robert a by alendar


									                   Robert A. Morse, St. Albans School, Washington, DC 20016;

                       The particle * speaks classically to Newton
                                of laws that limit its life
I am here!
      mark me how you will- my up, my down, my to, my fro, my right, my left-
                      (Parlez math? my x, my y, my z.)
But- I am here!
make your references-choose your origin as you will
my place is secure- your differing choices transform not me but your accounting -
       No specialty- no privilege- no sacred center- lies in your differing accounts.

A PROGRESS (or not)
I am here!           you say I MOVE!- I say I do NOT! move-
       You say I do NOT move - I say I MOVE!
STEADY- all that matters is to keep the moving all the same-
       unchanging motion is motion and no motion-

CHOOSE your reference -
You say I move, why then I move- steady and unceasing, straight as straight can be- (and yet
 You say I do not move, then move I do not- steadily unmoving am I - constant in your eyes.
        (and yet I do still move- my constancy is relative)-
I am both fickle and devoted- moving or unmoving as I am perceived-but unforced.


FORCE me? THEN I change!

Thy force enforces change - amassing speed I am no longer constant in my place
encite me and my stance in situ’s lost. Amassing speed- enacted by compounded whims of
influence, I change my place- classically my change is absolute- you force me and I’m bent for
                (in motion- my being changeth not)

Compound your forces- add them up- the sum
        is all I feel- and feeling it my motion I adjust- speed, direction, both are at your whim-
your agents push and pull- I see the sum and change accordingly-
        but wait- I have my own reluctance- sluggishness to do your will- amassing my
reluctance to the changes - I aspire for STILL no change-
        we compromise- your agency acts on my reluctant victimhood, achieving your intended
change but at MY pace-

REBELLION or reaction?

0                                                            *
               0                      *
               0                      *
0                                                            *

Yet while you force me - I respond and force you back as I am wont to do-
There’s no change in my motion but you pay a price-
       large if you are small,
                and vice- versa if you’re large-     but pay you must-
your motivation of me has a cost you -
       we do indeed accost each other equally (if we define the coinage of this cost)-
                 and everything I gain from you, you’ve lost.

A fair exchange- momentous- energized- I take your gift and give you mine right back, and thus
        we find that everything and nothing’s changed by your enforcing ways-
When the piper pipes, the piper also pays.

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