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					MIGRANT STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS                                         (compiled by Brigita Gahr, January, 2007)

Now that high school seniors have started their final semester, it is time for them to begin to apply for
scholarships. Florida seniors who qualify for Migrant Education Program services are encouraged to apply for
the following scholarships for migrant students. Undocumented students may apply for any of these
scholarships, except CAMP and the Farmworker Jobs and Education Program (considered federal/state
government aid). Local Migrant Education Programs may offer additional scholarships for migrant students
residing in their districts.

Please remind students that most scholarships require proof of acceptance into a technical institute, college or
university, therefore they need to apply to post-secondary institutions NOW!

Albert Lee Wright, Jr. Memorial Migrant Scholarship                                         Deadline: Feb. 16

College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)                                                   Deadline: Check with
www.migrantstudents.org                                                                     each program

Farmworker Jobs and Education Program                                                       Deadline: None
(not a scholarship, however, the program covers education and training expenses             Deadline: None
at a technical institute or community college for eligible participants)

Frank Campano Memorial Fund Child Migrant Award                                             Deadline: May 15
(application attached)

Path to Scholarships Fund - Harvest of Hope Foundation                                      Deadline: None
(application attached)

Wendell N. Rollason Scholarship Fund                                                        Deadline: Check with
(refer to attached information sheet)                                                       each service area

The following three scholarships are for students pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree
in Education at the University of South Florida (USF). They are offered through
USF’s Migrant Education Center : http://www.coedu.usf.edu/cme/

Florida Grower’s Association Scholarship                                                    Deadline: May 15
Florida Tomato Exchange Scholarship                                                         Deadline: May 15
Sunripe Scholarship                                                                         Deadline: May 15

The following four scholarships are offered by the Geneseo Migrant Center.
Applications are available online at www.migrant.net
For more information call 1-800-245-5681

Berrien Fragos Thorn Arts Scholarship for Migrant Farmworkers            Deadlines: June 1 & Nov. 1
Frank Kasmierczak Memorial Migrant Scholarship                                  Deadline: Feb. 1
Gloria and Joseph Mattera National Scholarship Fund for Migrant Children        Deadline: None
*Migrant Farmworker Baccalaureate Scholarship                                   Deadline: July 1
(*for students currently completing their first year of college)