understanding our positivenegative talents by alendar


									        Understanding our Positive/Negative Talents

Understanding self is a big and tough task. It is not that easy as it seems. How
many of us have understood ourselves. Forget about the understanding of self,
let us confess that how many of us have ever tried to understand ourselves in
every aspects. What is the meaning of self. We do have tall talks in many
occasions on self-motivation, self-development, self-awareness, self-realisation,
self-confidence, self-analysis, self-discipline. But we have very little
understanding of the word SELF. How do we define self??? Self has always
become a mystery. Search and research on self by scholars all over the world
has unfolded many facets of this self. But the search is on as if it is never ending.

About Self

Let us come to self. Before understanding self we have to answer many
questions on self such as -Who am I-What is my vision-What are my values-
What is my goal-What is my role-What am I doing-What are my
talents/strength-What are my weaknesses-What others expecting from me-
What am I expecting from myself-Whether am I accountable to myself-
Whom am I reporting-Who is my guide.

The list is endless. The quest for understanding self is never ending. The search
will go on and on till one stops searching or wrongly feels that he has understood
himself properly. In ancient times saints left their home and went to forests for
meditation in search of self. Few of them could find out the concept of self and
hence they could lead the society which we enjoy now. But the search has not
stopped till date. Social scientists, psychologists, philosophers, and many
scholars are on the track of searching & researching on self. Thousands of books
and articles have been published on different aspects of self. Human being is
unpredictable, even the manufacturer –GOD- can not predict any thing on human

All said and done we have to make all efforts to understand ourselves. If we can
understand ourselves then only we can hope to develop ourselves. Self-
awareness is the basic factor in self-development. We must know where we
stand. Self-awareness will lead to self-assessment, then we can plan for self-
development. What we have and what we do not have must be known to us
vividly. Let us go step by step in this direction of understanding self. First of all
we must know our strength or say our talents.

Positive Talents/ Strength

Each one of us has tremendous positive talents or say strength within us. Most of
them gifted by God by birth. May we call it genetic or any thing, but we have
them from our birth. Few are acquired by us from the environment. Hence we all
are talented in this world. But we rarely understand our inner talents. The reason
is very simple. We have never made any serious nor sincere efforts to do so. We
take ourselves as granted. We know everything, we are capable of handling
anything, we need not learn about self, and hence we pretend to be confident but
in reality we are over confident. That results in our failure which creates

We can look at our talents from five angles basing on its utilities:Talents fully
utilized-Talents partly utilized-Talents not at all utilized-Talents misutilised-
Talents not identified.

Talents may be there within us. But those will not bring results until unless used
properly at the right time and right place. This again needs specific talents for
using our positive talents as per the need. Theory is known to all but they only
win who know well how to apply and where to apply the available knowledge.
Similar is the case for utilizing our own talents. Successful people know how to
utilise others’ talents better than utilising their own talents. This is called
leadership skills. Leading self is important than leading others.


Let us sit with a cool mind and prepare the list of the positive talents we have .
This is called self-analysis. And then put them into different groups as mentioned
above. It is not at all an easy task. On many occasions this self-analysis
exercises have been undertaken by many persons in training sessions. Most of
the times these exercises were assigned as homework. Persons have spent the
entire night on this but not satisfied with the results. As they have felt that the
understanding of self is not at all one night task. Saying is always easy and
comfortable but doing it in action is tough. When we go through the process then
only we do realise the truth.

We can surely conclude that understanding self is the life time task. One has to
do it daily as a matter of routine work to get the best result out of this. The picture
of self differs from event to event , from time to time. We just can not frame a
common definition for this. The thought and feelings decide the action which
changes the concept of self. That is why sometimes we behave the way which
we also do not approve later. How this happens ? Hence the common definition
of self will not at all work on all occasions. The regular interaction with self with a
positive attitude and creative thinking can only pave the way for understanding of
self in a better way.

Negative Talents / Weaknesses

We all have weaknesses , let us call it as our negative talents which not only
damage our life but also the entire society as a whole. But how many of us admit
this openly. When things come to us we try to escape and give many excuses for
our mistakes. We do not hesitate to shift the blame on others for our mistakes.
We always want to prove that we are excellent, we have no minus qualities. Can
it be true in any case ? No, not at all.

Hence , let us try to understand our negative talents, be aware of them well in
advance before they damage us & others. Let us admit that we all have negative
talents within us. Having negative talents or weaknesses is not a crime. It is a
must with all human beings. The crime occurs when we do not admit this or we
do not make any sincere efforts to remove them, control them or manage them
properly. Let us divide them into five categories basing on their utilities.
Weaknesses -which can be removed completely- which can not be
removed but controlled- which can not be removed nor controlled but
suppressed- which can not be removed but rectified- which have not been
identified till date.

Weaknesses are also talents. That is why we have mentioned them here as
negative talents. These negative talents can be used as assets at times. Hence,
we should never feel guilty of having the negative talents or feel inferior to others.
They are like bones in fish. We have to remove the bones and eat the fish
comfortably. Our mind has to be tuned accordingly.


Effective people have the habit of finding their own mistakes first. And then to
correct them as per the need before it gets late. They are clever as they do not
wait till others find those in them. Before others find our weaknesses we must be
wise enough to understand that by ourselves and correct it accordingly. This is
what we call as self-analysis based on self-realisation.

This is a continuous process, which is to be done regularly every day before we
go to bed. Many of us have the habit of writing the diary everyday. This habit will
help us in finding our own mistakes on daily basis. Self-awareness about our
negative talents will help us in preventing many mishaps in our life. Negative
talents must be there but we must have to control them or to manage them as
per the need. Hence, self-analysis is the appropriate path to understand our own
weaknesses without any compromise. No excuses for ourselves should be
accepted while analyzing our own lapses.

Managing our Talents

No one is perfect nor can be perfect. Let us not be worried about that. But we
can be excellent. All of us have both positive & negative talents; the ratio may
differ from person to person. But they do exist at all times within us. Hence, the

task is how to manage them effectively in our favour. No doubt, it is a challenge
and we all have to accept it, face it and handle it with care. Once we accept it as
a challenge, we are mentally prepared to manage it as and when it comes on our
way. This a continuous process which is to be accepted as a part of our daily
routine works. Nothing more or nothing less.

There are very few techniques for managing our talents to get better results such
as Self-analysis, Self-realisation, Self-discipline and Self-administration. These
are all process & practice oriented. Hence, we have to practice these techniques
regularly without any compromise. Changing the negative talents to positive ones
is the best way of finding solutions to all problems. This again is the fruit of
regular practice. Let us start practicing from today itself before it gets delay
further. We must remember that Positive Attitude is the key to all these practices.


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