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					                                                                  BY SPEED POST
                                 Cabinet Secretariat,
                                 Rashtrapati Bhavan,

                                                         New Delhi, the 24 Aug., 2009

   Sub:-      Tender for sale of two old Ambassador Staff Car - reg

       Cabinet Secretariat invites sealed quotations form interested quarters desirous of
purchase of two old Ambassador Staff Cars quoting rate at which they offer their highest
bid. The terms and conditions are at Annexure – I

2.      Interested persons/agencies who desires to purchase old vehicles as specified in
Annexure- II may send their quotations/tenders quoting theirs rates at which they would
be able to purchase old Ambassador Staff Car.

3.      The cover containing the quotations/tenders should be sealed and superscribed
“Quotations/tenders for purchase of old Ambassador Staff Cars” and should be
addressed to the Director (Admn), Cabinet Secretariat, Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi
and put it in the Tender Box kept in the Reception of Cabinet Secretariat, Rashtrapti
Bhawan, New Delhi. The quotation/tenders received after the last date and time
prescribed and or received in any manner other than Tender Box would not be opened
and would be summarily rejected. The schedule of receipt and opening of quotations is as

Last Date & Time for receipt of quotations/tenders: 15.09.09 (3:00 PM)

Date & Time for opening of quotations/tenders : 15.09.09 (4.00 PM)

4.     Interested parties may inspect the vehicles on any day from 01.09.2009 to
14.09.2009 between 4 to 5 PM in the Cabinet Secretariat premises.

5.     The quotations/tenders will be opened in the presence of the tenderers or their
representatives who may like to be present.

6.      The undersigned reserves the right to reject any or all the quotations without
assigning any reason therefore.

                                                         (A. Mohanan)
                                                 Under Secretary to the Govt. of India
                                                               Tele: 23015938
                              Annexure II

 Sr. No.     Rate   Sr. No. bank
DL – 2 C H
DL - 2CH

                                                                    Annexure - I


1.   The invitation is open to individuals and agencies.
2.   The old vehicles offered for sale are two old ambassador staff cars “ as is
     where is basis”.
3.   The vehicle is to be removed from the premises of Cabinet Secretatriat,
     Rashtrapati Bhawan only on accepting bid by the bidder on the same day
     after deposting bid amount.
4.   A bank draft of Rs. 5000/- ( five thousand only) in favour of DDO,
     Cabinet Secretariat, as earnest money is to be deposited along with the
5.   Tenderers may please quote their unconditional rates strictly as per
     schedule of items enclosed. Cutting / overwriting, if any should be
     countersigned by the tenderer.
6.   Cabinet Secretariat reserves the right to reject any or all the tender in full
     or part without assigning any reason there for and without giving any
     compensation. The decision of Cabinet Secretariat in this regard shall be
     final and binding on all.

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