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					                 UNDP-GEF/CCF Small Grants Programme                                   Form: 1

                                  Project Concept Paper
A project concept paper is a brief description of the proposed project idea, which is submitted
by the NGOs/CBOs to apply for the SGP grant. The concept paper is reviewed by the SGP
Regional Cell / Regional Committee and then informed to the concerned institutions about the
eligibility of the proposed project for the SGP funding. Based on the feedback on the concept
paper the institution shall then develop a ‘Detailed Project Proposal’ in the required application
form. The project concept paper should be typed on one side of paper, not more than 3-4
pages and the project should be focused on the GEF thematic areas.

Briefly describe your organisation, and the previous experiences that your organisation have,
relevant to the proposed project. It should contain the contact details, the responsible person
for the proposed project with the registration details and the annual budget (last financial year)
of the organisation. Further, it should incorporate the details of the proposed project, the
goal/objective, expected outputs and inputs (activities), location, strategy, duration and
eligibility for GEF/SGP with the estimated cost for the project.

The concept paper should contain information on the following:
About the Organisation (Information to be given in 2 pages)
   1. Name of the Organisation
   2. Contact details (contact person, address, phone/fax no. e-mail
   3. Type of organization and date of registration
   4. Brief Description of the Organisation / nature of activities that the organization is doing
       (Enclose Brochures)
   5. Annual Budget of the Organisation (Last financial year)
Proposed Project (to be not more than 3 pages)
   6. Title of the Project
   7. Project Concept (what you intend to do?)
   8. Goal of the project
   9. Purpose of the project
   10. Outputs from the project
   11. Time Schedule of Activities to be clearly explained through Bar Charts/ Gantt Charts
   12. Project Location and Area
   13. Project Strategy (not more than 100 words, clearly defining how and what you want to
       do in the project, which is measurable and verifiable)
   14. Project Duration (time period)
   15. What makes it eligible for the GEF- SGP and in which GEF- SGP focal area ? (Not
       more than 50 words.)

                                                                 Format revised as on 24th Feb 2008
16. Estimated Budget (Indicate SGP contribution required) Co- financing from other
   Sources/ Community Participation/ Government etc.
17. Links with Government/ Line departments/ Institutions
18. What impacts the project will create in terms of Policy/ Advocacy/Sustainability and
   Replicability of the project purpose/ strategy, etc. (not more than 100 words)

                                                            Format revised as on 24th Feb 2008