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									Beginning the Adventure
of Your Thesis or Project!
         Brought to you by
       Drs. Barranti and Dinis
Thesis or Project???
 Thesis is an intellectual proposition
  based on original research and
  academic inquiry
 Project involves the development of a
  product supported by a research
 Many of your culminating works could
  be both a thesis and a project.
   Please note the above are definitions from Prof. Yuen, not official CSUS definitions.
Thesis: CSUS Catalog definition
   Plan A: Thesis
   A thesis is the written product of the systematic study
    of a significant problem. It clearly identifies the
    problem; states the major assumptions; explains the
    significance of the undertaking; sets forth the sources
    for, and methods of gathering, information; analyzes
    the data; and offers a conclusion or recommendation.

    The finished product must evidence originality, critical
    and independent thinking, appropriate organization
    and format, clarity of purpose, and accurate and
    thorough documentation…
Project: CSUS Catalog definition

   Plan B: Project
   A project is a significant undertaking of a pursuit
    appropriate to the fine and applied arts or to
    professional fields. It must evidence originality and
    independent thinking, appropriate form and
    organization, and a rationale. It must be described
    and summarized in a written abstract that includes
    the project’s significance, objectives, methodology,
    and a conclusion or recommendation.
What is a Thesis/Project?

 Both require the all phases of the
  research process
 Both must demonstrate social work
  relevance, academic rigor, and social
  validity and utility
 Protection of Human Subjects
  Applications must submitted for all
  forms of project/thesis
What is A Thesis /Project (continued)
 Thesis requires a second reader who
  works with you and your advisor
 Project may include a product such as:
  video, manual, grant proposal, resource
  guide, curriculum, or research report
 A Thesis or a Project is a decision you
  will make with your thesis/project
The 5 Chapters of A Thesis/Project
 Chapter 1: Introduction
 Chapter 2: Literature Review
 Chapter 3: Methodology
 Chapter 4: Thesis Findings or Product
             of Project
 Chapter 5: Summary and Conclusions
 References
 Appendices
Considering the “Research” of A
Thesis/Project – examples:
   Needs assessment for a community, a
    population, or a service program
   Survey of providers’ or consumers’
    perspectives: Questionnaire and interviews
   Secondary data analysis
   Program evaluation
   Experimental designs
   Case studies
   Justification and data collection for product
    development and utilization
Human Subjects Application Process
   Plan with your Advisor when you should
    submit your Human Subjects Application
    – Applications and instructions are available on the
      Social Work Division and Graduate Studies
   EVERY thesis/project requires human
    subjects clearance
   No data collection can take place prior to
    human subjects approval
   The Division reviews applications once a
    month—Schedule available on the web site
Selecting a Thesis Advisor (7 Steps)

   Step One: Review List of Thesis Advisors
    and Research Interests
   Step Two: Identify Advisors who match your
    interests, working style and availability
   Step Three: Make appointments with several
    likely advisors to discuss interests, working
    styles, and ―goodness of fit‖
   Step Four: Choose Your Advisor
Selecting a Thesis Advisor(continued)

   Step Five: Advisors will have the sign-up
    forms referred to as the ―VORTA‖ beginning
    Monday, February 8th
   Step Six: Sign-up with your Advisor between
    February 8th and the end of April
   Step Seven: It is the student’s responsibility
    to sign up with a thesis advisor by the end of
    the Spring semester
   Each Thesis Advisor can take on ten
   Keep updated on Thesis Advisor openings
    by checking the white board in the front
    Social Work Office
   Group Thesis/Project is limited to 2
CSUS Thesis/Project Formatting
Workshop Requirement
   Attend a CSUS Thesis Formatting Workshop or
    review the PowerPoint online

   Complete a Certificate of Workshop Completion

   The certificate needs to be turned in with your
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