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Letter from The Black Archives
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 What is doubly troubling is that right after Spence-Jones came into office and I was still the Exec Director of
 the CRA, she came to me and wanted me to demolish the just refurbished Ward Rooming House! I told her
 that I could not believe what I was hearing – that we had just spend over $600,000 in design and construction
 costs to rebuild the entire shell of the building (it was in such bad shape that we were only able to salvage the
 columns on the front porch) and now she wanted me to tear it down? She asked if I had the plans for the
 original building and I told her “yes”, so she said, “well, the CRA can build a replica somewhere else in
 Overtown if it is truly wanted – I want this land for the development of an affordable housing project.” We
 continued to argue right on the site and I left off that the CRA Board had passed a resolution to rebuild this
 property and that if she wanted me to tear it down she would have to go back to the Board and have them
 pass a resolution instructing me to demolish it – of course, she never did. I remember saying to her,
 “Michelle, what is wrong with this picture? Here you are the black commissioner representing Overtown
 wanting to tear down what is obviously a historic part of what is to become the Lyric Village and here I am, a
 white boy, arguing with you to save it!” Her retort was that something to the effect of, “I guess you just don’t
 get it that I am the Chair of the CRA Board and you work for me!” Sort of went down hill for me from there.
 But, I did leave off with her that one day she would see the value of salvaging the historic elements of

 Art Teele’s original vision was to restore the Ward Rooming House and the two story apartment building
 immediately adjacent (also owned by the CRA) and turn the apartment building into an artist lofts type of
 residency and make the rooming house a gallery to complement the Lyric Village – so much for that vision.

 Good luck with your endeavors – there has to be a reason that there is such a rush to tear these things down
 and I if I were a betting man, I would bet that it goes far beyond the CRA. 3/5/2010
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 Frank Rollason


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 DARRICK RUDOLPH; David Brown; David Chiverton; Denise Perry; Derek Cole; Doris Hall; Dr Dorothy Fields;
 Dr Quiroga; Ellie M. Kluger; Frank Rollason; George Sanchez; Harlan Woodard; Harold Silva; Irby MacKnight;
 James Forbes; Jeffrey Kluger; Karen Fryd; Kathyrn Reid Moore; Larry Houston; Mark Lesniak; Marvin Weeks;
 Pastor Allen; Retha Boone; Rosa Green; Susan Spiegel; Tim Barber; Tony Alonnso; Van Vark, Stephanie;
 Vanessa Byers
 Subject: Fwd: Letter from The Black Archives

 Please find attached find a copy of the letter from the Black Archives to Commissioner Dunn. In
 spite of the Overtown Community Advisory Board's request for a stay, letters from irby McKnight,
 and a ton of press, the CRA continues its demolition of what is left in Historic Overtown.

 [Quoted text hidden] 3/5/2010

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