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                             YEAR OF REPORT – 2005-06

Part A:
I. The Plan of Action chalked out by the IQAC in the beginning of the year ,2005-06:
   As per the suggestions given by the Peer Team (visited our instituion on 11-12
   October, 2004) in their report, the IQAC of our college chalked out some plan of
   action at the beginning of the year, 2006-07 to be accomplished within this year. The
   following are the details of plan of action –
   1. It is proposed to complete the work of new administrative block of the college,
      which is under construction under the “Buniyaad” grant received from the State
      Govt. worth Rs.10 lakhs. If it is completed within this year then, complete
      administration block will be shifted from the main college building.
   2. Proposal was made to utilise “Building Grant” received from UGC under Xth Plan
      and send utilisation certificate to UGC without delay.
   3. It is proposed to start a few diploma courses in some spoken languages to
      develop the speaking abilities of the students beyond their mother tongues.
      Some recommended courses are –
      a. Spoken English
      b. Spoken Hindi
      c. Spoken Sanskrit
   4. The IQAC will look for starting up a number of Professional courses by tying up
      with some leading professional institutions for helping students in their career
      building. Some of the suggested courses are – textile designing, interior
      designing and fashion designing. The courses will be available at +2 stage
      initially but these will be upgraded to the degree level in the course of time.
   5. The IQAC will try its best to go for internet connectivity of the institution from the
      UGC grant sanctioned for the purpose and to open its own web site and e-mail

   6. As the peer team stressed upon the need for introducing group insurance for the
      students, it is proposed to initiate the process.
   7. The IQAC feels the need to introduce the method of receiving admission fees of
      the student through bank form the year 2006 to reduce the risk of cash handling.
   8. It is also proposed to encourage the teachers of the college to go for accepting
      minor/ major research projects to enrich their knowledge building as UGC is
      providing grant for the same.
   9. To cooperate with the head of the institution in smooth running of the classes
      was felt to be the top priority in addition to all the above.
   10. To speed up the departmental activities both inside and outside the class room.

II. Outcome achieved by the end of the academic year 2005-2006:
   The IQAC has been able to achieve the following results of the targeted objects –
   1. Relating to plan of action no. (1) the unfinished work of the administrative block
      was fully completed and it is proposed to finalise a date for formal shifting of
      different offices (including Principal‟s and Vice Principal‟s offices) at the
      beginning of the next academic year (i.e 2006-07).
   2. Relating to plan of action no. (2) it is seen that the UGC grant under Xth plan was
      utilised in full under specified heads and very soon the authority will send
      utilisation certificate to the UGC.
   3. The proposal relating to plan of action no. (3) was finalised and the Diploma
      Courses for Spoken English, Spoken Hindi and Spoken Sanskrit wil be started
      from the new academic session 2006-2007. A sub committee will be formed for
      the purpose.
   4. In connection with plan of action no. (4) plans have been finalised to start the
      following diploma courses from the academic session 2006-07. A professional
      firm “Glamour” of Guwahati has been tied up for the purpose:
      Courses are –
      a. Diploma in Fashion Designing – 6 months duration
      b. Diploma in Textile Designing – 6 months duration
      c. Diploma in Interior Designing – 6 months duration

        d. Adv. Diploma in Interior Designing – 1 Year duration
        It is proposed to introduce the above diploma courses under item no. (4) initially
        from +2 level and upgrade the same to degree course as early as possible.
     5. Relating to plan of action no. (5) the initiation process has been made for internet
        connectivity of our college. A computer with internal modem has been purchased
        and a separate room has been allotted for internet operation. Application has
        been made for Broad Band connection and web page designing and hosting.
        Quotation have been called for web page designing, hosting and registration.
     6. Relating to plan of action no. (6), it is proposed to place the matter before the
        governing body for obtaining formal approval to go for Group Insurance of the
        students for the welfare of students community. The matter will be discussed in
        the next Governing Body Meeting so that proper plan of action could be taken
        from the next academic session.
     7. As proposed by the Peer Team, college authority agrees to receive students
        admission and other fees through a nationalized bank. All fees of the students
        will be received through U.B.I., Chowkidingi branch of Dibrugarh and the process
        will be initiated from the next session of admission of students in the year 2006.
     8. Relating to Plan of action of 8, it is found that the following teachers were
        sanctioned financial assistance from U.G.C. for Minor Research Projects –
Sl.No. Name           of       the Dept.              Amount        U.G.C. letter no.
           teachers                                   Sanctioned
1.         Mrs. B.P. Sonowal       History            55,000/-      F.5-310/2005-
                                                                    06(MRP/NERO)        dtd.
2.         Dr. S.K. Jha            Hindi              75,000/-      F.5-348/2005-
                                                                    06(MRP/NERO)        dtd.
3.         Sri P.K.C. Phukan       Mathematics        60,000/-      F.5-81/2005-
                                                                    06(MRP/NERO)        dtd.
4.         Dr. K. Saikia           Economics          50,000/-      F.5-95/2004-05      dtd.

   9. During this academic session the classes were held regularly and tutorial
      classes, practicals, departmental seminars etc. were held time to time. The
      results of the T.D.C. final year for the year 2005 was also very encouraging
      which is shown as under –
                                  Appeared               Passed             Pass Percentage
          B.A.                        86                    63                  73.26%
          B.Com.                      19                    16                  84.21%
          B.Sc.                       86                    75                  87.21%

   10. Relating to plan of action no. 10, most of the departments agreed to organise
      departmental seminars/symposium/workshops from time to time which may yield
      encouraging result. All the depts., enriched their libraries with good books and
      journals. All the books are suitable for information in career building of the
      students of the departments concerned. Dept. of Sanskrit organised „Sanskrit
      Divas‟ on 3rd Sept. 2005 in the college premises which was very successful. A
      book under the title „Sanskrit Sanskriti” was released on this occasion by Dr.
      Deboranjon Dhar, guest speaker on this occasion. A spoken Sanskrit Course
      was conducted by the dept. of Sanskrit from 12/9/2006 to 8/10/2005. Mr. Durga
      Upadhyaya, a trained instructor, approved by the UGC, was appointed to
      carryout this course.
Part B:
   1. Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of the institution –
      The detailed activities under plan of action as mentioned in Part A highlight the
      main goals and objectives of the institution although there is ample scope to
      enhance such selected activities.
   2. New academic programmes initiated by the college though sub-mobilisation of
      resources are some of the diploma courses starting from the new academic
      session 2006-07 as already mentioned in Part A.
   3. The innovations in curricular design and transaction are in the process of
      finalisation by the Dibrugarh University authorities. We are still following the
      ongoing Dibrugarh University‟s curricular design.

4. We are planning for inter disciplinary programmes which are likely to be started
   from the next session.
5. The examination reforms implemented on 2003-04 are still going on in our
6. Initiative towards faculty development programmes are being taken by the
   authority of the college by granting leave, financial assistance etc. from time to
   time to the faculties of this college.
7. Proposals are made to conduct seminars/ workshops in the next academic year
8. Research projects already completed are mentioned in Part A (Sl.No. 8) and
   some teachers have undertaken Minor Research Project recently.
9. Research grants for MRP received from UGC by the teachers has been
   mentioned in Part A. One of our colleagues Sri Sashi Kanta Saikia is going to
   submit his Ph.D. thesis shortly in D.U.
10. Research Scholars undertaking research leading to Ph.D. are the following:
   Name                           Dept.
   i. Bipul Baruah                Phy.
   ii. Abhijeet Das               Phy.
   iii. Mitali Baruah             History
   iv. Bontee Phukan Sonowal History
   v. Biren Baruah                Assamese

11. Internal resources generated from different sources like Buniyaad Scheme of
   Govt. of Assam, financial assistance to colleges, donations received from
   MPLAD fund, Past etc.
12. This college regularly provides community services like holding of health camps
   with local doctors, health awareness campaign, imparting extension education to
   students of various section within the districts of Dibrugarh.
13. Teachers and officers newly recruited are as under –
   Dr, S.K. Jha ; (Dept. of Hindi)
   Nirmali Saikia (Dept. of Commerce)

   Preeti Rekha Hazarika (Dept. of Commerce)
   Raju Paul (Dept. of Commerce)
   Rumi Duarah (Dept. of English)
14. The present teaching and non- teaching staff Ratio is – 27:10
15. Library services have been fully computerized and students are provided with
   reading room facility fully equipped with books and journals of national and
   international importance.
16. Students‟ assessment of teachers through Students‟ Feed Back were done by all
   departments as per direction of the college authority and actions were also taken
   to change their teaching attitudes.
17. The UNIT COST OF Education of the college is – Rs.9454/- (approximately)
18. Computerisation of administration, the process of admission, examination results
   and issue of certificate has been completed.
19. The work of new construction of class rooms is under process and after shifting
   of the old administrative offices, the old rooms will be allotted to different depts.
20. As the grant for starting up Internet connection has been received from the UGC
   in the year 2005 the same will be operational from the year 2006-07. The
   required equipments and infrastructures for the same are in the process of being
21. Some students who are economically backward are provided books from “Book
   Bank” and financial aid by relaxation of fees.
22. We have an alumni association established in 2004. The members of the
   association have been providing timely support both in cash and kind.
23. We have a provision of special admission quota for outstanding sport persons in
   this college.
24. In the academic year 2005-06, we have been providing career counselling and
   guidance to our students including storing of various career oriented books and
   journals. Our resource persons are encouraged to interact with our students.
25. Computer literary programmes are initiated for some of non-teaching staff of our

   26. Most of our teachers are members of several national/ international organization.
       Some of some organisations are – NEEA, ICAI, Indian Red Cross Society,
       Rotary Club of India and Aranyak.
   27. Some of our teachers have the distinction of publishing research articles/ Papers
       in Journals of National and International standards. They are –

            Name                        Title of paper              Name of Journal
1. Dr. Dilip Kalita            i. Few Plants and Animal       Indian Journal of Traditional
                               based falk medicines from      Knowledge
                               Dibrugarh District (Assam)     Vol.4 No.1 (Jan, 2005)
                               (A joint paper)

                               ii. Ethnomedicines of the Agrobious, Jodhpur (India)
                               Sonowal Kacharies of      (2005-06)
                               Brahmaputra Valley, Assam
                               (A joint paper)

                               iii. Ethnomedicines used for Shidium Press, LIC Texas-
                               the treatment of Urinary     77072, USA
                               tract infections from
                               Brahamputra Valley, Assam
                               (A joint paper)

2. Dr. Hardeep Kaur Walia      Arthur Miller, A Social        Surabhi Publisher, Jaipur
                               Playwright                     (India)

3. Ruma Phukan                 “Night at Baghe Tapu”          Yatra, Vol.2 No.1 (1/2006)
                               (Translated story)             ed. Dr. D.J. Borah,

                               “The Wolf Boy”                 Katha, New Delhi
                               A play by Arun Sarma (A        2005
                               translated article)

Dr. Dilip Kalita of Botany Dept. has written the following books in local language for the
school/college students in particular –
   1. Paribesh Bijnan, A text book for degree students
   2. Deuka Rakhyashor Sadhu ( A collection of Assamese folk tale)

Part C:
The following plan of action have been chalked out to complete in the academic session
2006-07 -
   1. To complete the new class room building which is about to start with the grant
      received from U.G.C. (X th plan)
   2. To arrange for organizing yoga/ reiki camp for the student/ teachers.
   3. To organize departmental seminar/ workshop from time to time.
   4. To ensure the setting up of intercom facility between offices and the library to
      speed up communication.
   5. To purchase books for the departmental libraries to enrich the stock of books for
      the use of the faculties.
   6. To organize a state/national level seminar/conference on a topic of social
      importance and to ensure maximum participation in the same.
   7. To send the teachers for NCC training, as NCC opens up many opportunities for
      career and personal improvements.
   8. To ensure quality education for the students and to encourage them to go for
      professional course like CA, CS, ICWA etc.

   (Mr. Miren Borobora)                                      (Dr. Mahesh Kr. Jain)
          Chairperson                                             Coordinator
   IQAC, Dibru College                                       IQAC, Dibru College
           Dibrugarh                                               Dibrugarh

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