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									                                       Anurag Sharma
          4.5 years of IT Services experience in Target Marketing, iTV & Finance Domains

 B-11 Pocket 2                                      Phone: +91 9999644041, +91 9871042086
 Kendriya Vihar                                     Email:
 Sector 82 – Noida (UP) - India                  

Profile Summary

 Career Objective

 Seeking a quality environment and an opportunity where I can blend my leadership qualities and
 management skills. To analyze different businesses, build up customer relationships and be the
 integral part of an organization as a key revenue generator and value creator.

 Professional Qualification

    Successful in analyzing the Target Marketing and Advertising Business through interactive
     media, developing models for the same for Microsoft Corporation and implementing it.
     Performing a trend analysis of where the customer group (current and potential) exist in
     various geographies, networks, etc. and their behavior analysis.
    Successful in project estimation & planning, managing geographically spread team and overall
     execution and delivery of project as a lead.
    Successful in exploring customer needs and their classification into Primary, Secondary,
     Tertiary and Latent needs. Relevant data extraction from the Business Requirement
     Documents and doing Business Document Reviews.
    Strong Symptom diagnosis, Problem formulation skills and working out over a solution for the
     same maintaining the traceability matrix. Evaluating the concrete advantages of the proposed
    Currently working on data-mining and reporting (using SQL Server Analysis Services) for
     Microsoft Advertising and Sales Promotion Group for their focused advertising application after
     Microsoft entered into iTV media. Strong knowledge of Business View formations and Analysis
     Cube generation.
    Strong understanding of the structure of IT & Technology business, competition, and economic
     trends and factors that affect the Software Industry. Good at requirement elicitation, creating
     HLDs and translating them into DLDs. Strong knowledge of UI Components, Java/J2EE and
     recently integrated Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services and Jasper Server (a reporting
     server) with Interactive Flex Client side development environment – for contribution to Open
     Source Community as the only solution with so much of interactivity.
    Knowledge of Corporate Finance, Stock Markets, Capital and Money Market Instruments,
     Financial Derivatives, Mergers and Acquisition concepts, Foreign Exchange Policies, Corporate
     Environmental Management and Carbon Markets.
    Successful in carrying out Metallographic and Materials Processing researches in India and
     abroad. Received Certificates of Appreciation by KTH Stockholm, Sweden for the researches.

 Educational Qualification

 Post Graduation: PGDBM from Indian Institute of Management Lucknow (Noida Campus).
 Specialization in Finance and Marketing (Tentative Completion – April 2009: 3 years taught
 master’s classroom programme 2006–2009).
 Graduation: Bachelor of Technology (Metallurgical & Materials Engineering) Indian Institute of
 Technology, Roorkee - India.
 CGPA*: 8.15 on a scale of 10 (*CGPA-Cumulative Grade Point Average)       Class Rank: 3 out of 45
Career Interests – Core Management Area

Business Analysis, Client Interfacing and Communication, Project Management pertaining to IT and
Non-IT Businesses, Corporate Finance, Financial Valuation, Target Advertising and Brand

Business Projects Handled (Employer and Domain-wise Summary)

Impetus Infotech India Pvt. Ltd. Noida (An Indian subsidiary of Impetus Technologies Inc. USA):
June 2006 – till date
Technical Business Analyst and Lead

   Interactive Media Advertising Domain Applications
    Impetus being an SME provided me opportunity and challenge to take on a lead role and cater
    to a renowned client - Microsoft
    Interactive Television is one of the emerging and nascent markets in India and abroad. There
    has already begun a competition to provide Movies on Demand, doing a poll over the television,
    making an offer electronically. With this cut throat competition, there arises a need to control
    the Cost of Advertising. Focused Targeting and Audience Analysis are two of the several
    mechanisms by which advertisers can achieve this. Navic Networks (Now Microsoft), our
    present client aims at easing the Advertisers by providing a solution which enables electronic
    targeting and Ad-Exchanging.
       Responsible for managing geographically spread team and overall execution and delivery of
        the project.
       Responsible for doing needs and requirements analyses for Navic Networks (Now Microsoft).
       Responsible for conceptualizing reports for advertisement reach and frequency based on
        viewership data and future forecast.
       Successfully mentoring a geographically spread team of 7 IT engineers technically on J2EE
        and making them understand the Data and object model of the client’s business enabling
        them to become self sufficient in translating the business requirements into software design.
       Successfully worked upon data analysis and report generation using Jasper Server and
        Intellicus as reporting solutions

Interra IT: October, 2005 – April, 2006
Senior Developer

   Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
      Successfully released the product ‘Resolution Accelerator 2.1’ for client Vitria
      Successfully implemented the workflow of this major application using its Businessware
       Modeling Environment (BME), an EAI platform

Infosys Technologies Ltd: June, 2004 – September, 2005
Software Engineer

   Financial Reporting
    Clients – Goldman Sachs and The Northern trust Company
       Responsible for requirement analyses to program specification, configuration management,
        code building and unit testing.
       Strong exposure to the Corporate Finance terminologies and the entire software
        development lifecycle in this project
       Successful in achieving the customer delight and achieved high degree of appreciation by

Brinellvägen 23, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH – The Royal Institute of Technology),
Stockholm, Sweden: May, 2003 – September, 2003
Research Scholar (under International Student Exchange Programme between IIT
Roorkee and KTH Stockholm, Sweden)

   Steel Research
    For Uddeholm Steel at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm – Sweden
       Determination of Water/Hydrogen Capacity in Steel Slags – a research for eradicating the
        problem of Hydrogen embrittlement in steel.
       Responsible for carrying out experiments at the Materialsvatenskap Lab of KTH.
            Successfully carried out high temperature experiments (1800 degree celsuis) using
             Eurotherm integrated muffle furnace.
            Worked on Differential Thermal Analyzer, Thermo-gravimetric analyzer, EPMA, Scanning
             Electron Microscope ad Transmission Electron Microscope for different metallographic

Domain Specific Skills

     Interactive Television, Target Marketing and Advertising – worked with Navic Networks (Now
      merged with APSG wing of Microsoft Corp.) and Echo-Star as clients.
     Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) – worked on Vitria Businessware EAI platform
     Corporate Finance – worked with Goldman Sachs and Northern Trust Company USA as clients

Technical Skills

     Web Technology (Java/J2EE) - Java/J2EE, Jasper Reports, XML, AJAX, JQuery, Web Services,
      Struts (MVC) framework, Design Patterns, AOP, Flex 3
     Reporting Servers (Business Intelligence) – Jasper Server, Crystal Reports, Intellicus, Pentaho,
      Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
     Tools - Toad, Rapid SQL, Microsoft Office Utilities and I-Reports
     Datawarehouse – SQL Server 2005 and its Analysis Services
     Database(s) - Oracle 8/9i, SQL Server 2000, PL/SQL, RDBMS concepts
     Operating Systems - Windows XP, Win-2000 / 2K3, UNIX, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX
     Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) - Vitria Technology and Platforms

Language Proficiency

English (Read, Write and Speak), Hindi (Read, Write & Speak), Italian (Read, Write & Speak)

Engineering / Research Projects

    Period                           Project                            Description
                                                                        Guide: Prof. (Mrs.) Vijaya
                                     Senior year project: Synthesis
                                                                        Agarwala (International
                                     and Characterization of a Bulk
                                                                        Student Exchange Programme
    November 2003 to June 2004       Nano-material for Electronic
                                                                        Coordinator), MMED IIT
                                     Applications by Gas Reduction
                                                                        Grade Awarded: A+ (10/10).
                                     Determination of Intermediary      Guide: Dr. Alok Awasthi,
                                     Steps in the preparation of Nb-    Scientific Officer (F), Bhabha
                                     Zr master-alloy used in Nuclear    Atomic Research Centre,
    May 2002- July 2002.             Reactor Pressure Tubes by          Mumbai, India.
                                     DTA/TG analyses (Done at
                                     Bhabha Atomic Research             Guide remarks: Excellent
                                     Centre, Mumbai)                    (10/10).

Other Academic Information (Awards, Prizes and Achievements)

     Awarded the prestigious ICE Unioncamere Scholarship (50 in numbers awarded all over the
      world) by the Government of Italy for carrying out research at Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy.
     Certificate of Appreciation from the KTH on the Project on Determination of Water Capacity of
      Steel Slags under Professor Du Sichen and Professor S.Seetharaman at the Royal Institute of
      Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden and leading a team of 4 engineers.
     Certificate of Appreciation for the research carried out at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,
      Mumbai in Determination (Thermodynamic) of the Intermediary steps in the preparation of
      Niobium-Zirconium master-alloy used in Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessels.
     All India Rank 34 in Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineers (GATE) – 2004
     Participated in Technical Paper Contest of MATRIX-2003 held at the Department of Metallurgical
      and Materials Engineering, IIT Roorkee. Paper presented on Fabrication of Nano-materials in
      Polymer matrix.
     Awarded Prestigious Merit Scholarship at IIT Roorkee for excellent academic performance in my
     Gold Medalist in Athletic events

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