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					                         Food and Agro processing

SRI received Productivity Council Award for Promotion of Food and Agro
Processing Industries in villages. The effort is divided in to two parts: First,
Technology for Processing & Preservation of Bulk material; Second,
Conversion of produce into consumer items. The first aims to protect the
farmer and later aims to support micro enterprises, mainly by women. The
total person trained for Food Processing Enterprises is 199 The number is
increasing every year and there is a multiplier effect in field. Several
thousand women have been trained through short courses.

Ministry of Food Processing Industry assisted SRI to design a cost effective
Vacuum Evaporation Plant which is giving full back up to farmers. This year
2.5 tons of tomato puree has been manufactured.

SRI has helped to establish more than 20 food processing training centres in
different parts of the country. DR. C. C. Sarkar of SRI is recognized as the
leading scientist for promoting rural food processing systems and played a
major role in the All India Coordinated Project sponsored by DST.

Mahua, Jackfruit, Green Mango are now preserved in bulk by the tribals.
Raisin made of Mahua is now sold in many parts of West Bengal and

Ready-to-serve (RTS) drinks with local material is now practiced
everywhere. SRI played a pioneering role. Energy food with low cost items
like Marua, Mahua etc. is an important invention. Marua Idli is now
available in village shops. 0l (yam), Mushroom pickles are having ready
market acceptance. Processing technology has been classified into five types
shown below with some examples :
    a. Mechanical (Masala Powder Tamarind bricks)
    b. Dry heat (Commonest rural technology: Amshi Dry mushroom).
    c. Wet heat (Steam as heating element to avoid burning & save time :
    d. Evaporation (Vacuum & Flow control : Puree, Dhania patta).
    e. Chemical (Salt & oil preservation Green jackfruit, Pickle) and
    f. Microbial (Curd & cheese).

SRI has worked substantially in all except the microbial process. Actually
the whole bulk processing technology rests on controlling microbial growth.
SRI technology is widely accepted. Drying of fruits in Uttaranchal, Natural
vinegar in Santhal Pargana, Mahua Raisin in Latehar & Lohardaaga, Haldi
powder in Koraput, Imli bricks at many places are examples of it’s spread.