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rationalization and introduction of stv rationalization of


									                                      Rationalization and introduction of STV

    I.    Rationalization of procedure for activation of prepaid cellular connection – New Unified SIM

   The following rationalization/introduction of Special Tariff Vouchers [STV] is to be launched on
   01-10-09 in Tamilnadu circle.

   It is proposed to introduce the rationalization of procedure for activation of prepaid cellular connections as Saral
anant for life time customers and option General for general customers from 1/10/2009 as given below. From
October 1 onwards all new customers will be able to enroll as a prepaid customer by purchasing a SIM for Rs 39 and
activating it . Customer should activate First Recharge Coupon (FRC) of value Rs 60 to become a prepaid general
customer. Customer can become a Saral Anant (life time) customer by activating an FRC of Rs 35.

The tariffs for Saral Anant and General plan will be as per existing orders.
                                                   NEW UNIFIED SIM:
Information for customer.

  Sl no           Particulars             Saral Anant customers                     General customers
    1       MRP of New Unfied          Rs 39                            Rs 39
    2       Talk time on SIM           0                                0
    3       Validity of SIM            7 days                           7 days
    4       MRP        of     First    Rs 35                            Rs 60
            recharge       Coupon
            (FRC )
    5       Validity                     Life time (180 days initial)   180 days
                                       Customer has to topup with       Customer can use top up card to add talk
                                       minimum of Rs 220/-              value during the validity period. On expiry
                                       (inclusive of S. Tax) for        of 180 days validity, customer should use
                                       further extension of 180 days    recharge coupon as per his requirement to
                                       to keep the connection live.     increase validity/talk value
    6       Talk value on FRC          Rs 20                            Rs 30

The activation of SIM will be done through C top up. First recharge will be through paper voucher.
Vasantham-20 and Tamilnadu Anant-20 launched on 03/08/09 will be available to all customers as an option upto

Vasantham-20 as option on the plan as applicable to General pre-paid.
The FRC applicable for Vasantham-20 Plan from 1/10/2009 is the same as General Pre-paid.
Tamilnadu Anant-20 as option on the plan applicable to Saral Anant.
The FRC applicable for Tamilnadu Anant-20 from 1/10/2009 is the same as for Saral Anant.

All unified SIM being now sold at M.R.P of Rs.20/- will now have an M.R.P of Rs.39 from 1/10/2009.

 Since many Tamilnadu Anant-20 and Vasantham 20 customers have not yet done the first recharge till date
customers of Tamilnadu Anant-20 and Vasantham-20 will be allowed to use C-Topup for FRC , minimum 55, of all SIMs
which were activated upto 2400 hrs of 30/09/09.

For all SIMs for which SMS activation will be sent from 0000hrs of 01/10/2009

Special tariff voucher for Super one India, Student power and Golden 50 (applicable to Pre paid General customers
only-will be introduced as C-Topup):

New enrolment to the 3 plans namely Super one India, Student power and Golden 50 will be stopped forthwith. Pre
paid General customers can opt for the tariff plan of Super one India, Golden 50 , Student power by using the
respective Tariff voucher as given overleaf . On activation of the respective STVs the customer will enjoy the tariff plan
of Super one India, Golden 50 or Student power as the case may be for 30 days.

Special tariff voucher for Super one India, Student power and Golden 50

   Booster card (STV)      Cost of card incl of ST   Plan available for the validity       Talk value
   115                    Rs 115                     Super one India          30           NIL
   165                    Rs 165                     Golden 50                30           NIL
   40                     Rs 40                      Student power            30           NIL
(Applicable to Pre paid General customers only-will be introduced as C-Topup)

Status of Existing STVs

STVs of 49, 79, 99 and 300 will be continued.
      1. Consequent to introduction of above STV s ,the Migration Vouchers for Super one India, Student power and
          Golden 50 plans will be discontinued.
      2. Further, paper voucher version if available will be converted as Top-up, w.e.f 01/10/2009 for those plans
          under Super One India and Golden-50. Existing Student Validity Vouchers in paper form – Rs.170/- (3
          months), Rs.280/- (6 months) and Rs.390/- (One year) will however continue.
 II. Introduction of New Booster cards (Special Tariff vouchers)

New STVs.
  1. STV Rs. 65/- night calling pack.
  2. Combo pack for Rs.90/-
  3. STV - SMS pack Rs. 30/-
The details of the new booster cards are given below:-
Booster 65 -- Night Calling Pack
   Cost of card                         Rs 65 (incl of Taxes )
   Validity                             30 days
   Facility                             Local calls @ 20 paisa/ minute
                                        STD calls @ 50 paisa/ minute
   Condition                            Only for calls between 11 PM and 07 AM

Combo 90
  Cost of card                        Rs 90 (incl of Taxes)
  Validity                            30 days
  Facility ( both of STV 41, 49)      For calls between 11 PM to 07 AM( as per STV 41)
                                      Local calls to own network@ 20 paisa/ minute
                                      Local calls to other network @30 paisa/minute
                                      For calls between 07 AM to 11PM ( as per STV49)
                                      Local calls to own network@ 50 paisa/minute
                                      Local calls to other network@60 paise/minute


  Cost of card                        Rs 30(incl of Taxes)
  Validity                            30 days
  Facility                            Local and national SMS @ 10 PS/ SMS

       The customers should be kept informed through our various sales outlets and call centres about the
new procedures and launch of STVs (booster cards).

Promotional offer on recharge coupon:

     Offer is applicable for all the plans except GSMPCO of Tamilnadu circle and Extension of Validity as
      per the plans.
     Period of offer is from 28/09/09 to 03/10/09
     Offer only for paper voucher. Offer is not permitted through C-Top-up

       The sale value, Present talk value and talk value of recharge coupon during this offer period are as
shown below:
                                                 Amount in Rs.
  S.N.     SALE VALUE            PRESENT TALK VALUE TALK VALUE During offer period
    1          RC1103                       900.00                               1080
   2           RC1100                       897.28                               1080
   3           RC2750                      2493.20                               3000
   4           RC2758                      2500.00                               3000
   5           RC3300                      2991.84                               3600
   6           RC3309                      3000.00                               3600
   7           RC5500                      6686.40                               8040
   8           RC5515                      6700.00                               8040

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