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									Becky Sherman

   Professional Portfolio
About Becky Sherman
   15 year career focused on Digital applications with a specialization in B2C web
   Was chosen by Human Factors International as “Usability Analyst of the Month”, 1/2007
   Was published in Usability Success Stories by Paul Sherman 2006 as a case study about
    redesigning the search experience
   Direct management experience (team size 10 +/- )
   Diverse and well rounded career in user experience design. I have worked in a variety of
    roles: Product Manager, UX Manager, Information Architect as well as a Usability
   Subject matter expert on search platform management. Have implemented and used the
    following platforms: Endeca, Mercado, and Approximatch (owned by AmDocs)
   Web analytics package familiarity and usage: Omniture, Coremetrics, Web Trends and
    Micro Strategies
   Worked in many types of organizations including: sales, marketing online divisions,
    publishing and IT organizations
EDS (Electronic Data Systems)

     Body of Work

   Positions:
       Brand Manager of Internet & New Media (I&NM) 1995-1997
       Internet Project Manager 1994 - 1995
   Job Description:
       Brand Manager Role: Oversaw and managed team to build the
        I&NM customer facing online site. Responsible for building and
        marketing the WebVault™ brand. WebVault ™ is an enterprise
        online management systems.
       Internet Project Manager: Hired as an intern while in college to
        build the online business plan. The executive board approved the
        business plan and gave our team $500K to build (the
        companies first online property)
Project Highlights
WebVault ™ - Sales Demonstration
   Highlights of the project: This project was centered
    around creating and launching the organizations first branded
    product WebVault™.
       This demonstration was built to help acquire and retain new
        business. The demo. illustrated how a company could use Web
        based applications in order to conduct business across an

   My Role: I was the brand manager who was responsible for
    all aspects of the product including: brand identity, sales
    training, technology management, collateral, etc.
WebVault ™ - Sales Demonstration

   Homepage – the site demonstrated to companies how web based
    applications could be used within an enterprise. This demonstration helped
    to illustrate how different types of users would have access to specific job
    related tasks within the system.
WebVault ™ - Sales Demonstration

   Corporate Communications – view of what users in this group could have
    access to on a daily basis.
WebVault ™ - Sales Demonstration

   MIS – view for all corporate users who need technical assistance. This
    would allow for a self service model and cut down on user calls to IT call
WebVault ™ - Sales Demonstration

   Sales – view is for sales people within the company. They would be able to
    look at boiler plate templates and sales tools to help retain and acquire new
WebVault ™ - Sales Demonstration

   My Office – all corporate users would have access to this view and it would
    allow users to complete tasks like submitting expenses or booking
    conference rooms.
WebVault ™ - Sales Demonstration

   The Company Store – all corporate users would have access to this view
    and it would allow users to purchase products or take advantage of
    discounts that the company offers.
WebVault ™ - Sales Demonstration

   Human Resources – all corporate users would have access to this view
    and it would allow users to access benefits information such as medical or
WebVault ™ - Sales Demonstration

   News and Information – generalized view where users could get daily
    news about the company, competitors and market information.
I&NM website

   Highlights of the project: IN&M was a new
    sales organization inside of EDS. My team
    was tasked with building a Website for this

   My Role: I was the direct manager for I managed a team of developers and
    designer to build, market and maintain the site
    presence to both our internal and external
I&NM Website – Homepage

   Website was released to production in 1997
       Two paths were built 1) high bandwidth 2) low bandwidth
I&NM Website – Highroad Landing Page

   Website had global navigation and side navigation elements
     The images were building a city using technology
I&NM Website – Vision Landing Page

                         This page outlined the
                          organizations vision
                             How the group was in the
                              business of helping
                              companies get their web
                              presence live as well as
                              maintain that presence over
I&NM Website – Value Landing Page

                          This page is about the
                           value proposition
                               This page defined all the
                               services offered from web
                               hosting to CD-ROM

                           *Note: cropped the page due to space
I&NM Website – Global Landing Page
                          This page positioned the
                           group as a global leader
                           The organization could
                           service international clients
                           as the group had an internal
                           international consulting
    I&NM Website – Success Landing Page

   This page outlined current clients and work deliverables produced

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