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 Section 1 Introduction To Messaging System

           The essential ingredient of any successful business activity is management
           through effective co-ordination and control. This necessarily means that
           the communication should be efficient and effective.
           Managers rely on various forms of communication, primary one being
           oral. For any business activity that spreads across various locations, the
           need for electronic communication like Telephone becomes necessary.
           However, as the advances have occurred in the field of
           Telecommunications and Information Technology, various other modes of
           communication have become both more efficient and more cost effective.
           Technology today permits Data, Voice and Video to be transmitted to any
           points of the globe, and that too at a very nominal rate.

           E-mail is becoming a primary medium of communication world wide, and
           now more than ever, one feels the necessity to have personal e-mail boxes
           - to maintain privacy, keep confidentiality and for greater working
           convenience. Internet access is getting better and cheaper in the country,
           but it has yet not reached the point, where an organisation can afford to
           purchase individual Internet e-mail accounts for all its employees.

           A messaging system addresses these shortcomings. A messaging systems
           primary purpose is to provide multiple individual e-mail accounts over a
           single Internet account. Additionally, it functions as a complete e-mail
           solution for a corporate LAN or intranet, with or without Internet
           connectivity. The Characteristics of an E-mail based messaging system
           are as follows.

           1) Every individual is identified by an unique E-mail Address.
           2) Any individual having an E-mail address can send a written message to
              any other individual having an E-mail address.
           3) The message is instantly received by the receiver, irrespective of the
              geographical distance between sender and receiver.
           4) The cost of communicating through this medium is a fraction of the
              normal cost of communication.
           Advantage of an E-mail based communication is as follows
           1) Records can be maintained of all the communications sent.
           2) The documents can be send electronically thus reducing paperwork
              and moving towards a paper less office.

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           3) An email based messaging system helps achieve the above objectives
              by enabling communication within and outside the organisation.

Section 2 Representation of A Messaging System

                                                              Internet Cloud

            User 1                                                       Remote Access
            CEO                                                          Dial-up Service

            User 2                                Mail
           Manager               LAN
                                                 Server                              Remote
            User n

Section 3 A Typical Messaging System

           The messaging system enables all users within the premises to send emails
           to each other as well as to other users across the internet. Each user in this
           case will get an email id in the form of
           administrator can have a control over the number of users and the actual
           users who would avail of such facility.

           Let us take a case example of how it will work. If Mr. A wants to send a
           message to Mr. B he would simply send a mail to
           The local mail server would receive this. This server would then do the job
           of analysing the target user (In our case Mr. B). If the target user were a
           local user it would send the message to Mr. B‟s Mailbox which would
           come to his desk on his machine. In the same manner if Mr. A sends a mail
           to any user outside the company then it would be queued into the local
           mail server and would be sent out as and when the mail server is scheduled
           to deliver external mail and retrieve mail from outside. That is any mail
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           sent by any user if it is meant for a user outside the organisation it would
           be queued into the mail server and would be sent out when the server
           begins the process of delivery of mails. All messages retrieved by the mail
           server for the local users are queued onto the mail server till the users on
           their desk download them.

           This downloading of mails at the server‟s end is automated and requires no
           user intervention at all.

Section 4 Type Of Access To Users

           Using such a system it is possible to incorporate facilities like limited
           access to users. For example if we want a particular set of users not to have
           access to internet mail that is if we don‟t want to allow these users to send
           mail outside the organisation it is possible. This set of users in this case
           would be allowed to send mails only within the organisation.

Section 5 Remote Access

           This messaging system is scaleable according to the needs of the user. If
           we want users to be updated when they are on the move or if there are
           sales people outside who need to be updated about anything, it is possible
           to incorporate remote access into the system. Users outside the office
           premises would be able to access their messages and use such system by
           dialing into the mail server via a cellular phone or any other phone. Here
           the server is set up as a remote access server. They would be asked to
           prove their credentials by the mail server after which they would be able to
           access their mails. Not only is it possible to get their mails users can also
           send their mails when they dial into their premises. No Unauthorised
           access is granted anyone outside as proving credentials by giving the login
           and password is utmost necessary without which the server would not
           allow any exchange of data.

           It is possible to set the rights as to which users can avail of such roaming
           facility. Thus we can restrict a particular set of users from accessing and
           sending their mails using modems from outside and dialing in. The system
           is flexible enough to allow changes in permission by the system
           administrator if required by the management.

Section 6 If The Organisation Is Across Geographical Locations

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           There could be a case where the organisation goes across locations and
           when it is not possible for users in branch offices to dial every time to the
           corporate office individually to access their mails. Solution to this kind of
           situation is to have an additional mail account at that particular domain
           name and get all the mails meant for users of branch offices diverted to the
           new mail account. In such case again there would be a local mail server at
           the branch office, which would download mails from that particular mail
           account and distribute them to the branch users. The local messaging in
           branch works exactly like it does in the corporate office. This way it is
           possible to have users across geographical locations still use mail accounts
           on the same single domain name.

           If users at a particular location are very large it is advisable to get a
           separate domain name registered for that place for administrative reasons.
           In such a case Bombay users could have mail accounts like
  and Delhi users could have mail accounts

Section 7 Mehodology Of Access To Internet.

           This messaging system is flexible in terms of access to the internet. This is
           dependent on the number of users the system has to cater. If users are
           limited to 10-15 even a plain dialup line is Ok. If users are over 25 then it
           is advisable to have an ISDN internet connection at every location. If
           Proxy server or shared internet applications are to run simultaneously
           along with the messaging system Leased line of 64 kbps/128 KBPS is

Section 8 Additional Features.

           1. Unavialable Users-If the User of the messaging system is unavailable
              and it is not possible for him to dial into office. This could be when the
              user is out of out of town. In such case the system gives the flexibility
              of forwarding all messages for such user to his personal mail account
              (e.g. his hotmail account). In thus manner a user can be updated with
              latest information even when he is abroad and respond to messages
              from his private mail account. As and when the user is back this
              feature could be disabled such that he can get the mails ho his own
              company mailbox.

           2. Auto Responders- Let us take a case where user is would be
              unavailable for a certain amount of time during which he would have
              no access to his mailbox it is possible to have an auto responder
              whereby the person who has sent the user a mail will get a reply saying

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               that “I am unavailable at the moment, I shall respond as soon as I

           3. Mail For Unknown Users- If the mail server receives a mail for any
              user nit defined in it‟s user database it is possible to route the same to
              the mail administrators mailbox, or it is also possible to give a
              „Delivery Failure Report‟ to the sender what is normally known as
              Mail Re-bounced to sender.

           4. Remote Administration- Administration of the Mail System can be
              remotely by the mail administrator. He need not physically go to the
              mail server to do tasks like „Creating Mailboxes or defining Auto
              responders for users. This can also be done by the administrator using
              a simple Web Browser or Telnet commands.

           5. Remotely Changing Password- In the proposed system it is possible
              for users to remotely change their mail account passwords. This can be
              done via Telnet. It is not necessary for the user to physically go to the
              mail server to change his password. Nor is it necessary for him to send
              request for the same to Mail Administrator.

               It should be noted here that this only changes the mail account
               password of the user. It is no way linked to the username and password
               that the user has been assigned to dial into the mail server from
               outside. This REMOTE ACCESS PASSWORD remains Unchanged.

           6. Distribution Lists- Here we can group users according their
              department‟s e.g. marketing dept., finance dept. etc. This helps if a
              common message is to be sent to all members of the department. In
              this case the mail can be sent to the particular distribution list and it
              will reach all members of the list. If there is a common mail message
              to all users within the organisation then it could be sent to
     The mail server would do the job of sending
              it to all mail users defined on the user database.

           7. Optional Anti Virus Integration- The mail server can be assigned to
              scan all mails coming from Internet for viruses using Anti Viral
              Software like Mcafee Anti Virus. Even this Process can be
              programmed in a manner that it is automated and requiring no user

           8. Web Access- The messaging system allows checking of mails by using
              a Web Browser. This is helpful when we want to manage the mails
              online. This is done in the same way it is done on Hotmail.
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           9. Address Book Management- The proposed messaging system also
              incorporates a central address book for the entire organization. Any
              user on the LAN can search for email addresses in the Address Book
              directory stored in the E-Mail Server.

           10. Roaming Profile For Selected Users- In this messaging system we
               can give roming profile to selected mail users who are constantly on
               the move so that they can check their mails from anywhere in the
               world through any internet connection.

           11. Email Monitoring- In this messaging system it is possible to have
               monitoring of email traffic for specified users. A copy of all mails to
               and from specified users will be send to email administrator. This
               ensures that the management can catch hold of people misusing the
               corporate messaging system.

           12. Data Encryption- Our messaging system the local data files in an
               encrypted format which is non readable when opened illegally by
               copying the data files. This ensures additional security to the system
               for complete privacy of emails.

Section 8 Additional benefits of such system

           Such kind of messaging system enables Users to share data between
           themselves and work together on a particular document. For example if
           there is an excel worksheet or a report that has to be sent from user1 to
           user2 it could be done electronically and could be sent again back to user1
           after the modifications. This way the company could implement a
           workflow or an electronic document transfer within their organisation.

           This kind of system also helps a lot in saving communication costs as the
           need of using STD or ISD would be reduced if the convenience of email is
           available to each user on his desk. Besides using such system whereby
           each user has got a mail id in form of also builds up
           on the goodwill the company has established.

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1.    The above proposal assumes that a network exists in the office and a
      server is present powerful enough to handle the load of a messaging
2.    It also assumes that a Windows 95/98/NT based system is available on the
      server site and there are clients running Windows 95/98/NT workstation.
3.    Windows NT is Necessary if Remote Access needs to be incorporated.
4.    It is recommended to have a dedicated telephone connection for the
      messaging system.

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                             Annexure I.Server Detials

       Top-Notch Servers
       Your mailing system and site will be hosted on one of our continuously
       monitored, high performance Unix servers. Each server comes with Linux OS
       and Award-Winning Apache installed.

       Hot Swap Fujitsu Drives
       The drives and drive bays of our servers are all constructed from high-grade
       aluminum, and rest in a Shock Mounted Drive Cage, which adds to the
       durability of the hardware. The drives are hot swappable, which means that if
       any part of the server were to fail we could simply insert our drive into an
       identical standby machine. This entire process takes under 5 minutes. In
       addition, we backup our servers nightly. If a drive has a problem, all we have
       to do is copy your backup (never more than 24 hours old) onto a standby
       machine, which is already on-line. Your site is up and running within a matter
       of minutes.

       Redundant Hot Swap Power Supplies

       Each server has dual redundant hot swap power supplies. If one of these
       power supplies were to fail, the server would not go down because each power
       supply is capable of running the server by itself, indefinitely. Meanwhile,
       alarms would alert our technicians to the problem; they would restore
       redundancy by swapping out the failed unit with one of our spares and then
       service the old unit. During all this, your site would never be down.

       Force-Filtered Cooling
       All the drives, motherboards, and power supplies of our computers are in
       cases with a positive pressure filtered air environment. Two large fans pull air
       into the protective case through filters, and the components within are cooled
       by fans, which circulate this purified air. The constant introduction of clean air
       into the case creates a positive pressure environment, ensuring that dust and
       particulates are swept out and never in.

       Standby Servers

       We keep spares on-line of all CPU configurations. If our server were to
       experience a hardware failure we would literally turn a key, grab the handle
       on our drive, pull it out, and insert it into an identical standby CPU. We'd
       reboot the second machine and your site would be up and running again in a
       matter of minutes.

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       Redundant Uninterruptible Power System

       To guard against local power failures, we have invested in two separate
       industrial strength UPS systems. These act as back-up batteries, maintaining
       uninterrupted power in case of surges or power outages. In addition to these
       high quality power systems, the Network Operations Centre (NOC) is also
       equipped with a natural gas generator. With these three backup systems in
       place, we can keep our network up and running indefinitely without relying on
       the building's power. This is just another example of the commitment we have
       to keeping your site up 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week, 365 Days a year, no
       matter what situation arises.

       Secure, Temperature-Controlled Environment

       We gone to great lengths to ensure that your server is in a secure, stable
       environment. The temperature in our NOC is regulated and monitored and
       held at a constant 65 degrees F. Our facilities are in a restricted access center,
       which is not open to the public. A punch pad security lock governs the server
       room, that only grants access to those who have been given a code.

                              Annexure II Our Clients

       Following are some of the sites where this messaging system has been
       successfully implemented.

            Name of Client             Number Users at each Site
                                       of Sites
       1    Advani-Oerlikon Ltd        3        Site1- 34 Users (Pune)
                                                Site2- 46 Users (Bhandup)
                                                Site3- 21 Users (Mumbai)
       2    Qualteam Consultants (I) 1          11 Users in Mumbai
            Pvt Ltd
       3    Kunhar Peripherals Pvt Ltd 2        Site1- 9 Users (Mumbai)
                                                Site2- 5 Users (Pune)
       4    Data Tech Corporation      1        5 users (Mumbai)
       5    Raj Petrolium Products Ltd 5        50Users(Mumbai+Ankleshwar+
       6    Art Group Of Industries    1        10 Users in Mumbai

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