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$$$$ Earn while you learn $$$$
Apprenticeship is the oldest way of transferring skills and
       knowledge from one generation to another.
 It’s probably been around for more than 10,000 years.

         Skills: The ability to do something.
                    For example:
                    To make a sauce
                    To weld metal together
                    To cut hair a certain way

               Knowledge: Information
                 stored in your mind
                       For example:

                         A recipe
                         A formula
                         A set of instructions
    APPRENTICESHIP training applies to types of work known as
      Tradespersons have both the KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS
                   to perform complex jobs.
 Cooks and chefs                 Collision repair technicians     Pork production technician
 Hairstylists and barbers        Concrete Finisher                Plumbers
 Welders                         Sprinkler System Installers      Sheet metal worker
 Carpenters                      Millwright                       Sprinkler system installer
 Sheet Metal Worker              Partsperson                      Power electrician
 Small engine technicians        Crane and Hoist Operator         Ironworker
  Machinists                     Miners                            Bricklayers
 Crane operators                 Cabinetmakers                    Esthetician
 Steamfitters & pipefitters      Glaziers                          Lather
 Roofers                         Painter and Decorator            Tool and Die Makers
 Automotive repair technicians                Industrial Instrument Technicians
 Aircraft Maintenance Technicians             Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technicians
 Agricultural Equipment Technician            Diesel engine repair technicians

You can APPRENTICE in more than 50 TRADES in Manitoba, many of
            which are very short of qualified workers.
Apprenticeship training does not apply to all fields of
  For example, professions such as medicine, law,
   engineering, computer science or teaching will
     require years of classroom based training,
          usually at a college or university.
To become an Apprentice you must

   •Find an employer who will hire you as an APPRENTICE
   •Be under the supervision of a JOURNEYPERSON
   •You are paid while you are Apprenticing

   A JOURNEYPERSON is a fully qualified
        tradesperson who has:

        •Completed their Apprenticeship in a trade
        •Passed the required trade examination, written or practical

        An APPRENTICE’S goal is to become a
Apprenticeship training               …Under a
means that you learn on            Journeyperson’s
       the job…                      supervision

                          “Luke! Pay

         To Apprentice as a COOK you must:
   Train on the job under a Journeyperson’s supervision for
    3 years
   Attend two 12 week training sessions at Red River
   Write and pass the Cook Journeypersons’ Exam

             The passing mark is 70%
         You are now a Journeyperson Cook
    and can become a Chef de Partie, a Sous Chef
                or an Executive Chef
    If you graduate from Crocus Plains with a major
     in our Culinary Arts program you do not have to
      attend the first 12 weeks’ training at Red River
    College because our program is accredited by the
          Manitoba Apprenticeship Commission.
       To Apprentice in a trade you must:

   Find an employer who will hire you as an APPRENTICE
   Work under the supervision of a JOURNEYPERSON
   Attend a college to take technical training
   Pass the Journeypersons’ examination

    Congratulations – you are now a Journeyperson!

        A Cook Apprentice who has graduated from
            Crocus Plains’ Culinary Arts Program
     does not have to attend the first 12 weeks training
                    at Red River College
             because our program is accredited
        by the Manitoba Apprenticeship Commission