2009 Fall AIChE LSC Final by niusheng


									     Welcome to the
Local Sections Committee
     (LSC) Meeting

     Monday – Nov 9, 2009
       11:45 AM to 1:15 PM
Meeting Agenda
   50 Year Celebrations
   LSC Introductions
   LSC Mission
   2010 Leadership Development Conference
   Volunteer Recognition Awards
   Program Planning Grants
   John J. McKetta ProjectConnect Grants
   “My AIChE”
   Working Session
   LSC 2009 Goals
   Question and Answer Session

Celebrating 50 Years

   Columbia Pacific;
    Portland, OR
   Pensacola, FL
      LSC Executive Officers
      Spring 2009-Spring 2010
Position                      Name/Affiliation                  Email Address            Phone
Chair                         David Jacobs, Central Sav River   william.jacobs@srs.gov   (803) 952-4597


Vice-Chair                    Todd Willman                      tjw@epcon.com            281-398-9400 *811

                              (South Texas)

Past Chair                    Craig Wildemuth                   c.wildemuth@mtrinc.com   650-543-3390

                              (Nor Cal/Rocky Mnt)

Secretary                     Shannon Brown (Chicago)           Shannon.Brown@uop.com    847- 391-1157

Local Section/Staff Rep       Lowell Aplebaum, AIChE            lowea@aiche.org          646-495-1332

Staff Director Volunteer &    Felicia Gugliemi, AIChE           felig@aiche.org          646-495-1330

Member Activities

CEOC Liaison                  Diane Spencer                     spencer22@llnl.gov

YP Rep /YPAB                  Brian Daly                        bastio05@gmail.com       713-419-2278
Young Professionals

ESC Rep                       Chris Dean                        chris_kayla@msn.com
Executive Student Committee

      LSC Executive Officers
      Spring 2009-Spring 2010
Position                      Name/Affiliation           Email Address              Phone
Division/Forum Rep            Available

Global Rep                    Available

ProjectConnect Grants Rep     Karen Bard                 bard@us.ibm.com            845-892-3211

Program Planning Grants Rep   TBD
Student Chapter               Available

LS In Need Rep/ Section       James Klein (CSR)          james.klein@srs.gov        803-725-4203

TBD                           Mac Qadir                  qadir@enprosolutions.com
TBD                           David R. (Dave) Eckhardt   dkeckhardt@verizon.net     508-835-4584

LSC Mission
To strengthen AIChE’s Local Sections through:
     ProjectConnect/Program Planning Grants
     Support Leadership Development Conference
     Resource development
     Networking
     Opportunities for sharing information
     Long-term support focusing on Local Sections
     Providing Volunteer Recognition

    Available Resources
   http://www.aiche.org/LocalSections/Resources/index.aspx

   How to start a Young Professional Group

   Local Section Officers' Resource Guide (updated Spring 2009)

   Local Section Annual Report 2009 Summary

   Local Section Officer Descriptions

   Top Ten Ways to Involve Students in Your Section Flyer

       more ….. Please review the Spring 2008/9 LSC Luncheon presentations for
        more complete listing of additional benefits of AIChE membership

       Leadership Development
            June 4-6, 2010
Presented By:
        Noah McMillan & RC Ramaswamy
                East Tennessee Section
                     Kingsport, TN
           AIChE Volunteer
          Recognition Awards

Presented By:
                     David Jacobs
            Chair, Local Sections Committee
Shining Star - Volunteer
Recognition Awards
   What are the Shining Star Awards?
       Initiated in 2009 to recognize AIChE volunteers nation wide
        for their tireless efforts
       Support volunteers in attending national AIChE meetings
        throughout the year
       Aid Local Sections in helping their volunteers to continue to
       Recognize those that go above and beyond in their service
        to AIChE
       Free registration and expenses paid (up to $1000) to any
        National Meeting (Annual or Spring Meeting or LDC)

Shining Star - Volunteer
Recognition Awards
   Shining Star Awards Recommendations
       Two nominations per Local Section per year
       Independent of the ProjectConnect or Program Planning
       Examples of service recognized:
                Dedication and personal commitment to AIChE and the Local
                Willingness to take on a daunting task
                Set an example for others
                Willingness to step up and help the section when it needed it
                 the most
                A long history of service to the section
                Infusion of new ideas / energy into the section

Shining Star - Volunteer
Recognition Awards 2009
    Member Volunteer     Local Section
                                                  Description of Contribution

                                                  Has devoted years of leadership
                                                  to the LS including serving as
                                                  Chair, Vice-Chair, Awards Cmt.
                                                  Chair, and working with local
                                                  high school students for E-
    William Bruce King   Baton Rouge (LA)         week.
                         Central Savannah River   Co-chaired, planned and
    Chip Lasher          (GA/SC)                  executed LDC 2009
                                                  Co-chaired, planned and
    John Steimke         Central Savannah River   executed LDC 2009
                                                  Has served as Treasurer for the
                                                  Section as well as planning and
                                                  executing a number of the most
    Ken Ford             Delaware Valley (DE)     successful Section meetings.
                                                  Active leader in the NJ section
                                                  for over 20 years, serving as
                                                  Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary
    Andrew Soos          New Jersey (NJ)          to name just a few positions
                                                  Ten years of leadership to the
                                                  North Jersey Local Section,
                                                  serving in many positions
    Peter Sibilski       North Jersey             including chair.
                                                  South Texas Webmaster for one
                                                  year while serving as Newsletter
    Susan Cannon         South Texas (TX)         Editor for 3 years

     AIChE Program Planning

Presented By:
                     David Jacobs
            Chair, Local Sections Committee
Program Planning Grants
  Assist local sections with their membership outreach
   efforts by encouraging development of a program plan
   that involved more than a single event.
    Supports outreach to broader section membership
     Series Application "umbrella" of a March 31,
    Next of events under an Deadline: larger program with
     identifiable objectives and goals
    Encouraged to think "outside the box"
  Grants awarded twice per calendar year with maximum
   value of $1000
  2010 Deadline – March 31st

           John J. McKetta
        ProjectConnect Grants

Presented By:
                     Karen Bard
                ProjectConnect Grants
Project Connect
   Assists local sections with their efforts to reach out to
    students, and increase membership and participation of
    recent chemical engineer graduates and new engineers.
      Supports   outreach to new and young engineers and
      Typically single event programs

      Evaluated on Innovativeness and ability to become
        "best practice"
   Grants awarded quarterly with maximum value of $600
   Attempt to award $1800 per quarter

                                              Applications & Awards


                      M 1
                      Se 2
                      M 2
                      Se 3
                      M 3
                      Se 4
                      M 4
                      Se 5
                      M 5


                      Se 6
                                                                                        Project Connect




     Quarter Ending
                      M 6
                      Se 7
                      M 7
                      Se 8
                      M 8
                      Se 9

                     My AIChE

Presented By:
                Amit Gupta and Bette Lawler
Member Benefits
   ChE On-Demand
   Knovel Library
   Employment Services
   Networking
   Professional Community
   Continuing Professional Training
   CEP

              AIChE Professional Membership

                                          Industry /               Age
Geography               Gender

              USA                Male              Industry              Over 35
              91%                88%                 79%                  80%

            All Other            Female           Academic               Under 35
               9%                 12%                  21%                20%

                                                             More than ½ of the
                                                             members have a
 Texas largest 15%                                           Masters or a
 10/30/09                                                    Doctorate            21
                                                 Membership Trends
                    $6.0                                                                                                                                     50

                           45.0                                               Professional
                    $5.5                                39.9                                                                                                 40

                                                                                                                                                                   Members Thousands
                                             $5.2                                                           32.3
                                                                                                                          31.0         30.1
Receipts Millions

                    $5.0                                                                                                                                     30
                    $4.5                                                                                                                                     20
                                                                           Dues                                           $4.3
                           $4.4                                           Receipts                                                                           15
                    $4.0                                                                                                                                     10

                                                                           Dues Rate History                                                                 5
                             $139 - - - $144 - - - $180 - - - $199 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - $199
                    $3.5                                                                                                                                     0
                           2001       2002          2003         2004          2005          2006          2007         2008         2009F         2010B

10/30/09                                                                                                                                                          22
                  Mass Balance Equation for Membership
                                     2008 final


                                       3309                    Change

Professional Membership trend has not been
positive since 2001

                                                  Base of


10/30/09                                                          4,62223
            Cancellation Rate
             Overall = 12%
USA          12%     Industry   10%

All Other    17%     Academic   17%

Male         11%     Over 35    9%

Female       17%     Under 35   21%

10/30/09                              24
                  How Activity in AIChE Affects Cancellation

           Activity         % of Engagement           % of Cancellation
  Local Section                    38%                         7%
  Division Membership              19%                        10%

  Webinar Attendance                4%                         1%

  Attendance at                    16%                        16%
  Registration with e-             30%                         3%

                              Overall Professional Cancellation Rate = 12%
10/30/09                                                                     25
                             Member View by Age
           22 - 34 years of age                                   35 – 50 years of age
            Count      Cancel           %                           Count     Cancel        %

  News       1906        837          30.5%           News           826       465         36%

Renews       3737        989          20.9%         Renews          8422       980         10.4%

  Total      5643        1826         24.4%            Total        9248       1445        13.5%

           51 – 65 years of age                                66 and older years of age
            Count       Cancel          %                            Count    Cancel         %

  News       308          172         35.8%           News             34        31        47.7%

Renews       9239         613          6.2%          Renews          5572       220        3.8%

  Total      9547         785          7.6%            Total         5606       251        4.3%

10/30/09                        (No age on 743 professionals                                     26

                    315 cancel =43% of those that do no give age cancel)
                               Member View by Age
           22 - 34 years of age                                  35 – 50 years of age
            Count      Cancel           %                          Count     Cancel         %

  New        1198         19           1.6%            New           502        4           8%

 Renew       4172       1426          25.5%          Renew          7787      1299         14%

  Total      5370       1445          21.2%           Total         8289      1303         13.6%

           51 – 65 years of age                                66 and older years of age
            Count      Cancel           %                           Count     Cancel         %

  New        199           1           .5%             New             14        0          0%

 Renew       9231        825            8%           Renew           5743      297         4.9%

  Total      9430        826            8%             Total         5757      297         4.9%

10/30/09                        (No age on 606 professionals                                     27

                    246 cancel =41% of those that do no give age cancel)
                      Path to Sustainable Relevancy
                                                                Benefits Addressing Relevancy

                                                                   2005
                                      Define                       Professional Liability Insurance
                                      Member                        program strengthened to include
                                                                    Process Engineering
                                                                   2006
                                                                   e-Library
                            What‟s                                 Searchable Pubs through Wiley
                          next big best
  Measure                                      Create/refresh      2007
Participation                Thing               offerings         AIChE Exchange re-vamped
                                                                   YP Professional Programming
                                                                   Career Tools Plus / Job Board
                                                                   2008
                                                                   Live Webinars
                 Deliver            Communicate                    Re-invigorated CEP on-line
                effectively          Offerings
                                                                   2009
                                                                   Smart Brief launched
                                                                   ChemE on Demand
    10/30/09                                                       Industrial Awards                  28
Membership Strategy

                                Grow AIChE Brand


                           Activate          Engage

      Grow participation                              Grow Community

    10/30/09                                                           29
                                                                        Bring Participation UP
                                                                        UP Participate UP
                                                                       Bring UP

                                                  CHEME On Demand

            Local Sections and

                                                Member Participation

                          And Regional Events

 10/30/09                                                                                        30

                Facebook 1,500 active users                         Web

                 Email 500,000 a month                              Exchange
              Smart brief 15,000 a month                            Smart Brief
              Exchange 33,000 a month
                   Web 57,000 a month
                   CEP 27,600 a month
                                                                    Linked In

                                              Our Challenge:
                                              Still the message is not heard
10/30/09                                                                          31
Engage                 | Portal Concept

             A portal for each
             stage of the life cycle
             where you are
             ChEnected to:
             ‣ tools, information to help you get
             ahead (e-library)
             ‣ forums, events to help you network
             ‣ job opportunities you won‟t find
             anywhere else
             ‣ a source for lifelong learning
             ‣ recognition awards which help with
             career advancement
             ‣ Everything AIChE

  10/30/09                                    32
ChemE On Demand

 Where you want it
 When you want it
      ChemE on Demand
                      How to …
                    Content from
                    Other Sources
                                               from AIChE

E-Learning              Demand                       Advice and
 Modules                                            Information
   2010                                                 Blog

                                    Local Section
              How to                     and
             …Content                 Division
             from CEP
             1.1.09 to date: Live vs VOD

           Live Webinars                                                  VOD
# webinars                                 50      # products                   123
# purchased                            5871        # purchased                  1418
# attendees*                           3495        # attendees                    na
# non member attendees                     49      # non member attendees        46
avg size                                   70      avg size                       na
industry/academia (%)                   94/6       industry/academia (%)          na
revenue                              $2,011        revenue                      $453
rating**                            75.97%         rating                         na

                * includes 26 orders for future webinars
                ** those answering 'likely' to recommend to a colleague
                     Live Webinars:
               1.1.09 YTD vs 7.1.09 YTD
Stat                         1.1.09 YTD               Stat                   7.1.09
# webinars                                    50
                                                    # webinars                         18
# purchased                                5871
                                                    # purchased                       1300
# attendees*                               3495
                                                    # attendees*                       788
# non member attendees                        49
                                                    # non member attendees              0
avg size                                      70
                                                    avg size                           44
industry/academia (%)                       94/6
                                                    industry/academia (%)             96/4
revenue                                  $2,011
                                                    revenue                       $1,211
rating**                                75.97%
                                                    rating**                      75.44%

                   * includes 26 orders for future webinars
                   ** those answering 'likely' to recommend to a colleague
               THIS WEBINAR?‟ REPLIES
   I wouldn't change anything. I viewed the webinar using cable
    modem/T1 line and it was great! I am so excited that AICHE
    is offering PDH certificates/credit for the webinars! (Dust

   The Chat feature worked really well for questions. The host
    did a good job moderating. (Properties of Materials)

   Very good summary. Hard to cover everything in 1 hour, but
    good overall review, with occasional specific points that were
    good. (NFPA Codes)

    I really enjoyed the streaming audio with the WebEx
    presentation. It made it easier than making my phone line
    unavailable. Thanks to the AICHE tech folks for doing this!
    (Career Building)
                 WHAT‟S NEW?
   11/2 first publication up on ChemE on Demand
   11/3 600+CEP articles from 2001 on went live
   Two weeks after Annual, 450 presentations go
   After Annual, will be offering professors the
    opportunity of using archives from ChemE on
    Demand in the classroom. A student member
    will be asked to „purchase‟ and professor will
    use for class. Only rule is that ½ the class be
    student members.
E-learning Update

   Objective: Provide a recommendation to AIChE if and
    how we should utilize e-learning tools to address the
    educational needs of our members
       Benchmark e-learning tools, opportunities, costs, and risks
       Develop sustainable instructional model(s)
       Develop sustainable business model(s)
       Integrate e-learning solution into traditional methods of
        instruction currently offered by the Institute

   Committee chartered in July 2009
       Formation of sub-teams to separately focus on instructional
        and business issues critical to success
       Cross-populated with members on other committees
        (Educational Services Committee, Content on Demand
        Committee) with diverse backgrounds (academic, industry,
        short course instructors)
                Instructional Models for an
                     e-Learning System
                            1-to-2 hours              synchronous or
               webinar      impactful overview         asynchronous

                            leaves many participants wanting more

                            1-to-2 days

                            “crash” course
            short course    similar to current model
                            allow for remote instructor option
                            several weeks                 self-paced
                            in-depth learning           asynchronous
           on-line course   instructor-assisted or
                            stand-alone (no instructor)
            Hard media              Web-based content
                      Evaluating the Current
                      e-Learning Marketplace
ENTITY          On-line Offering                 Quantity      Price         Certificate
ACS             Webcast Courses 2-8 60-150       30-70         $295-$1095    No mention of
                minute sessions each                                         CEUs
Center for      -Live online single 90 minutes   16            $295          CEUs (IACET)
Professional    -On-Demand Pre-Recorded          96            $295
Advancement     60 minutes sessions each

IEEE            5 main categories                3,000 in 10                 No mention of
                Exam by Brainbench at end        languages                   CEUs
                of course
ISA             - Webinars (live & recorded)     45            $195-$225     -
                - CDROMs (w/ exam)               300 courses   $60-$350      CEUs (0.2-7.1)
                - Instructor-assisted            12            $1100-$1300   CEUs (1.8-3.5)
University of   Self Study Courses/28 hours      3             $695          PDHs 28
Wisconsin       each                                                         CEUs 2.8
ICHEME          Self Paced Courses               16            $150          No mention of
                On-line Testing @ end of                                     CEUs
ASCE            On-line self paced courses       50-100        $295 - $795   CEUs
                and DVD‟s                                                    depending on
Developing a Successful Instructional
   Integrated e-Learning Program
       Comprehensive content responsive to needs of
       Coordination of different modes of instruction
       Flexibility to embrace emerging e-learning trends

   Issues Critical to Success
       Involvement and consideration of current
       Develop timeline and milestones for incremental
       Survey the membership to understand key needs
       Develop a strategic plan
        Developing a Successful Business
   Sustainable e-Learning Program
       Develop a realistic view of the 3-year business plan and
        identification of cost and revenue streams
       Coordination with current partners (ASME) and transition
        within instructional methods (short courses, CDs, webinars)
       Certificates and continuing educational credits

   Issues Critical to Success
       Return on Investment: Ability to be cost neutral or
        comfortable that e-learning will not be profitable on a stand-
        alone basis but provide value to members
       Ownership and copyright of course materials
       Remuneration of instructors for both synchronous and
        asynchronous instruction
                                                              2009                       2010
                                                    1Q   2Q          3Q   4Q   1Q   2Q          3Q   4Q

Committee Chartered

Data Collection
   Member Survey
   Review COD Data
   Review Short Course Data
   Review Pre-Conference Course Data
   Local Section Town Hall Meeting
   Annual Conference Town Hall Meeting

Business Model
   Review LMS Vendors
   Review Hardware Vendors
   Study Partnering Options
   Discuss Options with LMS Vendors
   Discuss Options with Hardware Vendors
   Develop Pricing Models and Projections
   Finalize Sustainable Business Model

Instructional Model
    Input from Current Instructors
    Town Hall Meeting with Instructors
    Identify Resource Needs to Support Transition
    Develop Community of Instructors
    Define Components of e-Learning Course
    Define IP/Copyright Strategy
    Define Remuneration Structure
    Finalize Sustainable Instructional Model
      Web Hosting

Local Section And Division Sites
                           The Vision
Realize a federation of
consistent, feature-rich

• 100+ Local Sections

• 100+ Student Chapters

• Divisions

• Forums
        The AIChE Websites Framework
   A framework rather than just hosting
   Standard look-&-feel
       3 „themes‟ today; more to come
   Easy to use mechanisms for non-IT volunteers to maintain content
       Enable focus on ChemE-centric objectives rather than Computer Science fun
   Based on cost-effectively sustainable technology
       Drupal Open Source CMS
       “Cloud” hosting
   Growing list of „features‟:
       WYSIWYG editor for content (don‟t have to know HTML)
       Forms-based publishing for „structured‟ content like Events (Meetings, Workshops), etc.
       Newsletter subscription & mass mailing
       Automatically pull-in data from other sites (currently: AIChE Calendar & News)
       Full-text search
       Build web-based forms for data collection
       Online Polls
       Photo Galleries
       Usage statistics
       Etc.
                           The Vision

          Is it working?
Realize a federation of
consistent, feature-rich
websites: - Invested effort over 6 months (May-Oct)
          - Sections
• 100+ Local Worked-out the technology
                • happy with return on investment
• 100+ Student Chapters
                • we have a best-in-class solution
• Divisions
           - Worked with 4 Local Sections
• Forums
              • 1 live, 99+ to go
AIChE South Texas Section (New)
AIChE Puget Sound Section (New)
AIChE Norcal Section (New)
              (1) National creates an “empty”, ready to be populated website   Technical
The Process
                                                                               - Optimized
                                                                                 to <1 day
                                                                                 per site
                                                                               - Can scale to
                                                                                 100+ sites

              (2) National trains Local Section volunteer(s)
                                                                               support &
                   • How to „think‟ about structuring your website             facilitation:
                                                                               - Taking
                   • How to use the framework                                    long time
                                                                               - Cannot scale
              (3) Local Section volunteer(s) „build‟ the website                 current
ChemE On Demand

   http://apps.aiche.org/chemeondemand/
      Credit for 6 FREE downloads per year
      credits each year, good for all webinars (live and
       archived) as well as other content.

AIChE Web Hosting
    Web Hosting
        South Texas, Puget Sound, Akron, Norcal
        Capacity for 400 Sections
        Nominally 8 hrs per website
Sample Web Page
         Working Session (WS)

Presented By:
                     David Jacobs
            Chair, Local Sections Committee
Working Session
    Local Section Annual Report 2009
     Local Section Contact Campaign

     In-Need

     Trends/ Succession Planning Suggestions

    Dues/Finances/Fundraising
    Grants
WS – LS Annual Rpt 2009

    Annual Report
     Total Sections 111

     59 Submitted Annual Rpt

     52 No Annual Rpt

     30 Sections lack leadership/organization

     Potential 83 active LSs total
    WS – LS Annual Rpt 2009
     Goals
      Boost Meeting Attendance

      Outreach

      Restart

     Budget
      Slight Increase in Income

      Fundraising

      Corporate Sponsorship
WS – LS Annual Rpt 2009

    Meetings/Attendance
     5-10/yr                           24 LSs
     0-5/yr                            28 LSs
     0-2/yr                            17 LSs
     Avg # of years since graduation   15-30
     Leadership mtgs 1-3/yr            35
     Leadership mtgs 0/yr              15
WS – LS Annual Rpt 2009

    Young Professional Groups
     14 in 2009 vs 9 in 2008 (55% increase)

     12 expressed interest

    Recruiting/New Members
     Focus on student chapters

     Support of local companies

     Long-term volunteer burnout
WS – LS Annual Rpt 2009

    Tools
     Continual AIChE national contact

     Benefits for dues paid

     Shining Star Recognition
WS – LS Annual Rpt 2009

    Communications
     Email

     10 with paper newsletters

     Only 6 cite their website

     Majority of sections seldom visit AIChE.org

     3 Sections use Groups

    Benefits
     Networking

     LS Committee Help
LSs by Region/State
LSs “In-Need”
   No Annual Report
   No National AIChE Member(s) in key leadership
       Chair
       Vice-Chair
       Treasurer
       Secretary
   No contact with LSC
   If you think you are In-Need or will be –
    Contact the LSC!!
Reasons for Becoming Inactive

   Job Relocation/Market Shift
   Loss of a Significant Leader
   Retirement/Low Recruitment
   Low Attendance/Low Volunteerism
   Leader Burnout
Trends-Why are Sections
     Volunteer
      Lack of volunteers leading to burnout

      Apathy of leaders

      Charismatic leader loss

      Members not feeling able to contribute any longer

      Competition from alternative, more focused professional
      “What‟s in it for me?” attitude

      Competing interests social/family/retirement

      Changing, more demanding work environment that does not
       allow (time) for supporting volunteer professional
       organizations during working hours
      Some members able to contribute more in summer vs
       academic year, but sections usually off then            70
Trends-Why are Sections
Struggling? (cont)
   Local Section
    Geographical spread of section

    Decreasing membership dues

  Industry
    General decline in the economy, folks are more focused on
     their immediate needs
    Shifting industrial base

    Few industries pay for memberships as a perk

  National
    Decreasing grant applications/Increasing grant availability

    Young Professional

    Student Sections

Ways to Restart/Prevent
Becoming Inactive
   Start Small – Kickoff Meeting + 1
   Contact your members personally
   Gauge Interest
   Recruit Young Professionals
   Delegate to Retirees
   Reach out to a Professional Society / Local
    Section near you
   Contact the LSC
   Delaware/Balcones Fault have restarted!
Succession Planning

   “No organization plans to fail, it just fails to
   Prepare for leadership transition
       Define goals, roles and responsibilities
       Keep a record of all member information, accounts,
        contracts and passwords
       Have at least two people on bank accounts
   Communication Strategies
       Consider using free email services (Google, etc)
       AIChE Web Hosting – “manage content not tech”
       Newsletter/Social Networking
   Volunteer time is $ - maximize its impact and their
Analysis of Local Section Dues Rate
      and Section Defections

           Emmett R. Miller
            November 9, 2009
         Local Sections Committee
          AICHE Annual Meeting
LS Dues 2009
   LS Membership is declining
   69.1% of National members DON’T pay LS dues
       LS Members12,277
       National members 39,748
   Average LS dues
       Mean              $13/yr
       Median            $12/yr
       Standard Dev      $5/yr
   No statistical correlation has been seen in the data
    to indicate LS membership (dues) inversely related
    to LS dues.
   Voluntary Contribution on Annual Dues Statement
   Continue to study to establish national trends
LS Dues/Finance Questions
   Where are you?
   How much of your annual budget is based on dues? Fundraising?
    Corporate Sponsorship?
   What is your spend out each year? Carryover?
   How many of your LS members are National members only? LS
    only? Both?
   Do you recruit National only members to be LS members and vice
    versa? Recruiting doesn‟t stop with Young Professionals or new to
    the area.
   What value does the LS provide for the dues? What‟s In It For Me
    (WIIFM)! Networking, Tours, Technical Talks, etc.
   Do you apply for Grants?
   Do you use off the shelf financial software (Quicken,
    Microsoft Money) or Excel? (Treasurer‟s Rpt Item?)

   Fundraising
       Corporate Support for Mtg/Newsletter
   Budget Control Strategies
       Meeting Rooms without fees
       Combine with other professional societies
LSC Goals for 2009-2010
   Contact all Local Sections
   Assist Local Sections “In Need”
   Support Host Section for 2010 LDC
   Award Program Planning Grants
       Have at least two applications for Programming Grants
   Award up to $7,200 in ProjectConnect Grants
       Award full $1800 per quarter for 2nd and 3rd Quarter 2009
        ProjectConnect Grants
   Award Shining Star Volunteer Recognition Awards
   Solicit nominations and recommend host for 2011 LDC
   Facilitate Information Sharing between Local Sections
   Have at least one instructional Webinar for local section topic

LS Goals for 2009-2010
   Recruiting
       Young Professionals
       Senior Members
   Tools

         Good News!

Graduates follow the $$$ and ChE
    jobs are on the increase

      THANK YOU!

For attending the Fall 2009
      LSC Luncheon

Question & Answer
Q&A Session
   What is the single biggest problem facing your
       Getting volunteers to help run the Section?
       Meeting attendance
       Finances
   What is your biggest Success?
   Grants?
   Other?

LSC Contact Campaign
   XX of 111/113 Sections Contacted
   2009 LS Annual Report Summary of Sections
      59 "Active", 52/54 "Inactive" (definition: Active = filed LS report)
      16 Inactive 1 year
       4 Inactive 2 years
       6 Inactive 3 years
       5 Inactive 4 years
       4 Inactive 5 years
       3 Inactive 6 years
       1 Inactive 7 years
      13 Inactive > 7 years
   Lowell Aplebaum visiting LSs along with student chapters
Who’s In Need? (2004-2009)
Improving Local Sections
      Who considers their section “in need” or
         2004            2005            2006             2008               2009
                     San Diego         San Diego         San Diego          Alberta
                    Saudi Arabia                                           Central OK
                                                         Syracuse          Central VA
                    Tallahassee       Tallahassee       Tallahassee       Chattanooga
                    Terre Haute       Terre Haute       Terre Haute       Mid-Hudson
Texas Panhandle   Texas Panhandle   Texas Panhandle   Texas Panhandle     Penisular FL
    Toledo            Toledo            Toledo             Toledo          Pensacola
                                                            Triad         Rio Grande
                                                          Tristate?        San Diego
    Twin Tiers       Twin Tiers        Twin Tiers        Twin Tiers       Tallahassee
                                                        W. Kentucky       Terre Haute
                                                        W. Michigan     Texas Panhandle
     Wichita         Wichita                              Witchita         El Dorado
                    Wilmington                                                Iowa
                    Wisconsin          Wisconsin                           Nebraska
                                                                         Balcones Fault

                      Considered "on-the mend" in 2005
Improving LSs (cont)
     2004                  2005                  2006                       2008                             2009
                                                                                                           Las Vegas
                     Great Salt Lake City    Great Salt Lake
                                                                          Guadalupe                         Oregon
   Guadalupe             Guadalupe             Guadalupe
                                                                             Iowa                          Singapore
      Iowa                  Iowa                  Iowa
                                                                           Las Vegas                     Baton Rouge
                                                                    (they are not in Timms)

                        Lehigh Valley
                                                                          Lowcountry               Low Country – no activity
   Low country          Low country
                                                                                                          Saudi Arabia
                           Mobile                Mobile
                                                                                                          Tappan Zee
 Mojave Desert
                                                                           Nashville                         Tulsa
    Nashville             Nashville             Nashville
                          Nebraska              Nebraska
                           Oregon                Oregon
                                                                 Palmetto – has a chair, but no   Palmetto – organizing kickoff
    Palmetto              Palmetto              Palmetto
                                                                         Peninsular FL                   Southwest LA
Peninsular Florida   Peninsular Florida     Peninsular Florida
                                                                          Pensacola                        Syracuse
   Pensacola             Pensacola             Pensacola
                                                                        Permian Basin                        Triad
 Permian Basin         Permian Basin         Permian Basin
                                                                                                        Columbia Pacific
                        Rhode Island          Rhode Island
                                                                          Rio Grande                    Fairfiled County
   Rio Grande            Rio Grande            Rio Grande
 Improving LSs (cont)

       2004                    2005                  2006                2008                2009
                                                     Akron               Akron
                                                                                          Western SC
      Alberta                 Alberta               Alberta              Alberta
                                                                                           Central AR
                               Alaska                Alaska
                                                                     Balcones Fault        Central IL
                          Balcones Fault         Balcones Fault
 Central Arkansas        Central Arkansas       Central Arkansas                        Central Sav River
                                                                                        Columbia Valley
   Central Illinois        Central Illinois      Central Illinois
                                                                       Central OK            Dallas
                                                                                         Great Salt lake
Central Pennsylvania   Central Pennsylvania
   Chattanooga             Chattanooga            Chattanooga         Chattanooga          Louisville

                                                                    Coastal Carolinas    Mid-Michigan
                               Dayton                Dayton                               New Jersey
                                                                                         Orange County
       Detroit                 Detroit
    Eastern NC         Eastern North Carolina
                                                                       El Dorado          Southern CA
     El Dorado               El Dorado             El Dorado
  Fairfield County        Fairfield County      Fairfield County                        Tide Water VA
Relationship Between Local Section Dues Rate
          and Section Defections (1)
Relationship Between Local Section Dues Rate
          and Section Defections (2)
Relationship Between Local Section Dues Rate
          and Section Defections (3)
                     What is the Issue Here?

   Of the some 39,784 (or so) members of AIChE, only 12,277
    (30.9%) have elected to retain local section membership. This is
    of serious concern to the local sections, which rely to a large
    extent on local section dues collected by National to fund their
    programs. As such, it therefore threatens the viability of the local
    section structure as the grass roots underpinning of the Institute.
   Set individually by each local section, dues rates vary widely.
    This exercise is a test to determine statistically the premise that a
    relation ought to exist between dues rate and dropout rate. If
    such were found to be the case, it should be possible to find an
    optimum dues rate that would maximize the revenue to the
Defections versus Dues
Defections versus Dues
with Regression Lines
                   Observations and Conclusions

   Based on the general linear regression model, y = a + bx, the constants, a and
    b, were determined by least mean squares fit. The parameter used to evaluate
    the significance of the relationship (if any) is “F”, where F is the ratio of
    regression variance to residual variance, as determined from the data. The “F”
    test, then, compares the calculated F with the required value at the chosen
    confidence level.
   As can be seen, the calculated regression coefficient, b, was found to be slightly
    negative (-0.0016 +/- 0.0074) and the intercept, a, did not come anywhere close
    to the origin. These observations did not bode well for the premise. Further,
    the F ratio was found to be 0.2331 (based on grouped data analysis), well short
    of the 3.928 required for significance at the commonly accepted 95% confidence
   A plot of the data, with the widely scattered results among the 110 Sections,
    gives vivid support for the lack of correlation. Going a step further, the
    correlation coefficient, r, was calculated to be a miniscule -0.0412. Its square
    (0.00170) is a quantitative measure of the fraction of data scatter that can be
    attributed to the assumed cause. Clearly, there is no relationship between local
    section dropout rate and the amount of dues set by the sections, at least over
    the data range that prevails.
          Observations and Conclusions (continued)

   Given that conclusion, we are left with puzzling issue of identifying the real
    factor(s) that are then responsible for the alarming loss in section membership.
    Possibilities that come to mind are:
       Time limitations for sections activities

       Remoteness from the hub of section activities

       Lack of interest in section programs

       Membership distribution between the academic and industrial communities

   If a significant relationship had been found, it would have been reasonable and
    appropriate to further test the data by means of another regression model, y=
    bx, with the a-priori assumption that no defections would occur at zero dues
    rate. As a matter of interest, this test was applied, anyway, with the remarkable
    and unexpected result of being very highly significant (52.47 vs. 3.93) in spite of
    the scatter. However, because of essentially no correlation between the
    parameters, this model must be rejected as inappropriate.

ERM 10/15/09

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