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									The 5th Annual National Old Age Psychiatry
Specialist/Specialty Registrar Conference

By: Mani Chandran, Geraldine D’Souza, Alex Kakoullis,
Sandra Metcalfe, Sara Ormerod, Lathika Weerasena,

The 5th Annual National old age psychiatry Specialist/Speciality registrar conference
held on the 18th and 19th April 2008 at the Radisson SAS hotel in Birmingham. The
event attracted 66 delegates from as far apart as Cornwall to Aberdeen. The title of
the conference was ‘Practice, Probity and Pitfalls’ and included speakers on a range of
clinical, medicolegal and ethical issues tailored to the needs of the old age

The first day began with Dr Hugh Rickards, director of the British Neuropsychiatry
Association speaking on Psychiatric symptoms in Parkinson’s disease. This was
followed by Dr Pete Bentham who provided a concise summary of the latest evidence
regarding the management of agitation in Alzheimer’s disease. In the afternoon Mr
Christopher Dorries OBE, provided an entertaining and informative session entitled
‘Doctor in the dock: The investigation of medical death’. The business meeting
provided an opportunity to discuss current issues regarding training. Good attendance
ensured an enthusiastic appreciation for the outgoing faculty college representative for
higher specialist trainees Dr M.S. Krishnan and a warm welcome for the new
representative Dr N. Mokashi. The lively discussion reflected the importance many
trainees placed on protecting the identity of old age psychiatry as a speciality a nd a
keenness to continue to communicate as a group between regions. The final speaker
of the first day was Professor Femi Oyebode who spoke about Ethical and
Medicolegal issues: clinical errors, litigation and fitness to practice. His role as an
assessor and medical supervisor for the GMC’s fitness to practice contributed
valuable up to date case examples.

The evening provided an excellent opportunity to socialise with trainees from
different regions. A drinks reception and delicious dinner allowed conversation (and
wine) to flow abundantly. Musical entertainment by Algology (lead by Dr Hugh
Rickards) ensured an excellent atmosphere. There was a closely fought quiz which
revealed ingenuity and competitive spirit amongst our regional peers. The officia l
entertainment ended around 10.30pm but many delegates went on to discover the
delights of Birmingham City centre well into the small hours.

Saturday morning began with Dr Bernie Coope offering practical advice on managing
the transition to becoming a consultant and how to survive in the modern NHS. This
was followed by Professor R.N. Mohan who provided an excellent summary of the
amendments to the Mental Health act along with his own repertoire of old age
psychiatry jokes. The final speaker was Dr John Speakman who discussed palliative
care and dementia highlighting the overlap between specialities and providing useful
techniques for symptom control.

We are delighted that the Liverpool region enthusiastically volunteered to host the 6 th
Annual National old age psychiatry specialist/specialty registrar conference. We wish
them every success and hope they enjoy the experience as much as we have.
The meeting was sponsored by an educational grant from Eisai Limited and Pfizer
Limited. Photos by Dr Dhanjeev Marrie.

The Conference Committee: Mani Chandran, Geraldine De Souza, Lathika
Weerasena, Sara Ormerod, Sandie Metcalfe, Alex Kakoullis

The conference provided delegates with a unique opportunity to socialise with peers
from other regions.

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