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ALA2009-MRE_1_ by chenshu


									MARC Record Enrichment

 TOC, Fiction/Biography,
Summaries to aid retrieval
 and determine relevancy

    Janifer Meldrum
        What is MARC Record
• Adding data to your existing cataloging
   –   Table of Contents
   –   Fiction Biography added entries
   –   Summaries
   –   Author notes
• You own the data. It’s not a subscription.
            Save money
• No money for new books? Better
  retrieval for titles you already own.
• Can’t lose the data when you run out
  of money. You own it.
            Save time
• Add Tables of Contents (TOC) and
  summaries automatically. Saves
  cataloger time.
• Add during other processing
  (authorities, conversion). Saves
  systems staff time.
      Improve access: TOC
• When the title and subject of the book is
  Gravitational waves, it won’t be found by
  someone searching
      • Chirping binary systems
      • Mass-quadrupole radiation
• But those are subchapter titles—and will
  retrieve the book!
• Aids retrieval and determination of
   Improve access: Fiction and
• Fiction is easier to find when you add:
   – Genre and sub-genre (culinary mystery)
   – Characters and their attributes (Warshawski, V.
     I. "Vic" Female Polish American Divorced Ex-
     lawyer Tough Private investigator)
• Biographies can now be retrieved by
  personal information:
   – Ethnic background
   – Birthplace and current residence
   – Profession
           How it works
• Get a quote.
• Fill out a profile.
• Send your database.
    Or have it done during authorities
    processing, conversion or other
• We add the data to your records.
• You reload the enriched records.
Make your
catalog easier to
use today with

For more detailed information, contact or 1-800-531-7678.

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