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Staging Yard
All vehicles requiring access to 1) show floor 2) loading docks or 3) Manitoba Drive for
access to the back buildings will be required to check-in at the staging yard trailer first.
A MOVE-IN CARD will be provided giving your vehicle access to the appropriate door
or loading dock.

NO CARD = NO ACCESS Please understand and respect this process. It is
impossible to coordinate any system of order & priority for thousands of vehicles if this
system is not followed. Thank you for your cooperation!!

Move-In Process
The Staging Yard Trailer is located directly South of the Direct Energy Centre, in the
large parking lot area known as Lot F (map enclosed).

Advance Holding Area (Lot E) is available for boats and freight trucks beginning
Monday, December 29th. Exhibitors may utilize the staging yard to pre-stage boats.
  i. Please ensure you don’t block any other boats into their spaces as their move-in
     time may be earlier than yours
 ii. After move-in has finished there cannot be any trailers remaining in this lot; they
     will be towed. Empty trailers need to be moved to the Gore Lot.
iii. The Advance Holding Area does not have round the clock security guard service,
     however Exhibition Place security maintains hourly patrol of this area. Do not
     leave any valuables on the boats; utilize trailer locks.

Boat Exhibitors: Please check in at the Staging Yard Trailer 30 minutes prior to
your target time.

Booth Exhibitors: Please check in at the Staging Yard Trailer between the hours
of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm on one of the designated days for booths. Please note that
exhibitors with space in the East Annex, Industry Building and North Extension will have
access into these building Wed. Jan 7th and Thurs. Jan 8th (until 12:00 noon) only.
Move-in is not permitted into these building prior to Wed. Jan 7th.

There will be 2 lists in the trailer;
1. Exhibitors requiring boat handling for bulk space
2. Exhibitors not requiring boat handling (includes booth exhibitors)
**Please ensure you check in at the right list so that we issue you the proper access
card, and so you don’t have to wait unnecessarily.

All exhibitors will receive a move-in card providing access. A door number will be
assigned and noted on the card. A Floor Manager will meet you at your door/dock to
assist you with directions and equipment.
Please note, due to strict emergency evacuation polices, trucks will only be unloaded
onto the show floor as materials are required and space within your exhibit area allows.
We ask that all trucks are packed accordingly so that they are unloaded in a systematic
way that reflects the order in which items are required. Trucks will not be allowed to
unload in aisles, exits, etc. causing main egress routes to be blocked.

There are two different jurisdictions for lift responsibilities.
1. Amherst Crane: handles the majority of boat handling and positioning; not allowed
    to unload freight
2. Lange Transportation & Exhibition Place (Union 506): handles all other unloading
**Please ensure when you check-in at the Staging Yard Trailer, and when you meet
  your Floor Manager, that you explain what items specifically require lifting (boat or

Cranes and Forklifts cannot handle goods unless safe, proper skids and cradles
are provided by the exhibitor. There is no charge for these services provided guidelines
are followed.

Hand dollies are available for SIGN OUT. They are available in the (Royal Winter
Fair Lobby) ask any floor manager where this is and they will be able to assist you.

Boat Wash Service is provided at no charge for pre-cleaning boats prior to entering
the buildings. The pressurized water will remove direct snow and ice accumulated on
route to the show. The mobile wash unit is located in the Staging Yard, Lot F - see the
attached map. Exhibitors are required to use this service to minimize extra dirt/water in
ENTER THE BUILDING WITHOUT CLEANING. If your boat/truck/trailer is
dirty/slush/snow covered when it arrives at the door, you will be asked to return to the
Boat Wash Service before entering.

Carpet Tape – Use of guaranteed residue-free double-sided carpet tape must be
used to ensure your company does not incur cleaning charges. Scapa (residue-free
approved tape) can be obtained from Pillar Tapes at a cost ranging from $18 - $24 - call
Laurie at 416-665-4646. Approved tape will also be sold by GES on-site during all
move-in days – their on-site office is located in the Royal Winter Fair lobby.

Boat Trailer and Truck Storage is also provided during the show if needed. It is
located in the Gore Lot, just in front of the Princes’ Gates, at the east end of the
Exhibition Place (see map).

*      The Gore Lot is the only area on Exhibition Place property for boat trailer and
       truck storage during the show days. For other locations, all vehicles/trailers will
       be towed.
*      Once an enclosed trailer is unloaded (or loaded), it must be immediately
       removed from the loading docks – under no circumstances will trucks or trailers
       be allowed to stay in one of the dock areas.
*      The Gore Lot is an unsecured area. We strongly recommend empty trailers
       be returned to your business or other secure location in order to avoid
       theft problems.
Storage during the show is provided for empty crates, cartons, skids, etc.
Storage stickers can be obtained from the show office or the loading dock Floor
Managers. Indicate your company name and booth number on each sticker, and on
each crate, and leave the items in the aisles. They will be picked up, stored throughout
the show, and returned to your booth by Monday, January 19th at 8:00 am.

All shipments should be addressed to:
                                 Exhibiting Company Name
                                     Toronto Boat Show
                                       Exhibit Space #
                                  c/o Direct Energy Centre
                            100 Princes’ Blvd., Exhibition Place
                                      Toronto, Ontario
                                          M6K 3C3
*       All shipments will be received at the loading docks and delivered to your exhibit

A Bonded Warehouse is available prior to the show period for early storage and
delivery. Contact Lange Transportation and Storage for details. Order form enclosed in
Other Service Providers Order Form section.

Customs procedures are required for exhibitors coming from “outside” of Canada,
with product and/or display material. Exhibitors can process the paperwork on their
own, or utilize a Certified Customs Broker for a fee. NMMA Canada strongly
encourages exhibitors from “outside” of Canada to utilize Livingston/Mendelssohn
Commercial. As the show’s official customs broker they will have a representative on-
site during move-in for fast customs clearance. Their phone number for advance
arrangements is 416-863-9339 ext. 140.

Vehicle Cut-Off Times
Due to the aisle carpet being laid, and building cleaning process, vehicles will not be
permitted on the show floor after the following cut-off times. All exhibitors will need to
have their exhibit and product at their respective spaces prior to these times. This will
be necessary in order for the shows' suppliers to have ample time to prepare the hall for
opening on Friday, January 9th at 4:00 pm.
Halls A,B,C,D & Heritage Court:                             Thurs, Jan 8th  11:00 am
Halls E,G (East Annex, Industry Building, North Extension): Thurs, Jan 8th  12:00 noon

All exhibits must be fully set up by Thursday, January 8th at 7:00 pm. Cleaning
of all booths and show aisles will begin that evening to ensure the show is ready for the
Boating for Children’s Charity: Special Preview Night. (Friday, January 9th, 4:00 pm
– 9:00 pm). Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

If you wish to carry in product on Friday to your exhibit that is fine. The only restriction
being that vehicles and equipment are not permitted on the show floor.

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