redressal of public grievances by alendar


									                    REDRESSAL OF PUBLIC GRIEVANCES

Protector General of Emigrants is available for redressal of public grievances once a
week i.e. Tuesday from 3.00 PM to 4.00 PM. During this hour aggrieved members of
the public, prospective and/or registered recruiting agents prospective emigrants are
welcome to attend the Public Hearings in the office of the Protector of Emigrants,
Jaisalmer House, Canteen Block, Mansingh Road, New Delhi. Representatives of
RAs/prospective RA and aggrieved members of the public are not allowed to
attend the public hearing.

System Devised for Public Hearing

Any person desirous of attending public hearing shall require to write particulars of
the complainants on ‘Public Hearing Sheet’ along with the nature of the complaint.
The Public Hearing Sheet is available in the office of POE, Delhi and will be made
available on the spot. After listening to the petitioner, summary of submissions along
with the orders, is recorded by the PGE on the Sheet for follow up of action.

Public can address their queries and grievances to Protector General of Emigrants at
pge, FAX 91-1124197984.

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