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									                                                RM-CESU: NPS PROJECTS 2002

     University                     PI                   Project Title                   Year(s)     Budget        Category       Theme

                                         Survey of Vegetation and Birds at Little
University of                            Bighorn National Battlefield and Historical
Colorado          Bock, Jane             Comparisons                                   2002-2005       $9,975.00   Research    A6, C1, C2
                                         Northern Colorado Plateau Network- Floristic
                                         Inventory of Black Canyon of the Gunnnison
                                         National Park and Curecanti National
                  Hogan, Tim             Recreation                                   2002-2005       $41,642.00   Research    A2, C2

                  Limerick, Patricia     Science in the West Publication               2002-2005      $11,500.00   Education   A5, C1, C2

                                         A Study of Whitebark Pine Regeneration
                  Tomback, Dianna        after fire in Glacier National Park           2002-2003       $2,709.00   Research    A2, A5, C2

                                                                                            Total=    $65,826.00

Montana State                            Backcountry Trail Archeological
University        Davis, Leslie          Investigation, Yellowstone National Park      2002-2005      $16,000.00      TA       A2, C2

                                         Archeological Testing of Site 48YE252
                  Davis, Leslie          Yellowstone National Park                     2002-2004      $43,500.00      TA       A2, C2

                                         Modeling the Consequences of Wolf
                                         Recovery on the Northern Yellowstone Elk                                              A2, A5,
                  Garrott, Robert        Population                                    2002-2003      $12,000.00   Research    C1,C2

                                         Spatial Dynamics of the Central Yellowstone
                                         Bison Herd: Integration and Visualization of                                          A2, A5, A6,
                  Garrott, Robert        Large Spatial Databases                      2002-2005       $73,025.00   Research    C1, C2
                                Support for Network Personnel at Montana
                                State University: Infrastructure for Vital Signs
Graumlich, Lisa                 Planning Workshops                               2002-2004   $173,500.00     TA       A5, B1, B3

Guy, Christopher                Lake McDonald Fishery Investigation            2002-2005      $60,315.00   Research   A2, C2
                                Interactions between Heartland National
                                Parks and Surrounding Land Use Change:
                                Development of Conceptual Models and
Hansen, Andy                    Indicators for Monitoring                      2002-2003      $47,534.00   Research   A2, C2
                                Lab Assessment of Yellowstone Cutthroat
                                Trout Whirling Disease Infection as part of
                                the Yellowstone National Park Whirling
Hudson, Crystal                 Disease Study                                  2002-2003       $9,000.00   Research   A2, C2
                                Assessment of Tubificid Assemblages,
                                Abundance, and Prevalence of Disease in
                                worms as part of the Yellowstone NP
Kerans, Billie                  Whirlng Disease Study                          2002-2004       $1,300.00   Research   A2, C2
                                Non-forest Vegetation Mapping and Change
                                Detection Using Landsat TM and ETM+
                                Imagery in the Northern Range of
Lawrence, Rick                  Yellowstone National Park                2002-2004            $28,578.00     TA       B3, C2

Llewellyn, Clark                Historic Structure Documentation               2002            $6,500.00     TA       C2

                                Develop Ecosystem Conceptual Model(s) for
Patten, Duncan                  the Greater Yellowstone Network           2002                $22,793.00   Research   A2, A5, C2
                                Development of a Protocol to Evaluate
                                Remotely Administered Ballistic Implants as
Quist, Charlotte and Harmsen,   a Vaccine Delivery System for Bison in
Allen                           Yellowstone National Park                      2002-2003      $24,752.00   Research   B2, C2

                                Non-Native Plants Survey of the Greater
                                Yellowstone Inventory and Monitoring
Rew, Lisa                       Network (GRYE): Study Plan                     2002-2003      $51,099.00   Research   A2, C2
                                                  Development of an Integrated Weed
                                                  Management Plan for the Northern District of
                      Rew, Lisa J.                Bighorn Canyon NRA                           2002-2003          $7,012.00      TA       A2, C2

                      Sheehan, Kathy              Microbial Life in Yellowstone National Park   2002-2003         $5,750.00   Education   A6

                                                  Initiate An Intermountain Region Noxious
                      Sheley, Roger               Weed Inventory & Mapping Program              2002-2004        $99,383.00   Research    A2, C2

                      Tobias, Ronald              Saving the Grizzly, One Hair at a Time        2002-2003        $10,000.00   Education   A6

                                                  Inventory of Alpine Vegetation and Mountain
                      Weaver, Tad                 Goat Habitat                                2002-2003           $6,500.00   Research    A2, C2

                                                                                                       Total=   $698,541.00

Salish Kootenai                                   Student Intern in Natural Resources at
College               Swaney, Bill                Glacier National Park                         2002-2003         $6,024.00   Education   B1, C3

                                                                                                       Total=     $6,024.00

                                                  Yellowstone Pronghorn Conservation
University of Idaho   Byers, John                 Assessment Workshop                           2002               $525.00    Education   A2, C1, C2

                                                  Northern Colorado Plateau Network - Delphi
                      Hall, Troy and Krumpe, Ed   Process for Vital Signs Determination      2002-2003           $24,607.00      TA       B1, B3, C2
                                  Complete Bibliographic Database at Glacier
                Wright, Gerald    National Park                                2002-2003     $7,418.00      TA       B3

                                                                               Total=       $32,550.00

                                  Technical and Administrative Support for
University of                     Crown of the Continent Ecosystem                                                   A2, B1, C1,
Montana         Broberg, Len      Managers Partnership                         2002-2003    $10,000.00      TA       C2

                                  Technical Workshop on Remote Ballistic
                Brown, Perry      Delivery to Free-Ranging Wildlife            2002-2003    $24,748.00   Education   A5, B1, C2

                                                                                                                     B1,B2, B3,
                Brown, Perry      Program Support for PRIMENet                 2002-2003    $55,775.00      TA       C2

                Brown, Perry      Wilderness Workshop, NPS                     2002          $3,925.00      TA       B1, C1

                                  Characterizing Yellowstone Lake Streams
                                  and Creating a GYA Noxious Weed Risk                                               A2, B1,
                Crabtree, Bob     Base Map Using Remote Sensing                2002-2004    $15,200.00   Research    C1,C2

                                  Development of Planning Tools and an
                Duffield, John    Interactive Model for Yellowstone NP         2002        $118,780.00   Research    B3

                                  Biology of the Rocky Mountain Capshell in
                Ellis, Bonnie     Lost Lake, Glacier NP- Part 2                2002-2004    $10,000.00   Research    C1,C2

                                  Research to Support Application of the
                                  Visitor Experience and Resource Protection
                Freimund, Wayne   Framework at Zion National Park              2002         $16,790.00   Research    A1, C2
                  Assist NPS catalog and electronically archive
Hinman, Nancy     existing geothermal maps                      2002         $750.00      TA       B1

                  Relative abundance and distribution of
                  snowshoe hares in Yellowstone National
Mills, Scott      Park                                         2002-2003   $18,240.00   Research   A2, C2
                  Comparison of Landscape Patterns
                  Delineated by Automated Versus Manual
                  Techniques for the Point Reyes National
Redmond, Roland   Seashore                                     2002-2004   $35,000.00     TA       B3, C2

                  Land-cover Mapping and Research in
Redmond, Roland   Pinnacles National Monument                  2002-2004   $47,000.00     TA       C2

                  Floodplain Vegetation Investigations- Grant-
Rice, Peter       Kohrs Ranch                                  2002         $3,940.00   Research   A2,C2

                  Final Injury Report preparation for Grant-
Rice, Peter       Kohrs National Historic Site and BLM         2002         $7,553.00     TA       A2,C2

Rice, Peter       Grant Kohrs Ranch Vascular Plant Survey      2002-2003    $7,745.00   Research   C2

                  Coordination and Synthesis of Natural
                  Resource Damage Assessment Data
Rice, Peter       Reports                                      2002        $29,669.00     TA       A2,C2

                  Greater Yellowstone Network Water Quality
                  Monitoring Plan: Recommendations for Vital
Woods, Scott      Signs Monitoring                           2002-2003     $17,000.00   Research   C2
                  Using Watershed Characteristics to predict
                  the Sensitivity to Acidification of High
                  Elevation Lakes in Grand Teton National
Woods, Scott      Park                                         2002-2004   $10,000.00   Research   A2,,C2
                                     Addressing the Problem of High Water Table
                                     Levels and Subterranean Room Flooding at
                Woods, Scott         Bent's Old Fort                            2002-2003             $4,991.00   Research    C2

                                                                                           Total=   $437,106.00

Utah State                           Support for Ecological Applications for Land
University      Brunson, Mark        Managers                                       2002              $2,875.00   Education   A5, B3

                                     Initiate an Intermountain Region Noxious
                                     Weed Inventory & Mapping Program
                Dewey, Steven        Northern Colorado Plateau                      2002-2004        $15,000.00      TA       A2, C2

                                     Active Faults and Seismic Hazards to
                                     Infrastructure at Great Sand Dunes National
                McCalpin, James P.   Monument and Preserve                       2002-2003            $9,447.00   Research    C2

                                                                                           Total=    $27,322.00

University of                        Continuation: Sage Grouse Seasonal
Wyoming         Anderson, Stan       Habitat Use in Grand Teton National Park       2002-2003        $15,000.00   Research    C2

                                     Rocky Mountain National Park Subalpine
                Baker, William L.    Forest Fire History Study                      2002-2003         $4,000.00   Research    C2

                                     Bat and Terrestrial Mammal Inventories in
                Beauvais, Gary       the Greater Yellowstone Network                2002-2003        $26,969.00   Research    C2

                                     Federal Highway Archeological Inventory and
                Eckles, David        Site Evaluation, Yellowstone National Park  2002-2003            $9,999.00      TA       C2
                    Cultural Resource Survey and Evaluation of
                    Historic Road Features Fire Hole River,
Eckles, David       Yellowstone NP                                2002-2003    $5,000.00     TA       B1,C2

                    Cultural Resource Survey and Evaluation of
                    Historic Road Features Virginia Cascade,
Eckles, David       Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming            2002-2004   $13,340.00     TA       B1, C2

                    Archeological Inventory and Site Evaluation
                    for Mechanical Fuels Treatment Projects,
Eckles, David       Grand Teton NP                                2002-2003   $10,451.00   Research   C2

                    Biostatistics Support for National Park
Grandjean, Burke    Service Biological Projects                   2002-2004   $60,000.00     TA       C2

                    AMK Cooperative Research Program-
Harlow, Hank        Continuation                                  2002-2003   $10,360.00   Research   A2, B1, C2

Harlow, Hank        AMK Cooperative Research Program              2002-2003    $5,750.00   Research   A2, B1, C2

                    Teton National Park: Vegetation Mapping &
Jones, George       Classification                            2002            $86,686.00   Research   B1, C2

                    Digitizing Cultural Resource Records
                    Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Shalinsky, Audrey                                                 2002-2003    $8,625.00     TA       C2

                    Archeological Sensing and Testing Fort
Walker, Danny       Laramie National Historic Site                2002-2004   $72,100.00   Research   C2

                    Archeological Survey of Powerline Route
Walker, Danny       Fort Laramie National Historic Site           2002-2004    $8,100.00   Research   C2
    Total=    $336,380.00

TOTAL=       $1,603,749.00
                                                          RM-CESU: BLM PROJECTS 2002

   University            PI                              Project Title                      Year(s)        Budget        Category      Theme

Montana State
University      Harmata, Al         Kevin Rim Raptors                                     2002-2003         $12,000.00 Research     A2, C2

                                    Prairie Ecosystems on the Northern Great Plains and
                Marlow, Clayton     Prescribed Fire                                       2002              $11,500.00 Research     A2, B1, C2

                                    Armells Creek Prescribed Fire and Demonstration
                Marlow, Clayton     Project                                               2002              $62,000.00 Research     A2, B1, C2

                Nelson, Dennis      Project Archeology                                    2002-2003         $25,000.00 Education    A3, C2, C3

                Sowell, Bok         Crested Wheatgrass Management                         2002-2004         $99,360.00 Research     A2, C2,

                                                                                                 Total =   $209,860.00

University of
Idaho           Bunting, Steve      Western Juniper Research Project                      2002-2004         $85,860.00 Research     A2, C2

                                    Removing Heavy Metals form Groundwater Systems
                Hammel, Peggy       with Immobilized Biochelators                         2002-2004         $28,768.00 TA           A2, B1, C2

                ID Water Resources Provide research and methods to promote recovery of
                Research Institute native riparian vegetation along Prine Creek           2002-2004         $28,258.00 Research     A2, C2
                ID Water Resources Investigation of Mine Drainage in the Pine Creek District
                Research Institute Idaho                                                     2002-2003     $16,560.00 Research   A2, C2

                                     Develop methodologies to replace weedy vegetation
                Kingery, Jim         with desirable perennial vegetation- continued         2002-2004      $22,500.00 TA         A2, B1, C2

                                     Develop methodologies to replace weedy vegetation
                Kingery, Jim         with desirable perennial vegetation                      2002-2003    $24,000.00 TA         A2, B1, C2
                                     Collection of data and information which will be used as
                                     the basis for revising the Recreation Area Management
                                     Plan for the Lower Salmon River from Hammer Creek to                                        A1, A2, A3, A4,
                Sanyal, Nick         Heller Bar on the Snake River                            2002-2003    $15,500.00 TA         B1, C2

                Mark                 Rush Skeleton Biocontrol Project                       2002-2003      $30,000.00 Research   C2

                                                                                            Total =       $251,446.00

University of
Montana         Foresman, Kerry      Sylvatic Plague in Phillips County                     2002-2004      $10,000.00 Research   C2

                Hutto, Richard       Bird Inventory and Monitoring along the Missouri       2002-2003      $25,000.00 Research   A2, B1, C2
                Maxwell, Bryce A.   Amphibian and Aquatic Reptile Inventory             2002-2003          $10,000.00 Research    A2, B1, C2

                Patterson, Mike     Predator Compensation Program Evaluation            2002-2003           $6,900.00 Research    A2, B1, C1, C2

                Purviance, David    Confluence of Cultures                              2002-2003           $5,000.00 Education   A2, A3, A5, C3

                                                                                                                                  A2, A5, B1, B2,
                Queen, Lloyd        Development of a Landscape Fire Analysis Center     2002-2003        $1,000,000.00 Research   B3, C2

                                    Collection of GAP Landcover Types and Vegetation
                Thomas, Jack        Canopy Coverage Data in South Phillips County, MT   2002                $9,892.00 Research    C2

                Wakimota, Ronald    BLM Community Assistance and Protection Handbook    2002               $10,000.00 Education   A2, A5, B3, C2

                                                                                               Total =   $1,076,792.00

University of
Wyoming         Baker, William      Pinyon-Juniper/Sagebrush Zone Vegetation Study      2002-2005         $170,000.00 Research    C2

                                                                                               Total =    $170,000.00

                                                                                        BLM Total =       1,708,098.00
                                                              RM-CESU: USFS PROJECTS 2002

       University              PI                         Project Title                      Year(s)     Budget       Category           Theme

University of Montana   Queen, Lloyd   Implementation of a National Fire Analysis Center   2002-2003       $250,000   Research   A2, A5, B1, B2, B3, C2

                                                                                           USFS Total=     $250,000

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