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					                                  DEVI PRASAD

2.SMT V.K.SARASWATHI                                                                                "

                           DEVOTION OR BHAKTHI
       CONTENTS                  Bhakti is full of sweetness, full of light and full of bliss But the
1.AMRUTHA VANI             career of bhaktha has been one of the tests and tribulations of
2.TEACHINGS OF POOJYA      sacrifice and sufferings. Kings have prosecuted the devotes. Society
SREE BHAGAWAN              has condemned them without knowing their worth. Yet they stood
3.MANIFESTATION OF         such trials with heroic fortitude blessing even their oppressors and
DIVINITY                   cursing none. What is the secret of such infinite power of fortitude
4.VARA HASTHA              and patience in a devotee? It is this calm unquestioning resignation to
MANDIR NEWS                the Will of God.
5.RESPONSES                      The Bhaktha has no complaints to make. He has no grievances.
                           He does not question the way of God or doubt justice or mercy. He is
                           free from the feeling of “I” and “Mine”. A cloud of despair never
                           crosses his mental horizon. Anger and excitement are unknown to
    Krishna and Arjuna     him. A word of curse never escapes his lips. He has no craving or
                           anything in this world. He does not take any favour from chance; man
                           even from God. He does not look to any worldy comfort.
                                          DIVINE MOTHER SREE RAMA DEVI

                                                       VEDARTHA VICHINTANAM

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                              PERFECT HUMILITY

                              Humility is not considering oneself lower than others; it is an attitude of
                              noticing and appreciating the virtues in others and trying to imbibe them
                              oneself; it is negation of vainglorious pride, arrogance and the habit of
                              looking down upon fellow beings. In the state of perfect humility one
TEACHINGS OF                  sees the divine presence in all and bows mentally before it. To begin
POOJYA SREE                   with however, acceptance of one‟s faults and admitting one‟s mistake
BHAGAWAN                      will keep one humble


 In November 1950 I first met Divine Mother. At that time one day Mother was kind enough and bless
our house. Mother was received with loud chanting of Narayana Nama.As soon as She alighted from
the car sudden change came in Her. In the likeness of Gadadhara Vishnu She stood motionless for a
time by the side of the car. The chant of Narayana Nama began to fill the air and roll about in even
higher and higher pitch. Wave upon wave the thundering kirtan splashed the air and the atmosphere
was spiritually electrified.
   Slowly then moved the august figure of Mother in Samadhi and reaching the porch sat on the chair
kept for Her.She accepted the Service of washing Her feet with water.
    She then moved upstairs and walked into the shrine room as a person familiar with the house and
sat on the seat intended for Her. A welcome song in Malayalam was sung. She suddenly rose in
samadhi and Her movements were according to sentiments expressed in song. She again sat down and
after a time came to normal plane and talked to some of us nearby. As if suddenly remembering it She
took parched rice from Her lap and distributed us as Prasad.Nobody can say from where the prasad
sprang up. The shrine had three steps and it was covered. The inside will be nearly three and half feet
and 4and half at the center. No person of 5 feet can stand erect inside.
    Mother hurried into the shrine embraced the Krishna idol. How She could stand without Her head
slanting and touching the top is another dilemma unsolved. She danced and idol also moved. It
seemed that life came to idol by the touch of Mother. Needless to say how intense and suffused with
the sense of awe was the whole atmosphere. To describe the scene is beyond me. The divinity was
manifested there in a manner which it impossible to describe. She came down from the shrine and sat
in front of the shrine.
     The pleasant thoughts of those days are enough to elevate us, to rise above the material plane.
Mother left a deep impression in all of us. Divinity cannot manifest more impressively. (THE END)

RAMA SAKTHI MISSION BULLETIN NO25                                           PAGE 2 (PTO)
                                      Mrs. T.N.K.Nayar on her husband Sri.T.N.K.Nayar
1.Let your heart guide you. It         Here I should narrate an experience of his (Mr.T.N.K.Nayar)
whispers, so listen closely. -The     if only to reveal Mother‟s power and inscrutable way. This
Land Before Time                      happened two months after the Mother‟s Darshan.He was then
                                      at Trivandrum.Even in the midst of his worldly duties his
2.Serenity isn't freedom from the     sadhana was progressing with unabated zeal. He devoted
storm, but peace within the storm. -  special time for his worship and long meditation. At times
Unknown                               Mother‟s smiling face appears before him. One particular day,
                                      after the evening bath he performed his daily pooja and prayers
                                      and sat for long meditation. That evening an unusual yearning
3.The way is not in the sky; the way
                                      to see the Mother of worship rose in him. In his prayers a
is in the heart. -Gautama Buddha
                                      passionate appeal for a direct vision had surged up. His whole
                                      being stirred with power of that internal anguish. While in that
4.The flute of the infinite is played
                                      meditative absorption he perceived clearly before him the
without ceasing and its sound is
                                      approaching figure of Divine Mother Sree Rama
love. -Kabir
                                      Devi.Smilingly and graciously the Mother approached nearer
                                      and nearer and so effulgent and pulsating was the vibration of
5.See God in every person, place,
                                      Her presence that he sat unable to move his hand and feet,
and thing, and all will be well in
                                      rigid as stone. Showering blessings on him Divine Mother
your world.
                                      placed Her hand on his head and then affectionately ruffled the
--Louise Hay
                                      combed hair The blissful cooling touch of Mother, thrilled him
                                      But in that luminous effulgence it was the celestial beauty
6.Happy are those who find fault
                                      Durga with divine hands wielding the diverse celestial
with themselves instead of finding
                                      emblems he saw. The face was of Divine Mother Rama Devi,
fault with others.
                                      but the whole form was moulded in golden light. With
-Muhammad (Essential Sufism)
                                      heavenly fragrance that emanated from Her, he felt as if he
                                      would swoon in ecstasy. He could not bear the impact of
.7. We have all had the experience of
                                      powerful divine Darshan.His body began to shiver and sweat.
failing time after time in changing
                                      For a few second Mother stood before him and gradually
old habits. Then suddenly these old
                                      receded and disappeared.
habits lose their hold on us. What
                                          It was a long time before my husband could either move or
was so attractive suddenly becomes
                                      get up. He went to a mirror to see whether hair was actually
unattractive. This is a sign that God
                                      ruffled. Stunned with realization he saw that his hair which he
has accepted our repentance. At this
                                      had combed neatly after his bath, stood up all ruffled.
point, my sheikh used to say, that we
                                          A few days after this revelation we got the privilege of
are no longer responsible for those
                                      visiting Divine Mother‟s Abode at Tellicherry.Mother was
old sins. We have truly changed and
                                      standing on the verandah Her face shining with undisguised
we are now someone who is not
                                      pleasure to welcome us. As we bowed Mother with a
even tempted to commit them.
                                      meaningful look to my husband said.” You, so brave and
                                      courageous, why were you so shaken when you received the
Sheikh Ragip Robert Frager in
                                      „vara hastha‟from Mother. Do not doubt, it was real, granted as
'Heart, Self & Soul: The Sufi
                                      a reward for your sadhana”.
Psychology of Growth, Balance and
Harmony‟ p. 71

                                      RAMA SAKTHI MISSION BULLETIN NO25 PAGE3 (PTO)
8.Vajra Manikya Kanaka Kireetayai Namo Namah!
Meaning:-I prostrate with mind and body that Lalthambika who is wearing the golden crown, which
shines forth with nine gems containing diamond, ruby etc. The crown, which is studded with nine
gems, is described only because it was remaining on the head of Devi.Only when connected with
Devi, one thing become invaluable.
   Human body is also gem. When it is connecting to God it becomes invaluable. If you use it for
enjoying worldly pleasures it becomes an instrument for self-destruction. We should become gems
in Devi‟s crown. We should have intense desire to make our lives invaluable shining gems in Devi‟s

March 4th 2004 celebrations at California, USA

The birthdays of Divine Mother Sree Rama Devi & Poojya Sree Bhagavan were celebrated on
Saturday, March 20, 2004 at Parvthy Balagopal‟s residence with great enthusiasm & joy in
Burlingame, California. Friends & family from near by cities could come together to take part in the
A Namajapa and Samaradhana in memory of Sri K.N.Krishnan Namboodiri was conducted on 16th
April.A good number of devotes attended the Nama Japam.a Silence prayer for one minute was
observed in memory of departed soul. It has been decided to do poor feeding in an orphanage in
memory of Sri.Krishnan Namboodiri.
 Discourse on Isavasya Upanishad will be conducted in the Mandir Hall from 19th April. It will be at
morning 7-00 to 8-00.
Aswini Namajapam
Aswini Namajapa falls on 20th April.
Bulletin 24 was a fitting and very touching tribute to the late Sri Krishnan Namboodiri, whose noble
soul has merged in the Lotus Feet of Divine Mother. With Divine Mothers and Poojya Sree
Bhagawan‟s Grace you have been able to continue to send the bulletin with the same regularity and
with very inspiring contents. We pray to Them to bless you in this noble endeavor
                    --- Mrs. and Mr.N.S.Nair

For kind attention of all devotees:-
. Kindly send email addresses of more devotees so that we will be sending this bulletin regularly to
them also. Our aim is to propagate Divine Mother’s andPoojya Sree Bhagwan’s Teachings. We are
sending this newsletter to about 125 devotees. Kindly send more email addresses.


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