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									We are The Specialists in Internet Development. Website designs and
developments specialties include:

   o   Domain Registrations/Renewals
   o   Domain Hosting and Dial-ups
   o   Website designs (Affordable Websites)
   o   Flash Animated Website
   o   Database Development (PHP, Access, SQL)
   o   Search Engine Submissions (Local and International)
   o   E-commerce
   o   CyberBastion

Purchasing a Website for the first time is definitely one of the most
important business decisions you'll ever have to make. Therefore you
have to speak with the right people the first time!

We pride ourselves in our customer relationships. We build up relations
with our clients, ensuring that they get the greatest benefit that the
Internet can offer and provide them with value for money leaving them to
concentrate on their core business.
Admiral Computers offers a variety of Internet and intranet related

Webpage Development
With our in-house graphic artists we are able to create a website for your company that
will conform to your current profile and marketing strategy. We use both our own
creativity and your guidelines to produce stunning website's bringing the content to
the consumer. We specialise in B to B (Business to Business), B to C (Business to
Consumer) and B to E (Business to Enterprise) Portal Solutions.

CGI & Database Development
Do you need your website to be interactive?
Do you wish your site to be more than a standard information/contact genre site?
Are your needs not covered by conventional HTML?
We offer dynamic HTML websites, including SQL Databases, Perl, PHP and ASP for
providing dynamic content.

Flash Animated Websites
Digital multimedia at its BEST! Nothing moves an audience more than an experience
that engages as many senses as possible. FLASH is a technology for multimedia
delivery over the Internet.

Website Promotions
Taking your website to the masses. We can competitively place your web presence on
the major search engines, and ensure that the web spiders and robots have an
accurate index of your site content.

Dial up and Website Hosting
We have dial up and email facilities to address your needs.

Internet Consulting
Need some help before making the plunge into E-enablement of your business? Feel
free to ask our consultants to clarify any issues you may have.

Connectivity Consulting
Need to connect your network to the Internet, through our extensive Internet
knowledge we can connect your network to the Internet in a cost-effective and efficient
Web Design
HTML Development                                R 275 per page
HTML Coding                                     R 200 per page
FLASH Animation                                 R 330 per one animation
Database Development                            R 385 per hour
Scripting, Database Coding                      R 385 per hour

Packages (* Subject to a 12 month contract)
** Pebbles (subject to 24 month contract) R110 per month
   3 page website – Design included, 4 FREE update per year, Domain Registration, 1 Year Domain
Renewal, Basic
                    Hosting, up to 10MB Web Space

* River Stones:                                 R275 per month
  3 page website – Design included, 1 FREE update per month, Domain Registration, Basic Hosting, Basic
Dial Up –
                  3 E-mail addresses, up to 10MB Web Space

* Gold Stones:                                R385 per month
  5 page website – Design included, 1 FREE update per month, Domain Registration, Basic Hosting,
submission to local
                      Search Engines, up to 10MB Web Space

* Business Hosting Package:                     R825 per month
  100mb Web Space, Domain Hosted, Submission to major search engines, unlimited traffic, 15 E-Mail
               branded Webmail, updates.

Dial Up Analog/ISDN                             R 100 per month
Basic Web Hosting                               R 140 per month
Medium Web Hosting                              R 220 per month
Advanced Web Hosting                            R 330 per month
E-Commerce Gateway                              S.Q.

The CyberBastion                                R 11 000

Domain Registrations                                          360
.com/.net/.org                                  R410 per year (R/$)                                         R55 set up fee
If not hosted with us                           R550 set up fee
                                 Subscription Form
Customer Detail:
Title           First Name                                                  Surname
ID Number                                                                   Date Signed
Telephone                                                                   Telephone (h)
Fax                                                                         Cellular
Address                                                                     Code
Physical                                                                    Code
Vehicle Reg. & Type

Admiral Computer’s Logo will be on All Sites
Packages (tick where applicable - Packages marked with a * are subject to a 12 month contract)
Packages                                                                         Monthly Fee with     Annual Fee (per
ALL FREE UPDATES, MUST BE USED IN THE PERIOD STATED. NO UPDATES                  Debit Order          12 months)
** Pebbles (Subject to 24 month contract):                                           R110                 R1 300
3 Page Website-Design included, 4 FREE updates per year, Domain Registration, 1                           Setup Fee
Year Domain Renewal, Basic Hosting                                                                        R540
* River Stones:                                                                      R275                 R3 300
3 Page Website-Design Included, 1 FREE update per month, Domain Registration,                             Setup Fee
Basic Hosting, Basic Dial Up – 3 E-mail Addresses                                                         R580
* Gold Stones:                                                                       R385                 R4 600
5 Page Website-Design included, 1 FREE update per month, Domain Registration,                             Setup Fee
Basic Hosting, submit to local search engines                                                             R620
* Business Hosting Package:                                                          R825                 R9 900
100MB Web Space, Domain Hosted, Submission to major search engines, unlimited                             Setup Fee
traffic, 15 e-mail accounts branded Webmail                                                               R660
* Custom Websites:
 Month to month website – No more than 5 pages per site                              R200                 N/A
 Setup Fee                                                                           R600

Services required (tick where applicable)
Services                                                                           Monthly Fee with   Annual Fee
                                                                                   Debit Order        (12 months)
Basic Dial Up Analog/ ISDN: 2 E-mail addresses & Aliases                               R100                R1 150
Basic Web Hosting: 10MB Web Space, 24x7x365, 3x Mailboxes, 3x Alias                    R140                R1 150
Medium Web Hosting more than 10MB web space with database                            R220                R2 640
Web Design Prices
Services                                                                                Once Off Fee
HTML developing per page                                                                     R275
Website Maintenance per hour                                                                 R175
FLASH Animation per animation                                                                R330
Database Developing per hour, scripting, population, database coding                         R385
E-Commerce                                                                                   S.Q
Domain Registrations
Type of Domain Name                                                              Once Off Fee      Annual Renewal Fee                                                                              R275             R85
.com/.net/.org                                                                      R410             R400
If not hosting with Admiral Computers a set-up fee will be charged                  R550
Domain Name Address
1st Choice     http://  w w w .
2nd Choice     http://  w w w .
Payment Details:
Cheque             Made payable to Admiral Computers CC
Cash               Received by:                     Signature:                          Date:
Direct             Account Holder         Admiral Computers            Bank             Nedbank Centurion
Deposit            Account Number      1621 162 869        Branch Code   162145  Type of Account     Cheque
            This signed _______________ at __________________on this __ day of _______________20

               Please take note that this subscription form is subject to terms and conditions.



PASSWORD:          ___________________________________

ISP PHONE NUMBER:        0860



USERNAME:          ____ _______________________________

PASSWORD:          ___________________________________


E-Mail Address:    ___________________________________


USERNAME:          _____ ______________________________

PASSWORD:          _____ ______________________________

E-Mail Address:    ___________________________________


USERNAME:          _____ ______________________________

PASSWORD:          _____ ______________________________

E-Mail Address:    ___________________________________

     Safe your account information for future use, like reinstall etc.

Name (Debtor)     :_____________________                Date              : ______________________
Address           :____________________                 Contract No.      : ______________________
                  ____________________                  Debit Amount      : ______________________

Dear Sirs/Madams

The details of my bank or credit card account are as follows:

BANK:________________________                 CARDHOLDERS NAME : __________________________

BRANCH/TOWN:_________________                 CARD NUMBER :________________________________

BRANCH NO.:____________________               EXPIRY DATE : ________________________________

ACCOUNT NAME: _________________               CARD TYPE : ____________________________

ACCOUNT NO.       :________________________             (master card, visa, american express, diners club)

TYPE OF A/C       :________________________              (savings, current, transmission)

I/we hereby request and authorise you to draw against my/our account with the abovementioned bank
(or any other bank or branch to which I/we may transfer my/our account) the sum of
_________________________(state amount in words) or any variable amount pertaining to this
agreement, on the first working day of each and every month. This being the amount necessary for the
payment of the monthly payment/premium/payment due to you in respect of our
purchases/contract/agreement dated        /   /    .

All such withdrawals from my/our bank account by you shall be treated as though they had been signed
by me/us personally.

I/we the undersigned, "instruct" and authorize your agent Netcash (Pty) Ltd, to draw against my/our
account with the abovementioned bank, I/we understand that the withdrawals authorized here will be
processed by BankServ and I/we also understand that details of each withdrawal will be printed on
my/our bank statement.

I/we agree to pay any bank charges relating to this debit order instruction.

This authority may be cancelled by means of giving you thirty days notice in writing, sent by prepaid
registered post, but I/we understand that I/we shall not be entitled to any refund of amounts, which you
have withdrawn whilst this authority was in force if such amounts were legally owing to you.

I/We acknowledge that the party hereby authorized to effect the drawing(s) against my/our account may
cede or assign any of its rights to Netcash (Pty) Ltd and that I/we may not delegate any of my/our
obligations in terms of this contract/authority to any third party without prior written consent of the
authorized party

Signed                on this        day of             200___


                           entered into between

                      ADMIRAL COMPUTERS CC

                Registration Number 2000/067451/23

                (Hereinafter referred to as “Admiral Computers CC”)

                                  of the first part



                  Registration Number ___________________/
                    Identity Number ____________________

                     (Hereinafter referred to as THE CLIENT)
                                of the second part

Tel: (011) 482-6235/6
Fax: (011) 482-8189
Ref: Karien Hallatt/A004

1.1     In this agreement and in the annexures to this agreement:

1.1.1   the headings of the clauses in this agreement are for the purpose of
        convenience and reference only and shall l not be used in the interpretation of
        nor modify nor amplify the terms of this agreement nor any clause hereof.

1.1.2   in this agreement, except where the context might otherwise require in this
        agreement, words expressed in the singular shall include the plural, words
        importing the masculine gender shall include the feminine or neuter gender
        and natural persons include created entities (corporate or non-corporate) and
        vice versa;

1.2     the following terms shall have the meanings assigned to them hereunder and
        cognate expressions shall have corresponding meanings, namely

1.2.1   “advertising” shall mean publication of or to render a service, by Admiral
        Computers CC on the Internet Service Provider in the Republic of South

1.2.2   “contracts” shall mean all agreements of whatsoever nature relating to the
        service, including, and without being limited to, credit agreements, franchises,
        license agreements, agencies, all executed or partially executed orders or
        tenders (whether awaiting adjudication or in respect of which contracts have
        been awarded), such contracts (other than unexecuted or partially executed
        orders and tenders) being fully listed and agreed to between the parties;

1.2.3   “the Effective Date” shall mean the day of signature of this agreement by the
        last party signing;

1.2.4   “hosting” shall mean the uploading and maintaining of the agreed advertised
        information on the standard web page, for THE CLIENT by Admiral

1.2.5   “internet” shall mean the National Internet Services and/or the Internet
        Service Provider (I.S.P.);
1.2.6   “I.S.P. payments” shall mean the relevant monthly installment or payment
        towards the Internet Service Provider; “liabilities” shall mean all liabilities of
        whatsoever nature or kind, which occur from the conduct through service or
        business by a party, for which that party will be liable;

1.2.7   “service” shall mean the hosting, uploading, maintenance and advertising on
        the Internet of all the relevant aspects and requirements in accordance to this

1.2.8   “StoneZone Web Creations” shall mean Admiral Computers CC trading as
        StoneZone Web Creations, which will be the Service Provider;

1.2.9   “trademarks” shall mean all relevant aspects to the promotion, presentation
        and entertainment service rendered by Admiral Computers CC and their
        relevant sponsors, their logos and agreements in accordance with the
        services rendered.

1.3     Any reference to an enactment is to that enactment as at the date of
        signature hereof and as amended or re-enacted from time to time.

1.4     If any provision in a definition is a substantive provision conferring rights or
        imposing obligations on any party, notwithstanding that it is only in the
        definition clause, effect shall be given to it as if it were a substantive provision
        in the body of the agreement.

1.5     When any number of days is prescribed in this agreement, same shall be
        reckoned exclusively of the first and inclusively of the last day unless the last
        day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, in which case the last day
        shall be the next succeeding day which is not a Saturday, Sunday or public

1.6     Where figures are referred to in numerals and in words, if there is any conflict
        between the two, the words shall prevail.

1.7     Expressions defined in this agreement shall bear the same meanings in
        schedules or annexures to this agreement which do not themselves contain
        their own definitions.
1.8   In this agreement and the annexures, the word “agreement” refers to this
      agreement and the word “clause” or “clauses” and “annexure” or “annexures”
      refers to clauses of and annexures to this agreement.

1.9   This agreement includes the annexures.


2.1   THE CLIENT hereby appoints and instructs Admiral Computers CC to host,
      upload, maintain and advertise them and/or their product, for the time period
      as contained in clause 3 hereof, and in accordance with the terms and
      conditions as set out herein.

2.2   Admiral Computers CC agrees to serve, fulfil and present all the functions
      with regards to the Internet Service and undertakes to perform all the
      activities as can reasonably be expected of them as host.

2.3   Admiral Computers CC does not accept any appointment or liability as an
      advertising agent for any other advertising manufacturer, distributor,
      advertiser, THE CLIENT, or business or of/for any product or any service
      rendered, which competes with or is similar to any services or products which
      Admiral Computers CC has with their advertisers or sponsors, without full
      prior discussion and written approval by THE CLIENT and/or their sponsors
      or advertisers.


3.1   This agreement commences on the effective date and shall continue in force
      for 1 (one) year (the expiry date) thereafter.

3.2   This agreement shall automatically renew after the expiry date mentioned
      above, upon the same terms and conditions herein contained, should it not be
      cancelled by written notice by the client two months before the expiry date.

        Admiral Computers CC agrees to assist THE CLIENT by providing to it all
        available information in these respects, ensuring that THE CLIENT has
        access to the products, goals, policies and procedures, service requirements,
        and updating by Admiral Computers CC when changes are made.


5.1     THE CLIENT will co-operate with Admiral Computers CC or its agent as to
        the service and procedures that is used by Admiral Computers CC from time
        to time, as well as any changes thereto which are brought to the attention of
        THE CLIENT. THE CLIENT shall when necessary, in conjunction with
        Admiral Computers CC analyse and evaluate the different markets,
        advertising and relating sales levels thereof.

5.2     THE CLIENT will co-operate with Admiral Computers CC in the formulation
        and development of all marketing, advertising, service and presentation-
        related functions.

5.3     THE CLIENT undertakes to co-operate with Admiral Computers CC in respect
        of the verification of all information necessary in the support of its services
        and advertising rendered.

5.4     THE CLIENT in particular, and in co-operation with Admiral Computers CC,
        undertake to:

5.4.1   make the relevant payment or adhere to the necessary payment being taken
        by   Admiral    Computers     CC    as   contained    in   clause   13    hereof;

5.4.2   ensure to the best of its ability the maximum effectiveness of its information;
5.4.3   ensure that all information provided in respect of the service rendered is
        correct, factual, specific and accurate, in accordance with clauses 5, 9, 10,
        and 20 hereof. Admiral Computers CC will not be liable for any incorrect
        information provided by THE CLIENT, information thereafter published and/or
        any comparative advertising emblems, and/or information regarding the
        service rendered by Admiral Computers CC.

5.4.4   ensure that the graphics and logos as per the annexures are correct, and any
        changes thereto must be done in writing by fax or e-mail to Admiral
        Computers CC.


6.1     Admiral Computers CC undertakes to give THE CLIENT as clear a brief as is

6.2     Admiral Computers CC hereby submit and ensure that the necessary
        payments, approval of any advertising, services rendered and presentations
        for or according to sponsors, their logos for/or in advertising, is obtained and
        is to the benefit of Admiral Computers CC and THE CLIENT;

6.3     Admiral Computers CC will host, upload, maintain and publish or advertise a
        standard Web Page, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this
        agreement on a monthly update basis.

7.      APPROVAL

7.1     The parties agree and accede to the contents of this agreement and the
        annexures annexed hereto (if any) and will as in accordance to all stipulations
        and terms thereof.
7.2     Admiral Computers CC will also submit, if relevant, that the service rendered
        and presented in accordance to hosting, advertising and publication is done
        within its perimeters, in its sole and absolute discretion and indemnify THE
       CLIENT in accordance to the hosting, publication and advertising of the


8.1    THE CLIENT shall keep confidential all marketing materials entrusted or
       displayed to it, and which may come into its possession in the course of its
       work and shall not disclose it to any third party without the prior written
       consent of Admiral Computers CC.

8.2    THE CLIENT specifically agrees to the continuation of its duty not to disclose
       any confidential information or materials subsequent to the termination of this


       THE CLIENT undertakes to use Admiral Computers CC logos, emblems,
       sponsorship equipment and all relevant aspects of either Admiral Computers
       CC or the sponsors in accordance with Admiral Computers CC’s
       requirements. In this regard THE CLIENT undertakes not to use the
       registered trademarks of any third party, competitor or sponsor otherwise, in
       or on its premises or for public display of whichever nature, for advertising
       without prior written consent of Admiral Computers CC, nor any contradictory
       advertising according to the terms and conditions as agreed upon in this
       agreement and its annexure (if any).


10.1   THE CLIENT acknowledge that the service rendered, advertising material and
       creative properties, including copyright used in advertising in terms of this
       agreement are the sole property of Admiral Computers CC.

10.2   Future copyright and other rights in all advertising materials created in terms
       of this agreement including material used in the production or presentation
       are hereby assigned to Admiral Computers CC by THE CLIENT and shall be
       the sole property of Admiral Computers CC.
10.3   The above provisions do not apply to photographs obtained from advertisers,
       sponsors, news or photographic agencies or particular advertisements,
       printing, colour separations or typesetting.

11.    GENERAL

       THE CLIENT shall guard against losses to Admiral Computers CC in
       accordance with services rendered in this agreement, or any other specific
       request from Admiral Computers CC towards THE CLIENT. However, THE
       CLIENT shall not be held responsible for the failure of Admiral Computers CC
       to fulfill any of its commitments according to this agreement where the failure
       is outside the control and not due to the negligence of THE CLIENT.


12.1   THE CLIENT shall not be liable for any delays or losses as a result of the
       omission or transmission or error by Admiral Computers CC due to absence
       or default or negligence on its part in this regard.

12.2   Admiral Computers CC warrants that all materials prepared by it under this
       agreement does not violate the rights of any third party.

12.3   Admiral Computers CC indemnifies THE CLIENT against any loss which may
       occur as a result of civil claims brought against THE CLIENT as a result of
       advertising which was published or broadcast and which had been approved
       by Admiral Computers CC in terms of this agreement.

12.4   In the event of a challenge, it is legal or self-regulatory, to Admiral Computers
       CC service and advertising, Admiral Computers CC undertake to provide THE
       CLIENT with objective, factual evidence in support of all claims which are
       contained in the challenged advertising.

12.5   THE CLIENT undertakes to obtain all necessary consents and/or releases,
       which may be required by Admiral Computers CC from third parties whose
       names, licenses, testimonies, scripts, musical compositions or similar
       materials or rights are used in advertising or any other materials prepared in
       terms of this agreement.

12.6   Admiral Computers CC warrants that all the necessary certificates in
       accordance with the Internet Service Provider has been obtained for public

12.7   All complaints regarding this service will be kept confidential by the parties.


13.1   THE CLIENT agrees to remunerate Admiral Computers CC on the basis set
       out herein and in respect of all services and materials provided under this

13.2   The consideration payable for this service is as follows: R____.00 per month
       for a period of one year which will commence on THE CLIENT and end on


14.1   Either party shall be entitled immediately to terminate this agreement in
       writing in the event of:

14.1.1 the breach by the other party of any material term(s) and/or condition(s) of
       this agreement and failure to remedy such breach within a period of 14
       (fourteen) days of the receipt of a written notice delivered by hand, registered
       post, by fax or by courier service, calling upon the party in breach to remedy
       the breach complained of in that time period;

14.1.2 the other party being placed in liquidation, whether provisional or final, or
       being placed under judicial management.
14.2   Upon the termination of this agreement and the full settlement by any of the
       parties of all monies outstanding and due and payable to each other or the
       relevant party thereto, all material, logos or sponsorship equipment will be the
       property of the sponsor or Admiral Computers CC.

14.3   After the expiration of the notice period, no right(s) or liability(s) shall arise out
       of this agreement regardless of any plans, which may have been made for
       future services.

14.4   The termination of this agreement will not prejudice any claim which either
       party may have against the other arising out of the indemnities set out in this

14.5   THE CLIENT agrees to make payment of a cancellation fee in the amount of
       R500.00 (five hundred Rand) if premature cancellation takes place.


15.1   For the purposes of all notices which might be given under, or actions which
       might flow from this Agreement, the parties hereto choose the following
       domicilia citandi et executandi:

15.1.1 Admiral Computers CC:                   No. 2 Manie Maritz Avenue
                                               Rooihuiskraal Extension 3
                                               Telefax: (012) 661-8646/2

15.1.2 THE CLIENT:                             ______________________
15.2   Formal notice to be given or to be made for any purpose under this
       agreement shall be in writing and shall:

15.2.1 be delivered, in which event it shall be deemed to have been received when
       so delivered; or

15.2.2 sent by registered post in which event it shall be deemed to have been
       received 5 (FIVE) days after it has been posted; or

15.2.3 sent by telefax in which event it shall be deemed to have been received on
       the day on which it was sent.

15.3   The parties to this agreement shall be entitled to change their respective
       domicilium citandi et executandi by the delivery or posting by registered mail
       of a notice to this effect to the domicilium of the other party.


       Any intellectual property remains the sole property of Admiral Computers CC
       or the sponsor or the advertiser.

17.    WAIVERS

       No concession, latitude or extension of time which may be allowed by a party
       to the other party for the performance by either party of any of their
       obligations under this agreement shall, under any circumstances, be deemed
       to be a waiver of any of the party’ s rights hereunder.


       The parties hereto acknowledge that this agreement constitutes the entire
       contract between them and that no other conditions, stipulations, warranties
       or representations, other than those specifically contained herein, have been
       made by either of them, or by any agent or other party acting or purporting to
       act on their behalf.

      No agreement to cancel, vary or add to the terms of this agreement shall be
      valid or binding upon the parties unless reduced to writing and signed by the


      For the purposes of any legal proceedings which may arise out of this
      Agreement the parties hereto consent in terms of Section 45 of the
      Magistrate’s Court Act (Act no. 32 of 1944 as amended), to the jurisdiction of
      the Magistrate’s Court of any district having jurisdiction by virtue of Section 28
      of the said Act.


      The costs of and incidental to the preparation and drawing of this Agreement
      (including Value Added Tax) shall be paid by Admiral Computers CC to the
      Attorneys, Hallatt Kruger Incorporated Attorneys, upon request therefore, but
      each party shall be responsible for its own costs in obtaining legal advice in
      connection with the agreement.

SIGNED AT ___________________ ON THIS ____ DAY OF ________ 20___

1.    ____________________                          ________________________
                                                    for: Admiral Computers CC

2.    ____________________

SIGNED AT ___________________ ON THIS ____ DAY OF ________ 20___

1.    ____________________                          ________________________
                                                    for: THE CLIENT
2.    ____________________

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