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					DO IT NOW
                                         Saumya Bhatt, Class XI
                                 The Magic formula for Success
This topic is mainly for the board students and will act as a medicine it it is followed by them.

       Look ahead to almost a year from now. You and your classmates will be furiously preparing for the
board exams that can make or break your future.
Suddenly the time will seems to be fly off.
And often we will hear-

“Oh my God, there is so much more to study!”
oh no, only so few days are left for exams.

There will also be a lot of lamentation
If only I had studied this earlier
If only I had prepared those notes earlier
If only I had started the preparation a little earlier

If only I had done this earlier-
This is a wish we hear so often-
Putting thins off to the last minute is an age-old sickness with students, teacher, executives, parent & people
from every walk of life.
If seems to be universal illness, causing havoc worth million in money and manpower.
It makes one miss opportunities that will never come again.
The way I spend this coming year will decide my entire future.
If I want to do brilliantly in my examination at the end of this year. I must start my preparation right now.
I cannot put anything for later.

All that one has is Today is Now!

     Plan:-
      Plan your day hour by hour.
      You should know what you will do each hour & how much you could within the time you have, but be
      flexible with your time schedule.

     Stick to the plan you make:-
      Any plan is worthless unless you stick to it.
              It is a good thing to review your plan every evening or in the morning, to check how far you
      have progressed & to see if there are any changes to be made due to situations beyond your control.

     Set targets that are realistic:-
      Do not set out to do in one hour, what takes you or normal person to do in the three hours to
      accomplish target that are too high you can get discouraged very soon.

     Keep a checklist:-
      Keep a list of things to be done each day, beyond the normal routine tasks expected to you.
      Tick them off as you finish them.
      You will be surprised to see how much you can accomplish in a day, & this can boost your energies to
      do even more.

     Develop a work culture:-
      No one succeeds in life without hard works.
      We may plan our time well, set targets & goal, but if we are not willing to roll up our sleeves and get
      down to work nothing will be achieved.

    At last I wanted to conduct my topic by saying that---

    Your future starts right now
       The first step towards a great future is an exceptional performance in your school learning

        So start working on your dream right now.

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