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AAJHS Class of

Seventh Grade Orientation
Mr. Connell A-K      Mrs. Starr L-Z
  1st floor office    4th floor office
       How can counselors help?

   School & Academics

   Emotions, Choices, & Relationships
Let’s take a look at school
     and academics…
           School & Academics
   Organization
   Study Skills
   Academic
   Failure
   Agendas
   Homework
   Communication with
Let’s look at some cool
things that happen with
 getting good grades…

   AAJHS Academic
         Academic Achievement

   A-Pin: 86% in cores, 81% in non-cores

   Honor Roll: 90% GPA

   Honor Society: End of 7th grade, 93%GPA,
    community service hours
What if things haven’t
 been going so well?
    Retention/Summer School

   Final grade:69% or lower = summer school

   UNLESS 4 or more subjects are failed =
    repeat 7th grade

   35 absences or more = repeat 7th grade
 Three possible
 endings to this
Which ending will
  you choose?
          Ending #1:
             You fail 7th grade
  You are not eligible for summer school
You will repeat every class you take this year
 You are now officially in the class of 2015
           Ending #2:
 You pass 7th grade, but only if you pass summer
  You’ll spend $50 and three weeks of your time
You are able to graduate on time with class of 2014
           Ending #3:
                 You pass 7th grade
You are able to graduate on time with class of 2014

   Happy students (happy parents, teachers, and
   It’s the last day of school…
   You get your report card…
     Everything looks good!
  And…you get to enjoy your
 summer knowing that you are
going on to 8th grade with your
  What about the other
stuff counselors help with?
    Emotions, Choices, & Relationships
   Behaviors (classrooms, locker rooms, lavs,
    cafeteria, stairwells)
   Disciplinary hearings / Progressive Discipline
   Bullying/Cyberbullying
   Conflict Resolution
   Personal Issues
   Family Issues
Speaking of
Definition of Bullying:

  Intentional
  Repeated

  Hurtful

  Involving an imbalance of power
How many of you have
 seen someone being
 bullied this year?
How many of you did
nothing/said nothing
 while someone was
   being bullied?
Did you know…
  Bullying is
Bullying        Loneliness         Popularity
Sad Feelings      Friends Peer Pressure
             ANGER                 Parents
      Homework           Gym Class        Teachers
Lunch money       Stress           Divorce

           Got a lot on your
   Other than school
counselors, is there more
    help, if needed?

  YES! Our SAIT is
   ready to help!
    Student Assistance Intervention Team

   Teachers, parents, counselors, and principals
    can refer
   You can refer yourself
   Groups or individual
   Look for the SAIT star on door to know
    team members
A few other things we
want you to know…
           Progress Book

   A peek into the teacher’s grade book

   If ever absent, you can keep up with

   Make sure your grades are where you want
    them to be!
          Student Agendas
   Use on daily basis to record homework,
    quizzes, tests, practices, meetings, etc.

   Parents and teachers may initial it

   Refer to agenda while loading backpack

   Use agenda at home to check off
    completed assignments
   BIG part of grade
   Most 7th graders who fail, do so because of
    not doing homework
   Be organized so you don’t lose your work
   Establish a good routine and habits
   If ever absent, make up all work
   Ask a friend in class for help
   Talk with teacher if you don’t understand
Got Homework???

 Your grade depends
              on it!
       What if:

My computer/printer is down?
I don’t even have a computer?
               Internet Cafe

   Rooms 204 & 205 (9th Grade Floor)

   Monday thru Thursday 7:00 - 7:30am and
    3:00 – 4:30pm
 Part of the whole junior
 high experience is being
involved in your school…

    Got activities?
                 AAJHS Activities
   IM’s: v-ball, b-ball,       Diversity
    football, floor hockey      Reading Competition
   Soccer                      Reading Club
   Wrestling                   Chess Club
   Track                       Math Counts
   Football                    Student Council
                                AAJHS Ambassadors
   Basketball
                                National Junior Honor
   Cheerleading                 Society
   Chorus                      All school play
   Band/Orchestra              Ski/Snowboarding Club
   Strings                     Literary Magazine
   Band Fronts

 Go to first meeting to get
   additional information
Here’s a little something
 for all of you to think

   9th Grade Save Program or 10th Grade Regular
       50 students (9th Grade)
       Students who may have difficulties in academics,
        attendance, and discipline
   GACTC Open House
       Thursday, December 4, 2008
       5:30pm – 8:30pm
       Opportunity for students and parents to tour
                    GACTC COURSES
   Automotive/Heavy Duty Veh. Maint.      Emergency Services
   Cabinetmaking/Finished Carpentry       Health Occupations
   Carpentry/Construction                 Heating, Vent., Air Cond., Plumb.
   Collision Repair & Refinishing         Horticulture & Env. Sciences
   Computer Programming                   Interior Decorating & Finishing
   Computer Technology                    Logistics & Materials Mgmt.
   Cosmetology                            Masonry
   Culinary Arts                          Multimedia & Web Design
   Dental Assistant                       Outdoor Power Equip. Tech.
   Digital Printing Technologies          Precision Machining
   Drafting/Design Technology             Retail Marketing/Entrepreneurship
   Electrical Trades                      Visual Arts Technologies
   Electronics Technology                 Welding Technology
    Mr. Connell A-K              Mrs. Starr L-Z
       1st floor office              4th floor office

•   Sign up to see your counselor

•   See us in Cafeteria I at lunch

•   Available 7:30am – 3:00pm

•   We are here to help you to have a successful
    school year!

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