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                             STUDENTS SEMINAR
                           22 and 23RD October, 2004

                 Chapter –3. Worship and Care cell worship.

1. Meaning of worship.
2. Worship target, focus, motive power.
3. Essential elements of worship.
4. Worship and care cell growth.


Worshipper must worship God in spirit and in truth (John 4:24). So worship is
God's spirit and human truth meeting place. Nobody has seen God, but nobody
can deny that God is a Living God and cannot deny God's glory. We can meet the
living God and we can see Gods glory through worship. So worship meaning is we
see God's face.

In Old Testament times people offered sacrifice to God but the New Testament
worship is harmony of Father and son and their partnership. The invisible God
changed as visible saviour and came to earth, and people have seen Him with their
eyes, and touched Him with their hands (1John 1:1). Sinner can see God through
His only begotten son Jesus. Therefore worship is our soul meeting God through

1. Meaning of Worship:

1) Worship is meeting with God.
Worship is when humans meet with God and talk with God and reconcile with
God and compromise with God and partnership with God. Communication of the
invisible God with visible humans is worship. Therefore human bring precious
things with devotion and meet God. In worship human reach to a peak
relationship with God and the offering they give will become a precious thing.
Through worship God understand who have sinned and receives them warmly.

Worship is surrendering our selves to God and in worship human receives
harmony with God through God's promise. If human worship is without God's
promises then it is Superstition and self-conviction thoughts that gain nothing. But
our worship follow God’s promise so in worship God is interested in us and we
really meet God.
2) Worship is reconciliation with God.
Sin becomes an obstacle between God and Man. Sin is revolting against God and
unbelief. Therefore if anybody has sin they cannot worship God, because sin
makes people unable to receive God's mercy. God will not help those who have sin
in them. So whoever has sin can never meet God.

God choose man first before he choose God and stretched His reconciliation hand
to man. God want to reconcile the people who have sin, so he sent his son to die on
the cross. God completed the reconciliation work by shedding the blood of his Son
on the cross. Therefore now we can be made free from sin by putting it on the God.

Worship is reconciliation between God who sent His Son and the person who
repents prays at the redeemer and sinner meeting time. Therefore worship is
human accepting the call and going to God who chose us first. So we must do
repentance prayer first in the worship. So repentance prayer makes people ready
to meet God. So human must acknowledge his uncleanness and impurity in sight of
God. So if one does not get forgiveness from his sins in worship then his worship is
not complete. Only Jesus blood has the authority to reconcile us with God. So we
understand that a sinner can be reconciled with God through the blood of Jesus. If
we worship God without the blood of Jesus then it is same as gentiles worship.

3) Worship is God's revelation.
Christian worship started by Gods revelation. Therefore worship is not a rule
made by human but only following God's command and God's plan. Worship is
not started according to human will. Therefore worship came from heaven and
started from Gods revelation.

So Christian worship model is followed in the heavens and the Old Testament
sacrifice is worship model. Worship of New Testament church is in reality. So
worship principality is God.

Worship follows God's commandment and revelation so it belongs to God. Again I
say worship is not people gathering and inviting God but he is the owner of the
worship. If anybody thinks worship is inviting God then this is spiritism. Gentiles
work hard to invite God this is spiritism. Christian worship can never be spiritism.
God invite us to the place where His revelation is.

2. Worship target, focus, motive power.

1) Target of worship is God.
God alone is the target of the worship. God is the creator of this world and
supreme ruler. During worship time only God receive respectable bow. During
worship we experience God looking on our request and responding with goodness
and love.
God has Godly personality. God wants us to meet Him through a specific manner
because He has personality though He is Spirit. Our worship is only to our creator
2) Worship focus is Jesus Christ.
Church gives experience of Jesus living and is with us in worship time. The way
Jesus opened on the cross is the only way to meet the God. Therefore we can meet
God through Jesus alone. So Jesus is always the focus of Christian worship and
faith. Nobody can find God outside Jesus. Only true worship focus is Jesus Christ.
3) Motive and power of worship is Holy Spirit.
Holy spirit is motive power of worship. Only Holy Spirit knows God attitude. Holy
Spirit knows God's sentiments well so Holy Spirit helps us in worship to follow
God's will. Holy Spirit helps us to meet God during worship. When Holy Spirit
works and guides then we can be changed holy and we can know about God.
Therefore motive power for God meeting people is Holy Spirit.

3. Essential elements of worship.

1) Prayer:
Worship must have prayer. If worship doesn’t have prayer then it is not complete.
Prayer should include repentance prayer and thanks giving prayer. Prayer is not is
just asking for our needs it is the casting our sins on to the God Prayer is the time
of honest talking with God. During worship we request for God's mercy and grace
through prayer and earnestly asking for our needs. So worship is meeting God
through prayer.
2) Offering:
During worship time giving offering is shows their faith and mind. We giving
offering through obey God's word more precious than giving many offering to God.
(I Samuel 15:22) Believer’s obedience is the sign of God, accepting them as holy,
and believer acceptance of God as owner. Therefore we must give offering to God
with continuance obedience. Then God will accept our offerings.
3) Hymns:
If prayer is requesting our needs, Hymns are glorifying and thanking God,
if worship don't have hymns then it is not complete. So we sing hymns only unto
God and God alone accept our hymns. We must glorify God with hymns during

4. Worship and care cell growth.

If care cell worship is successful then it will grow. If during care cell worship care
cell member meet God and happy and has experience of Jesus Christ then care cell
will have real growth. Therefore carecell leader must pray, prepare, work
voluntarily and invite members to make carecell worship successful, and carecell
worshippers must pray hardly and receive thankfulness, happiness and repentance.
Shortcut to know carecell success is by seeing it has revival or not.
1) Care cell worship and repentance prayer campaign.
Living faith has many spiritual campaigns but this is repentance prayer campaign.
Repentance prayer campaign is key point for revival. Repentance prayer is like
washing my body with clear water. Therefore if anyone does repentance prayer
often it helps him to have a clear faith life. So if carecell has repentance prayer it
will grow and if worship has repentance prayer then worship will be successful. So
carecell worship must be done in the middle of the week so that believers get one
more chance to check their lives. Therefore carecell worship must include checking
their past life and repentance prayer.

2) Care cell and offering campaign.
If worship doesn’t have offering time then that worship is dead worship. Bible say
where our money is there our heart will be. (Mat 6:21). Therefore, as we give
offering in church during Sunday worship to God in the same way carecell
worship also must follow.

3) Carecell worship and evangelism campaign.
During worship we receive encouragement from God so must do the evangelism
quickly following that. So if worship doesn’t have effect on people then they cannot
help in church growth.
Therefore carecell members must be active so that they can evangelize and bring
new members to worship. If carecell worship cannot add new believer then that
carecell worship is not successful and that carecell will deteriorate. Carecell
worship must develop a spiritual consecration in its members.

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