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					copy of the rail / bus ticket (only by public transport) for reimbursing the travel
expenditure. Local participants will be provided lunch and inter session tea. Well
furnished single seated accommodation will be provided at the Academy's Halls
of Residence. Participants are advised not to bring any family members
along with them. Hyderabad is well connected by air, rail, and road. Participants
traveling by train should alight at Secunderabad / Hyderabad/ Kachiguda railway
station. Participants can avail metered taxis to reach the Academy and collect the
receipt for reimbursement. Alternatively, city road transport service is available to
reach the Academy. Bus No.95R from Koti opposite to Osmania Medical College                     National Agricultural Innovation Project
is the most convenient service as it plies through the Campus. Buses on other                    Component 1: ADDSIAR (AGROWEB)
routes like 94R, 94H from Koti can be used to reach Rajendranagar bus stop.
The participants may also hire auto rickshaws directly from the Railway Station.
Participants are advised to make their return journey reservations at their end                           Training Programme
before leaving for Hyderabad.                                                                                      on
Last Date for Receipt of Applications:                                                  ‘Web based E-Learning and Content Management’

       Nominations should reach Director NAARM on or before June 25 ,
                                                                                 th                        July 14-24, 2009
2009. Nominations may be sent electronically by using nomination forms from
NAARM website. Participants may leave to Hyderabad after Receipt of Final
Confirmation of acceptance of their nomination from NAARM.
                                                                                                         Programme Directors
Travel plans and further communication may be directed to:
                                                                                                            G.R.K. Murthy
Dr. G.R. K. Murthy / Dr K.M. Reddy
                                                                                                             K.M. Reddy
Programme Directors
NAARM, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad – 407
Phones: 040- 24581342/ 24581458
Fax Nos: 040- 24581452/ 24015912

                                                                                        National Academy of Agricultural Research Management
                                                                                                     Rajendranagar, Hyderabad-500 407
Background                                                                            Training Methodology

         The processes of learning and knowledge management have acquired                    The methodology of the training programme consists of lecture sessions,
new dimensions with the advent of fast developing trends in Information and           demonstrations and hands- on practical exercises apart from institutional visits.
Communication Technologies (ICTs). With increasing global competition in the          Resource persons are drawn from NAARM and other relevant sources.
agriculture sector, learning process has to be rapid, updated, highly dynamic and
tailor-made to the global needs. E-Learning is the most potential tool to meet this   Duration
future challenge. The process of E-Learning provides the ease of learning by
anyone, anytime and anywhere to a learner and provides a scope for the content
developer (who may be a teacher or a researcher who wants to share                            The duration is 10 days i.e. From July 14 -24, 2009 participants are
knowledge) to update the content. Open source software have got wider                 expected to arrive latest by evening of July 13 , 2009 and can leave NAARM only
acceptance because of affordability and scope to mould them to suit one's             after 1700 hrs on July 24 , 2009.
requirements. There are swift developments taking place in the open source
software for E-Learning.                                                              Eligibility
National Agricultural Research System has a wide repository of information,
which needs to be conveyed to its stakeholders, viz. the students, researchers                 Consortia Partners of NAIP, Scientists, faculty members (Teachers),
and farmers. Encapsulating of the contents, which may be lessons for the              Technical Officers (T-6 and above) and network administrators from ICAR
students or research results, through E-Learning methodology for the benefit of       institutes.
farmers is the need of the hour. The technological advances in internet and                    Aspirants to this programme should possess good working knowledge of
mobile communication can make the benefits of E-Learning multifold. Further, it       computers and internet environment. They are required to bring their content (it
provides the access to the knowledge to the remotely placed stakeholders of the       may be lessons or research findings) in electronic form along with supporting
agriculture through E-Learning in distance mode.                                      resources like graphics, photos, text, video clips.

The present programme is designed to bring awareness in E-Learning and build          Venue
the capacity in content creation and management in teaching, research, and
technology transfer activities.
                                                                                              National Academy of Agricultural Research Management, Rajendranagar,
                                                                                      Hyderabad- 500407. The programme is fully residential and all the participants
Objectives                                                                            are expected to stay in campus.

     To familiarize with web design methodologies using open source software         Board and Lodging
      for content development, and management in the context of e-learning
     To familiarize with content management software in the web environment
                                                                                               The cost of Travel, board and lodging of the selected participants will be
                                                                                      met out of the grant from the ADDSIAR (Agroweb) Project of NAIP. All
Course Content                                                                        participants will be reimbursed to and fro travel fare for the journey to Hyderabad
                                                                                      by rail or bus or other means of transport used, by the shortest route. The
     Introduction to content creation tools, web standards for content and e-        payment will be made as per their entitlement of class of travel, restricted to the
      Learning                                                                        maximum of AC II tier train fare. Participants are required to produce a photocopy
     Basics of open source software in content management- software
      installation, course creation and administration, assignments, evaluation,
      grading and web hosting
     Software on online learning evaluation and monitoring