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                                      JOB DESCRIPTION

Name of project:           Migrant Worker Advice & Advocacy Project
Employer:                  Norfolk Community Law Service
Address:                   Boardman House, Redwell Street, Norwich NR2 4SL
Title of Post:            Migrant Worker Discrimination Awareness Raising,
                                Advice and Advocacy
Responsible to:            NCLS General Manager
Salary:                    £25,000 - £32,000 depending upon experience
Working hours:             37 hours per week
Holidays:                  25 days excluding bank holidays
Date revised:              19th January 2010

Job Summary:
To provide discrimination awareness training/ briefings for BME groups,
including migrant workers, relevant advice agencies and employers and
service providers. To provide discrimination advice, casework and
representation for migrant workers in Norfolk.

To provide discrimination advice, casework and tribunal representation for
migrant workers in all areas of discrimination i.e. race, sex, disability, age,
religion and sexual orientation particularly in respect of employment and the
provision of goods and services.

To provide discrimination awareness training for BME communities and all
advice agencies in Norfolk working with migrant workers e.g. employment
rights, statutory requirements etc.

To provide discrimination awareness training for local advice agencies who
work with migrant workers, employers of migrant workers as well as BME
community groups.

To encourage employers and service providers to adopt less discriminatory
practices, providing presentations or more formal training as required.

To work with NCLS Community Communicators and partner agencies to
identify migrant workers who are in need of advice as to their rights, casework
To ensure migrant workers are referred to other NCLS services or the
services of partner agencies as appropriate e.g. debt, housing repossession,
free legal advice rota or other relevant services as appropriate.

Working with Migrant Worker Project Managers and other partner agencies
through NCAN to try to ensure that other identified needs for the provision of
legal advice and representation for migrant workers are met.

To prepare reports on progress against targets to Voluntary Norfolk and
NCLS Board

To report the outcome of all referred cases to the referring agencies

General Duties
To maintain a duty of confidentiality in respect of all client matters at all times
To abide by the NCLS Equal Opportunities policy and to implement any
relevant practice guidelines
To attend the office at the required hours
To undertake any other duties commensurate with the post as per the
requirements of the NCAN Steering Group and the NCLS Board

Special Considerations

To attend such training as is required by the NCLS Board

Some travel in and beyond Norfolk.

Occasional evening and weekend work

The above may be subject to alteration from time to time according to any
changes in service delivery, politics or priorities. As such, changes will be
carried out following consultation with all parties involved.

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