolkata Centre (Base :
1993 = 100) has been released for the month of April, 2006. The base year revision works in
respect of 10 urban centres namely, Kolkata, Howrah, Burdwan, Purulia, Krishnanagar,
Midnapur, Coochbehar, Darjeeling , English Bazar(Malda) and Suri have been taken up.
Government has entrusted the Family Budget Survey Work to a NGO (Society for Socio
Economic Studies & Services) for the purpose of preparation of weighting diagram. The
Bureau has taken up the base year price collection work for this purpose.

      State & District Domestic Product : The estimates of SDP and DDP have been
prepared for the year 2004-05 and 2005-06 and submitted to the Government.

      Economic Review :        Economic Review for the year 2005-06 was prepared and

      Annual Survey of Industries : Data Validation Work in respect of ASI 2003-04 has
been done and the same has been sent to CSO (IS Wing), Kolkata for verification and pooling
of Central and State Sample results. Fieldwork of ASI, 2004-05 is expected to be completed
very soon.

      Socio Economic Survey : Field work of 62nd round of NSS relating to Manufacturing
Enterprises, Consumer Expenditure and Employment-Unemployment which was started in
July, 2005 will be completed by June,2006.

      Census of State Government Employees : The Bureau has started collection data in
respect of employees as on 31.12.2005 and this will be completed soon. Side by side
compilation work is in progress.

      Draft reports on Service sector Enterprises of 57th round NSS and Village Facilities of
58th round NSS have been prepared.

      The Bureau has compiled and published District Statistical Hand Book in respect of 19
districts for 2004. It has also published the Statistical Abstract of West Bengal, 2002-03 and
State Statistical Hand Book for the year 2004 in 2005.

       5th Economic Census (A centrally sponsored scheme) : This has been completed.
Along with the Economic Census Household Survey has been conducted and completed
throughout the State.

      The Directorate of Evaluation, Monitoring & Manpower (EMM) was set up for
monitoring and evaluation of State Projects & Manpower Planning in the State. A number of
various evaluation studies have already been published from this Directorate. Recently, the
Directorate has brought out two Evaluation Studies viz. (i) Study on Ashram Hostels and (ii)
Study on Border Area Development Programme in North 24- Parganas Another Evaluation
study on ‘Non-Formal Education Scheme run by Govt. of West Bengal’ is under process of
publication. Two other studies viz. (i) Multipurpose Micro Watershed Project at Kumari
Kanan, Purulia and Tourism Programme at Ayodhya Hills, Purulia, both under CADC and
(ii) Drop Outs and stagnation in rural/urban Primary Schools in West Bengal are both under

compilation stage. Besides these, this Directorate is monitoring the Prime Minister’s 20-Point
Programme. The Directorate has taken up four other studies in Border Area Development
Programme, impact of development schemes in Sarenga Block and Bishnupur Municipality
in Bankura district and Schemes under PUP.

      State Land Use Board(SLUB) :           State Land Use Board(SLUB) was set up for
studying different factors relating to land use, soil, flood control and water conservation and

making suggestions for remedial measures so as to ensure proper utilization of such

      SLUB has initiated a pilot project titled “Collection of Comprehensive Village Level
Land Use Statistics’ during 2003-04. In phase I of the project two mouzas of Burdwan
district were selected and land use statistics were collected.

      SLUB is also working on framing of State Land Use Policy for West Bengal.

      A sum of Rs.56 lakh has been proposed to be allocated under Macro Management
Mode during the current financial year for the activities of SLUB like Awareness generation,
Studies to be conducted by SLUB , National Conference, Changing the Land Use Date
Collection system etc.

      Paschimanchal Unnayan Parshad (PUP) was constituted under Development and
Planning Department comprising of 74 Blocks in five districts of the red laterite zone viz.
Birbhum, Burdwan , Bankura, Pashim Medinipur and Purulia. It has taken up schemes for
integrated development of the area inhabited predominantly by Scheduled Castes and
Scheduled Tribes. Main areas of importance are Irrigation, Education, Drinking Water
facilities, Waste Land Development, Communication etc. for overall development of the
areas. Provision of Rs.15.00 crore has been made in the budget for 2006-07 under the State
Plan. This has now been constituted as a separate Department.

      To tackle this issue of regional imbalance and backwardness and for comprehensive
and integrated development of the six districts of North Bengal, viz. Cooch Behar, Jalpaiguri,
Darjeeling, Uttar Dinajpur, Dakshim Dinajpur and Malda, a Board named ‘Uttarbanga

Unnayan Parshad’ was constituted in the year 2000-01 under the Chairmanship of the Chief
Minister.    Its function    is to formulate and implement schemes for comprehensive
development of the areas of the districts through the Panchayats, Local Self-Govt.
Institutions, Govt. organisations and Non-Govt.organisations located in North Bengal. The
Parshad has laid emphasis on schemes in agriculture, minor irrigation, education,
communication, health etc. for improvement of infrastructure and economic development of

the people. For this purpose, provision of Rs.25 crore is proposed in the budget for 2006-07
under State Plan.

      Bidhayak Elaka Unnayan Prakalpa (BEUP) : The Government of West Bengal
introduced ‘Bidhayka Elaka Unnayan Prakalpa’ (BEUP) in 2000-2001. The MLAs are now
entitled to recommend developmental schemes of Rs.25 lakh each in respect of their
constituency areas in accordance with the guidelines of the State Government. The schemes
are sanctioned by respective District Planning Committee after consultation. The works under
this Prakalpa shall be developmental in nature based on local needs to ensure community
benefit. The emphasis is on creation of durable assets and to provide service support
facilities. Budget provision of Rs.7375 lakh is proposed during 2006-07.

      Rastriya Sam Vikas Yojana (RSVY) : Rastriya Sam Vikas Yojana (RSVY), is an
initiative to remove the barriers of growth of the backward Districts with the objective of
accelerating development proces for pockets of backwardness and was first introduced in two
districts of West Bengal, viz., (a) Jalpaiguri and (b) Purulia during 2002-03 followed by
coverage of two more districts i.e., (c) Paschim Medinipur and (d) South 24 Parganas during
2003-04. During 2004-05, another four districts viz. Bankura, Birbhum, Uttar Dinajpur and
Dakshin Dinajpur have come under the programme.

      The RSVY Plans have been prepared keeping in mind the constraints causing retarded
pace in growth      and undertaking SWOT analysis to pinpoint root causes of under-
development. Main thrust is on agriculture and allied activities with a special focus on agri-
irrigation schemes and other important sectors like Cottage/Village industries, Social
Services Support facilities etc., with a view to

generating additional employment opportunities and meeting the basic needs of the rural
poor. Rs.120 crore is proposed in the Budget for 2006-07 for implementation of schemes
under RSVY.

      Natural Resource Data Management System(NRDMS)                   is a computer based
decision support system capable of storing, analysing and extrapolating spatial and non-

spatial data. It has been functioning in four districts namely Bankura, Purulia, Paschim
Mednapur and Jalpaiguri.

      Expansion of NRDMS in rest of the fourteen districts of West Bengal has been under
active consideration of State Government. Information & Technology Department has
already sanctioned   Rs. 19.50 lakh for procurement of Hardware & Software for such
expansion activity. Equipment support has already been provided to Birbhum District.
Equipments in Bankura, Purulia and Paschim Medinipur NRDMS Centres have also been
upgraded. The Department has sent a Project Proposal          to the Planning Commission,
Government of India, for further financial support for such expansion.

      Bio-Technology : The State Government attaches high priority to development of
Bio-Technology and its application and constituted the West Bengal State Council of Bio-
Technology (WBSCB) in 2004. Since then the Council has taken a number of steps in
promoting development of Bio-Technology and its application in various fields. A
demonstration plot measuring 36 cottah of land at Central Park, Salt Lake has been arranged
to promote cultivation of Jatropha Curcas for extraction of bio-diesel, a comparatively eco-
friendly and cheap fuel as an alternative source of energy. Besides, launching of a website
reflecting present status, potential and prospect of Bio-Technology is in the final stages.
Action is also in progress to promote development of transgenic rice for cultivation in saline
areas of Sundarbans to promote economic development. The Council is also organizing a
study on Costal Bioshields and Livelihood to identify costal problems in Sundarban areas.
This has now been constituted as separate Department.

      Hon’ble members, I would like to reemphasize that it shall be the efforts of the State
Government to effectively monitor the various plans & programmes of the different
departments of the Government and bring about synergy in their activities. The prime

objective of the Government is to reach the benefits of planning to the target groups
particularly who are still under privileged and living on the margins. It shall also be our
endeavour to empower the people to a larger extent so that they can meaningfully participate
in the plan formulation & implementation. It is not merely empowerment of the people but
also creation of right ambience at different layers of the Government that will constitute
Government initiatives of an improvement of delivery mechanism, an important prerequisite
for making the whole planning exercise an agenda of the people..

        I do hope that the Hon’ble Members will evince the some degree of involvement and
participation towards strengthening our efforts for decentralization of plan formulation and
implementation besides giving their valuable guidance in implementation of various
development programmes in the days ahead as in the post. I also record my deep sense of
gratitude to the Hon’ble Members for their support and cooperation in piloting the Dev. &
Planning Department towards successful performance of its role.

        With these words, I now move that the House be pleased to sanction the proposed
expenditure for the financial year 2006-2007 as under :

                               Demand No.12
         Major Heads                                 Amount
(i)  2401-Crop Husbandry                     Rs. 7,50,40,000.00
(ii)    2402-Soil and Water Conservation                            Rs.       15,00,000.00
(iii)   2505-Rural Employment                                        Rs.134,57,00,000.00
(iv)    2575-Other Special Area Programme                            Rs.113,99,55,000.00
(v)     3451-Secretariat Economic Services                           Rs.   7,41,62,000.00
(vi)    3454-Census, Surveys and Statistics                         Rs. 10,06,79,000.00
          Total 12                                                   Rs.273,70,36,000.00


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