cmun 08 09 application for reporter of the press corps please by alendar


									                                          CMUN ’08-’09

                            Application for Reporter of The Press Corps.

                  Please send in your application to:

Part I: Personal Information




Telephone no.:

E-mail address:

Part II: Prior Experience

1. Have you taken part in any previous MUN’s? If so, which committee were you a part of?

2. Have you had any prior experience in writing, print journalism, public speaking, photography
or broadcast journalism? Please specify.

3. Why have you chosen to be a part of the Press Corps, and why do you think you will be an
asset to the committee?

4. If you are selected to be a reporter for the Press Corps, what kind of articles would you prefer
to write and why?

5. Which of the following programmes do you know how to use? Please specify the version.

              Adobe Photoshop
              Adobe InDesign
              Adobe Acrobat
              Macromedia Flash
              Windows Movie Maker
              Apple iMovie
              Apple
              CorelDraw

6. Do you own a digital camera? If you do, please bring it with you to CMUN along with
its software CD.
Part III : Writing Sample .

Please write an essay, of minimum 300 words, on any one of the topics given below and attach
it to your application:

Option A

Write a report on any one social issue that you feel requires immediate attention, offering your
views and solutions for the same.

Option B

Write a report on an incident that you feel has changed your life in any way, stating clearly the
reasons and extent of the change.

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