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					                       “WINNING TOGETHER”
Press Release

Press information – 28th September 2005                  For immediate release

Thames Valley based Associates of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB)
are organising a major business event on Friday 14th October at 100 Longwater
Avenue, Green Park Reading, starting at ten o’clock in the morning.

“Winning Together” was designed as a comprehensive event specifically for
Thames Valley based Managing Directors and Owners of small and medium sized
businesses. Many events focus on a single theme or topic however Winning
Together allows much more efficient use of time as visitors can choose to attend
topical seminars, discuss specific business needs with an expert and Network with
other business owners.

One very lucky visitor to the exhibition will win a car for the
weekend, offered by Ted Clarke of Fraser Clarke, pictured
right, exhibiting at Winning-together. This is not just any car,
it is a Chesil Speedster! For more about this unique car see for the full spec!

Enquiries and booking for the Winning Together event can be made through or our dedicated number 0118 952 6920.


    The Institute for Independent Business is a Registered Educational Charity
          (reg. no. 1050454). For more information see

  For media enquiries regarding “Winning Together” contact IIB Associate Paul
                Forrest on 0118 952 6900 or