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       First of all on the Pratipada in Navratri before sunrise or in another auspicious
time after bathing etc. in your chapel or in some lonely room, spreading a white cloth
(seat), sit facing eastward. Take water in your left hand, cover it by right hand, chant the
following Mantra (verse).
                    Om apavitrah pavitro va sarvavastham gatopi va,
                   Yah smaret pundarikaksham sa bahyabhyantarah suchih.

After speaking the mantra, touch the water first on ears, then on throat and then on eyes
by the middle and ring fingers of the right hands, sprinkle the rest water over your body.
By sprinkling such Abhimantrit (Auspicious) water your body gets purified.
       Then spread a white cloth on a wooden seat, make a little pile of rice on it and
establish/install a Pranpratishthayukta Abhimantrit Dasmahavidya yukta Dasmahavidya
yantra, and on it install Pranpratishthayukta Abhimantrit Dasmahavidya shakti kawach,
take two copper pots on the left and right sides of the kawach. Take srifals wrap them in
red cloth and place them on the water pots. (The instrument will be in the middle and
the water pots with srifal on either side)
       While filling water into the pot put some flowers and Kumkum (vermilion) too
and chants:-
                     Gange cha yamune chaiva Godavari Saraswati,
                    Narmade sindhu kaveri jaleasmin sannidin kuru.
Then burn three lamps in mustard oil and put Abhimantrit Naagkesar init and place the
lamps on the left of the seat. Then burn the other three lamps in mustard oil and put
Abhimantrit Raktagunja and put them on the right of the seat. Then burn three lamps in
mustard oil, put some lemon juice in it and place them in front of instrument three sides.
Then meditate on mother Durga,s features folding hands and meditate the way-
omnipresent in flora and fauna of the whole universe the very image of omnipotence,
the destroyer of all evil powers, eliminator of ignorance and inertia and annihilator of
enemies, I pay my obeisance to Maa Durga. Bless me and my whole family so that there
is happiness, prosperity and peace and by her grace this Saadhna be performed
       After observing meditation thus take water in your right hand do Aachmani (take
water in your hand and drop on the earth) for five times. You can do it five times for
any member of the family take resolution (sankalp) firstly for yourself, secondly for
husband, thirdly for son, fourthly for daughter and fifthly for relations or friends. While
dropping the water remember your desires. Then worship the pot (Kalash) on Bajot
(seat) by keshar-kumkum-pushp then perform Digbandh by following way by doing so
all hostility is gone and other external obstacles go. Take some yellow mustard in the
left hand and cover it by the right hand and after repeating the following mantra throw
the mustard in all the ten directions.
                      Om apsarpantu ye bhoota bhoomi sansthita,
                    Ye bhoota vignakartaraste nashyantu shivjyaya.
                    Upkramantu bhootani pishacha sarvato disham,
                      Sarvshamvirodhena poojakarma samarabhe.
This mantra is to be recited just once. Then you have to throw the mustard in all ten
directions. Any man who is trapping in any talismans and by the power of destructive
mantras will stop doing so. Then take some whole (unknown) rice in your hand and
throw in all directions and chant this mantra.
                          Om Raksha Raksha Hrum fat swaha.
Then smear kumkum in water and make a triangle on the right corner of the seat, put
some Akshat (unknown rice) and flower on it and recite the following mantra.
                       Om pavitra vraj bhoome hrum phat swaha.
Then hit the earth thrice by your left foot so that any unknown enemy may flee away.
Then take a pure, clean dish and make a shri sign on it by kumkum-kesar –Astagandha
and install a Dasmahavidya shakti yantra and kawach on it,
       Then wash the yantra and kawach by pure water and then by milk. Again wash
then by pure water and place on the seat as it is. Behind the yantra install an
image/picture of Maan Durga.
       Offer/put/smear Abhimantrit vermilion on the yantra, offer Akshat burn
incense/holy sticks offer flowers and offer clove cardamom on betel leaf. Then after
materials (auspicious) like sadi and other cosmetics, bangles, vermilion etc.
       Then repeat the following mantra 125 thousand/51 thousand /21 thousand times.
This no. can be completed within six months also other wise complete one rosary daily
during Navratri which will contain the power of Dasmahavidya within itself.
   Om kreem aim kleem hreem bhreem vajravairochaniye dhroom hreem vreem
                                        shreem om.
Bathe this yantra and kawach by milk first day, the second day by curd, the third day by
Ghee, the 4th day by honey, the 5th day by sugar, the 6th day by Panchamrit, the 7th day
by scent, the 8th day by flowers and on the 10th call a Brahmin and perform Hawan.
Then you have to perform Aarati for 9 days by Kapoot (camphor) Mahavidya. This will
provide you benefit of the sun and the moon the sun will give you Tej
(brightness/lustier) and the moon will give you peace. Co 315 Pradakshina (going
round) daily and repeat this mantra:-
              Namastu Devi Namaste Devi Deveshi namaste ipsitaprade,
                     Namaste Jagtandhatri Namaste Bhaktavatsale.
       The 10the meditate on mother Bhagwati and pay obeisance. You must get the
favourable results. After seeking her apologies wear this yantra. Place the yantra at
home/factory/shop/office/chapel and worship every day. By doing so you will fulfill all
your desires. You will pleasures by mothers grace, prosperity, peace, happiness will be
                                  ^^nlegkfo|k lk/kuk^^
         loZizFke uojkf= dh izfrink frfFk dks czã eqgwÙkZ ¼lw;ksZn; ls igys½ vFkok vU; Js"B eqgwÙkZ esa vki
Luku vkfn ls fuo`r gksdj vius iwtk d{k vFkok vU; ,dkUr dejs esa lQsn lwrh vklu yxkdj iwokZfHkeq[k
gksdj cSBA rr~Ik’pkr~ cka;s gkFk esa ty ysdj bls nwljs gkFk ls <d ysa ,oa uhps fn, x, ea= dk mPpkj.k
                                          ^^Å¡ vifo=% ifo=ks ok lokZoLFkka xrks·fi okA
                                          ;% Lejsr~ iq.Mjhdk{ka l ckákH;Urj% 'kqfp%AA^^
         bl ea= dk mPpkj.k djus ds Ik’pkr~ nkfgus gkFk ds chp dh nks vaxqfy;ksa ls ty dks igys dku ij]
fQj d.B ¼xys½ ij] vka[kksa ij yxk,as ckdh cpk ty vius 'kjhj ij NksM+ nsaA ,slk ifo= ty Mkyus ls
vkids 'kjhj dk 'kqf)dj.k gks tk;sxkA
         rr~~Ik’pkr~ vius lkeus ,d cktksV ¼ydM+h dk ikVk ;k pkSdh½ ij lQsn oL= fcNkdj mlds e/; esa
pkoy dh <sjh cukdj ml ij izk.kizfr"Bk;qDr vfHkeaf=r nlegkfo|k ;qDr nlegkfo|k 'kfDr ;a= LFkkfir
djsa rFkk ml ij izk.kizfr"Bk;qDr vfHkeaf=r nlegkfo|k 'kfDr dop LFkkfir djsa rFkk buds ckbZa ,oa nkbZa
vksj rkacs ds dy’k esa ty Hkjdj muesa v’kksd o`{k ds iÙks Mky nsa rFkk JhQy ysdj mls yky diM+s esa
yisVdj dy’k ij LFkkfir djsA ¼chp esa ;a= jgsxk rFkk nksuksa vksj rkacs ds JhQy lfgr dy’k jgsxkA½
         dy’k esa ty Hkjrs oDr dqN iq"Ik o dqadqe Mkydj fuEu ea= dk mPpkj.k djsaA
                                                ^^xaxs p ;equs pSo xksnkofj ljLofrA
                                          ueZns flU/kq dkosjh tys·fLeu~ lf™kf/ka dq:AA^^
         rr~i'pkr~ cktksV ds ckbZa vksj ljlksa ds rsy ds rhu nhid tyk,a rFkk muesa vfHkeaf=r ukxdslj
Mky nsa ,oa cktksV ds nkfguha vksj ljlksa ds rsy ds rhu nhid tyk,a rFkk muesa vfHkeaf=r jDrxaqtk Mky nsa
rFkk cktksV ds lkeus ¼;a= ds vkxs½ rhu vksj ljlksa ds rsy ;qDr nhid tykdj muesa uhacw dk jl Mky ns]a
fQj gkFk tksM+dj eu gh eu ek¡ nqxkZ dh Nfo dk bl izdkj /;ku djs& ^^fd leLr lalkj esa 'kfDr :Ik esa
O;kIr nq"V dk uk’k djus okyh] tM+rk vkSj vKku dks lekIr djus okyh rFkk 'k=q dk lagkj djus okyh nsoh
Hkxorh dks ueu djrk gwa eq>s ,oa esjs iwjs ifjokj dks ,slk vk’khokZn iznku djsa fd gekjs thou esa lnSo
lq[k&le`f) o 'kkafr gks rFkk eka Hkxorh ,slh d`ik djsa fd ;g lk/kuk lgh :Ik ls lEiUu gks tk,aA**
         bl izdkj /;ku djus ds i'pkr~ vius nkfgusa gkFk esa ty ysdj ikap ckj vkpeuh ¼gkFk esa ty ysdj
                 s   a
/kjrh ij NksM+½ djsA ,slk vki ikap ckj ifjokj ds fdlh Hkh lnL; ds fy, dj ldrs gSA loZizFke Lo;a ds
fy,] f}rh; ifr ds fy,] r`rh; iq= ds fy,] prqFkZ iq=h ds fy,] iape vU; fj’rsnkj ;k fe=x.k ds fy,
               a                                                                            a
ladYi djsA ty NksM+rs oDr eu gh eu viuh euksdkeuk iwfrZ dh dkeuk djsA rr~i'pkr~ cktksV ij j[ksa
dy’k dh iwtk dslj&dqadqe rFkk iq"Ik }kjk djsA fQj fnXcU/k fuEu fof/k }kjk djsa ¼,slk djus ls lHkh izdkj
ds 'k=qvksa dk uk’k gks tkrk gSa rFkk fdlh Hkh izdkj dh Åijh ck/kk lekIr gks tkrh gSA½A FkksM+h ihyh ljlksa
ck;sa gkFk esa ysdj nkfgus gkFk ls LiaqfVr djsa rFkk fuEu ea= dk tki djus ds i'pkr~ lkjh ljlksa nl fn’kkvksa
esa Mky nsAa
                                            ^^Å¡ viliZUrq ;s Hkwrk ;s Hkwrk HkwfelafLFkrk%A
                                              ;s Hkwrk fo?udrkZjLrs u’;Urq f’kokK;kAA
                                              viØkeUrq Hkwrkfu fi’kkpk loZrks fn’ke~A
                                                   losZ"kkefojks/ksu iwtkdeZ lekjHksAA^^
         bl ea= dk mPpkj.k ,d ckj djuk gSa mlds Ik’pkr~ vkidks ihyh ljlksa dks nlksa fn’kkvksa esa Mkyuk
gSaA blls pkjksa vksj ls tks Hkh O;fDr utj can] Vksuk&VksVdk] dqN Hkh dj jgk gks rks og can gks tk;sxkA
mlds Ik’pkr~ FkksM+s ls v{kr ¼pkoy½ gkFk esa ysdj nlksa fn’kkvksa esa mNkyus ds lkFk&lkFk uhps fn, x, ea=
dk mPpkj.k djsA    a
         ea= %&
                                                      ^^Å¡ j{k j{k âwa QV~ LokgkA^^
         blds ckn vklu ds nkfgus dksus esa ,d dqadqe esa ty feykdj ,d f=Hkqt cuk,sa rFkk ml ij v{kr
¼pkoy½ j[ksa vkSj FkksM+s ls iq"Ik j[ksa rFkk fuEu ea= dk mPpkj.k djsA       a
                                                  ^^Å¡ ifo= ozt Hkwes âwa QV~ LokgkA^^
          fQj vius cka;sa iSj ls rhu ckj Hkwfe rkfM, ¼iSj ls Hkwfe ij ekjs½ rkfd dksbZ Hkh vKkr 'k=q gks og Hkh
lekIr gksdj nwj gks tk;sxkA fQj ,d 'kq) o lkQ Fkkyh ysdj mlesa dslj] dqadqe o v"Vxa/k ls ^^Jha** dk
fpUg~ cuk,sA ml ij nlegkfo|k 'kfDr ;a= ,oa dop LFkkfir djsA                   a
          mlds ckn ;a= o dop dks 'kq) ty ls rr~i'pkr~ nqX/k ls Luku djok;sA iqu% 'kq) ty ls Luku a
djok,sa ,oa cktksV ij ;FkkfLFkfr esa fojkteku dj nsa rFkk ;a= ds ihNs ¼vkidh lqfo/kk vuqlkj½ ekrk dh ewfrZ
¼izfrek] rLohj½ tks Hkh vkids ?kj esa gks og fojkteku dj nsA         a
          ;a= ij vfHkeaf=r dkeuk dkjd flanwj p<+k,sa] v{kr p<+k,sa] /kwi&vxjcrh djs]a iq"Ik p<+k,sa rFkk rkEcqy
¼iku½ ds iÙks ij ykSax&bZyk;ph vfiZr djsA rr~i'pkr~ muds vkxs lkSHkkX; nk;d nzO; ¼lqgkx dh lkM+h o
vU; J`axkj izlk/ku dh lkexzh½ p<+k,saA
          mlds ckn uhps fn, x, ea= dk lok yk[k] 51 gtkj] 21 gtkj ea= tki ;Fkk 'kfDr djsA ;g ea=      a
tki vki N% eghuksa esa Hkh iw.kZ dj ldrs gSa ijUrq ea= tki vo’; djuk pkfg,A vU;Fkk uojkf= esa izR;sd
fnu ,d&,d ekyk tki rks vo’; gh djsa tks nlksa egkfo|kvksa dh 'kfDr dks vius esa lekfgr j[ksxkA
ea= %&
                               ^^Å¡ Øha ,sa Dyha âha Hkzha otzoSjkspfu;s /kzwa âha ozha Jha Å¡^^
          bl ;a= ,oa dop dks izFke fnu nw/k ls vfHk"ksd djs]a f}rh;k dks ngh ls] r`rh;k dks ?k`r ls] prqFkhZ
dks e/kq ls] iapeh dks 'kDdj ls] "k"Bh dks iapke`r ls] lIreh dks b= ls] v"Veh dks iq"Ik ls vfHk"ksd djsa vkSj
nleh dks fdlh czkã.k dks cqykdj gou djok,saA
          rr~i'pkr~ vkidks diwj }kjk ukS fnu fuR; uhps nh gqbZ vkjrh djuh gSA ,d Fkkyh esa ikapcÙkh ¼diwj
dh ikap fVfd;k½ diwj tykdj vkidks jkst nl egkfo|k dh vkjrh djuh gSA blls vkidks lw;Z o pUnzek
dk Hkh ykHk feysxkA lw;Z vkidks rst iznku djsxk vkSj pUnzek vkids eu esa 'kkafr iznku djsxkA jkstkuk rhu
;k ikap iznf{k.kk ¼ifjØek½ dj ysosa ,oa fuEu ea= dk tki djsA           a
ea= %&
                                             ^^ueLrs nsfo nsosf’k ueLrs bZfIlriznA       s
                                            ueLrs txrka/kkf= ueLrs HkDroRlysAA^^
          nlosa fnu eka Hkxorh dk /;ku djds mudh oanuk djsA vkidks ea=ksa dk vPNk ifj.kke vo’;
feysxkA {kek ;kpuk djds bl dop dks pSu esa /kkj.k djsa]s ;a= dks ?kj@QSDVªh@nqdku@vkWfQl ds iwtk d{k
esa LFkkfir djsa ,oa fuR; /kwi vxjcrh djsA    a
          ,slk djus ls bZ’oj us pkgk rks vkidh lHkh leL;k,a Lor% /khjs&/khjs lekIr gks tk;sxh ,oa ?kj esa
lq[k&le`f) okl ,oa ekrk dh d`ik ls vkids thou esa [kq’kgkyh o 'kkafr cuh jgsxhA
    Jh egkfo|kvksa dh vkjrh
             Å¡ t; Jh egkfo|k] t; nf{k.k dkyhA
   Tk; dky foukf’kfu] dky HkSjoh dkyhAA Å¡ t;AA
            Hko Hkkfeuh Hko] Hko rkjkA
    lR; lukrfu fl)k] nq%[k nkfjnz gjkAA Å¡ t;AA
             lqj eqfu eksfguh "kksMf"k] Jhfo|k f=iqjkA
   ewyk/kkj fuokfluh] "kksM"kdke dyk/kkjkAA Å¡ t;AA
            vkfn vukfn Hkqoikfyuh] Hkqous’ofj ekrkA
    vey vuar vxkspj] lq[k laifr nkrkAA Å¡ t;AA
               vfodkjh] v|gkjh] t; HkSjfo ekrkA
      ewy izd`fr fo|k] /ku ,s’o;Z iznkrkAA Å¡ t;AA
             'kfDr/kj fNUuefLrds] t; thou /kkjkA
    Mfdfu of.kZfu lsfor] izy;e;h /kkjk AA Å¡ t;AA
            dkx/otk/kkjh ?kwekofr] veaxy :Ik /kjkA
   Hknzdkfyds] egkdkfyds] Me: lwi /kjkAA Å¡ t;AA
            LrafHkuh] mPpkfVfu] cxyk ihrkEcj /kkjhA
nq"V foukf’kfu] vkdf"kZfu] 'kqHkdkjh] t;dkjhAA Å¡ t;AA
             Lusg lq/kke;] Kkue;h] ekraxh osn=;hA
    Hksn iznf’kZuh foeys] ;ksxs’kh vkuane;hAA Å¡ t;AA
               lr~ fpr~&vkuan deyk] ijeczã:IkkA
    fof/k gfj gj lsfor] HkqqfDr eqfDr :IkkAA Å¡ t;AA
           ge vfr nhu nq[kh eka] eksg tky ds ?ksjsA
        gSa ikih vfr diVh] ij tk;s rsjsAA Å¡ t;AA
              fut LoHkkoo’k ekrk] n;k n`f"V dhtSA
   d:.kkdfj d:.kke;h] HkqfDr eqfDr nhtSAA Å¡ t;AA
       Jh egkfo|kth dh vkjfr] tks dksbZ tu xkoSA
   dgr Jh/kjkuan Lokeh] HkqfDr eqfDr ikoSAA Å¡ t;AA

       Å¡ vL; Jhpf.Mdk;k czáofl"BfoJkfe='kkifoekspueU=L; ofl"Bukjnlaoknlkeosnkf/kifrcák.k
_"k;% loSZJ; JhnqxkZ nsork pfj==;a chta àh 'kfä% f=xq.kkReLo:ipf.Mdk'kkifoeqäkS ee~
ladfYirdk;Zfl);FksZ tis fofu;ksx%A

Å¡ ¼àha½ jha jsr%Lo:fi.;S e/kqdSVHkefnZU;S czáofl"BfoJkfe='kkikn~ foeqäk HkoAA1AA

Å¡ Jha cqf)Lo:fi.;S efg"kklqjlSU;ukf'kU;S czáofl"B foJkfe='kkikn~ foeqäk HkoAA2AA

Å¡ ja jäLo:fi.;S efg"kklqjefnZU;S czáofl"BfoJkfe='kkikn~ foeqäk HkoAA3AA

Å¡ Jqa Jq/kkLo:fi.;S nsoofUnrk;S czáofl"BfoJkfe='kkikn~~ foeqäk HkoAA4AA

Å¡ Nka Nk;kLo:fi.;S nwrlaokfnU;S czáofl"BfoJkfe='kkikn~ foeqäk HkoAA5AA

Å¡ 'ka 'kfäLo:fi.;S /kwezykspu?kkfrU;S czáofl"BfoJkfe='kkikn~ foeqäk HkoAA6AA

Å¡ r`a r`"kkLo:fi.;S p.Meq.Mo/kdkfj.;S czáofl"BfoJkfe='kkikn~ foeqäk HkoAA7AA

Å¡ {kka {kkfUrLo:fi.;S jächto/kdkfj.;S czáofl"BfoJkfe='kkikn~ foeqäk HkoAA8AA

Å¡ tka tkfrLo:fi.;S fu'kqEHko./kdkfj.;S czáofl"BfoJkfe='kkikn~ foeqäk HkoAA9AA

Å¡ ya yTtkLo:fi.;S 'kqEHko/kdkfj.;S czáofl"BfoJkfe='kkikn~ foeqäk HkoAA10AA

Å¡ 'kka 'kkfUrLo:fi.;S nsoLrqR;S czáofl"BfoJkfe='kkikn~ foeqäk HkoAA11AA

Å¡ {ka {k)kLo:fi.;S ldyQynk«;S czáofl"BfoJkfe='kkikn~ foeqäk HkoAA12AA

Å¡ dka dkfUrLo:fi.;S jktojiznk;S czáofl"BfoJkfe='kkikn~ foeqäk HkoAA13AA

Å¡ eka ekr`Lo:fi.;S vuxZyefgelfgrk;S czáofl"BfoJkfe='kkikn~ foeqäk HkoAA14AA

Å¡ âha Jha nqa nqxkZ;S la loSZJ;Zdkfj.;S czáofl"BfoJkfe='kkikn~ foeqäk HkoAA15AA

Å¡ ,sa âha Dyhas ue% f'kok;S vHks|dopLo:fi.;S czáofl"BfoJkfe='kkikn~ foeqäk HkoAA16AA

Å¡ Øha dkY;S dkfy âha QV~ Lokgk;S _`XosnLo:fi.;S czáofl"BfoJkfe='kkikn~ foeqäk HkoAA17AA

Å¡ ,sa âha Dyha egkdkyhegky{ehegkljLorhLo:fi.;S f=xq.kkfRedk;S nqxkZnsO;S ue%AA18AA

bR;soa fg egkeU=ku~ ifBRok ijes'oj] p.MhikBa fnok jk=kS dq;kZnso u la'k;%AA19AA

,oa eU=a u tkukfr p.MhikBa djksfr ;%] vkRekua pSo nkrkja Jh.ka dq;kZ= la'k;%AA20AA

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