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Culinary Tour in Bali


									                                                       From the Portuguese colonizers in Timor                Cooking classes and
                                                       cassava and sweet potatoes, and from the East          demonstrations include
                                                       Indian traders eggplant, mangoes, and the              numerous types of sate
                                                       numerous spices found in curries.                      (grilled skewered meat),
                                                       The savory palate of Bali includes a montage           sampling of traditional
                                                       of these cultural influences, including                cakes, making fermented
                                                       flavorings of aromatic roots, grasses and leaves,      rice and rice wine,
 Culinary Tour in Bali                                                                 shallots, garlic and   desserts and sweets, betel nut tasting, several
August 3–20, 2009                                                                      ginger, liberal        ristaffels (multi-dish deluxe banquets),
Bali, the justly renowned diamond in the                                               sprinklings of         tempeh making, brem tasting (local wine),
necklace of islands that makes up the world's                                          chilies, cumin,        krupuk (cracker) tasting, demonstration of the
largest archipelago, is well-known for its inner                                       coriander and          palm sugar process, a fruit tasting party, and
and outer beauty. Bali Hinduism is the                                                 cardamom, all          much more. In addition to breakfast, another
predominant local religion and one that                                                finished off with      sumptuous meal each day is included in the
                           nurtures and                                                coconut milk.          trip package.
                           encourages the arts.                                        Balinese are           Besides Chef Joseph Schultz, founder of India
                           Bali's stunning                                             notorious for their    Joze restaurant, and Culinary Arts Instructor at
                           geographical landscape                                      rice consumption,      Colleges and Universities, who will supply
                           includes majestic                                           and no meal is         daily recipes and restaurant recommendations.
                           volcanoes surrounded                                        complete without a                                 participants will
                           by terraced rice fields                                     steaming bowls the                                 enjoy the company
                           that gently spill into a    centerpiece.                                                                       and expertise of
                           clear, azure sea.           Fruit lovers will be in paradise. Numerous                                         your local guide
                            Bali is also known for     tropical fruits are served every morning in a                                      Made Surya, (a
                           its friendly hospitality.   sumptuous fruit salads, and our fruit tastings                                     celebrated cook
                           Beyond the high-rise        will include many rare and delicious varieties,                                    whose recipes are
                           tourist hype found at       such as jack fruit, salak, rambutan, passion           featured in Eat Smart Indonesia) and other
                           the resorts on the          fruit, and sawu, as well as some of Bali's 17          noted Balinese chefs,
southern tip of the island are back roads never        varieties of bananas.
traveled by the conventional tour bus. There           Health and fitness are elements too often              Participants will also be offered seminars on a
are native villages where a foreign face is still      neglected in our everyday lives. The itinerary         wide range of topics, from Indonesian
an unfamiliar sight. We begin our journey in a         of this trip includes physical recreation in a         language and politics, to sacred masks and
remote mountain village, surrounded by                 paradise setting nearly every day, allowing            their spirit sources. Bali's spiritual richness is
coffee and clove plantations, and equipped             participants to expand their bodies,                   responsible for an
with beautiful and comfortable cottages where          minds,mand spirits, in an environment that             abundance of
we may immerse ourselves in Bali's                     nurtures all three elements simultaneously.            elegantly carved
culture,graciousness, and unique cuisine.              Excursions will include most of Bali's must-           temples, a
Indonesia was host to numerous cultural                see sights, plus rice field, lake and waterfall        proliferation of
invasions, and from each they kept what suited         treks, walks through the coffee, cacao                 music and dance,
their palates, and ignored what did not. The           (chocolate) and clove plantations, picnic              and a rich variety of
earliest settlers in Bali came from Indochina,         lunches, tours of coffee and soy sauce factories,      arts and crafts. Visits
consequently menus mirror Chinese tastes.              aboriginal villages, palm wine making, several         to temple ceremonies and the home-
From the Spanish explorers Bali discovered             local markets, eel breeding farms, and tours of        workshops of artists and artisans will delight
chili peppers, peanuts, tomatoes, and corn.            family compounds.                                      and absorb you.
Itinerary                                                  class on seafood followed by dinner of Balinese               food practices. we learn to make the traditional side
August 3, 4: Transit. BLD                                  delicacies.                                                   dishes for smoked duck which has cooked over night,
Depart USA aboard regularly scheduled Singapore            August 10: Munduk BD                                          followed by a feast. Private performance of the Calon
Airlines. Your flight includes several meals, drinks and   Morning orientation on Bali's religion and caste              Arang dance in the Singapadu village center.
films by Singapore's famed service staff. Cross            system, which is reflected in all aspects of life. Trek to    Aug 15 Ubud B
international dateline and lose one day, which is made     Big Banyan Tree. Excursion to coffee processing factory       After breakfast, island tour to East Bali, stopping along
up on your return.                                         in Munduk. Lecture on coffee. In the afternoon, locals        the way to visit the aboriginal village of Tenganan,
August 5: Sanur. BLD                                       demonstrate kelepon and other Balinese sweet                  center of Bali’s textile art, to watch the double ikat
Arrive in Bali on the Full Moon, where you are met by      production. Family style dinner at our hotel, followed        weaving process (created only two places in the world),
your guides and transported to our beach front hotel in    by amazing music dance production by the locals               and a demonstration of Balinese lontar (palm leaf
Sanur for a comfortable night's sleep.                     August 11: Ubud BL                                            books) being made, Venture on to Tirtagangga, the
August 6: Munduk. BD                                       Depart for Ubud, Bali's cultural center. Stop along the       last Raja’s Water Palace and an opportunity to swim in
Morning orientation, with focus on basic Indonesian        way at Pura Ulun Danu, Bali's most beautiful temple.          the olympic sized natural spring-fed pool. Talk on Holy
language, manners & customs. Then embark to the            Arrive in Kedewatan Ubud in time for lunch of Nasi            Water and Bottled Water: Why Balinese religion is
highlands of Bali to our hotel in Munduk village. Stop     Campur at a famous local Warung (food stall). Dinner          known as “Holy Water Religion” and what can That
at Fruit and Flower market on the way for lunch. After     on your own at one of the many good restaurants               teach us about our religion of consumerism? Lunch at
check-in, a walk to Bali's highest waterfall, through      within walking distance of our hotel.                         spectacular view restaurant. Return to Ubud to sample
coffee and clove plantations. Chances along the way to     August 12 Ubud. BL                                            the nightlife.
sample cacao fruit and witness vanilla & nutmeg            Opportunities for yoga with disciples of a local master.      Aug. 16 Canggu BL
growing. Late afternoon the first of several cooking       Early morning excursion to the Ubud market to secure          Depart Ubud for Canggu. Stopping along the way for a
classes, beginning with an introduction to Bali ways       provisions for Foods for the Gods, followed by our            visit to a tempeh and tofu factory. Lunch at popular
with cooking implements, herbs and spices. We will         workshop in making Balinese offerings. Learn about the        Babi Guling (Roast Pork) Warung. After arrival at our
begin the process of making chocolate from the fruit.      ritual foods and offerings that accompany important           hotel, a short class on tofu and tempeh dishes. Hit the
After dinner, a fruit-tasting party, a chance to sample    religious events in Bali. Learn about the symbolism of        beach, downtime. Choose from a huge variety of
some of Bali's exotic, succulent fruits. And we have a     the dishes produced, regional variations around Bali,         restaurants of every type in south Bali.
banana tasting--a chance to sample some of Bali’s 17       and connections between the foods and the music,              Aug. 17 Canggu BL
varieties of bananas and discover why most people here     dance and other cultural practices.                           New Moon. Early visit to the fish market in Jimbaran.
are so mellow.                                             Visit to local smoked duck maker to see the beginning         See all types of fish being loaded from outriggers on the
August 7: Munduk BD                                        of a day long process whose outcome we will consume           beach, and the complex commercial and social
Morning orientation on Indonesian history and              later. In the afternoon we visit the homes/ studios of        interactions. Visit your guide Surya's family compound,
language revue, followed by a walk through rice fields     Ubud’s basket makers, wood carvers’, mask makers,             existing in the same location for 400 years. We take a
to visit Rock That Grows. Return to hotel for down         painters, and weavers’, to photograph and watch them          tour and then join the family in preparations for our
time with an opportunity to observe a dance class by       work, as well as make purchases at considerable savings.      lunch, learning to make cuttlefish, tum banana leaf
village children. Late afternoon talk on history of        Dinner at Gianyar street market followed by a private         wrapped "tamale" and much more. Back to Canggu in
plantation economics in Bali in the context of global      shadow puppet performance, a captivating display of           time to enjoy the beach and the diverse restaurants
food ways. Family-style meal together.                     teamwork and virtuosic skills.                                Aug. 18: Canggu BD Visit to the Big Market in
August 8: Munduk BL                                        August 13 Ubud BD                                             Denpasar where we will purchase our spices,
Trek to a (somewhat) nearby aboriginal village to          Free morning for museums, nature walks, shopping.             condiments, and tools for your home kitchen. Winding
watch the process of making palm sugar. Box lunch          Afternoon cooking class with famed chef Ibu Wayan in          up things and taking it easy. Evening excursion to the
provided. Sample tuak palm wine. Sample betel nut, the     preparing Balinese curries, lawar, and desserts,              Night Market in Legian to see what the locals eat for
Balinese drug of choice and discuss variations in betel    including food from cassava, sweet potatoes, sticky rice      nights out.
practice throughout Asia. From here we travel back to      (Nasi Bantal) and sumping. Consume the product of             Aug. 19: Canggu BD
Munduk, stopping along the way at the stunning Hot         our labors at lavish buffet dinner, followed by a             Free day to shop, relax, swim in the ocean or pool--.
Springs in Banjar village. Proceed with our chocolate      performance of the Kecak Dance.                               Aug. 20: Travel Day. BLD
August 9: Munduk BD                                        August 14 Ubud BD                                             Rest and relax before beginning your journey back to
Very early departure for West Bali National Park for a     Visit to a master knife maker in Budulu village to watch      the real world, or stay on for further adventures in Bali.
world class snorkeling excursion at Menjangan island.      him produce a wide variety of implements, ranging from        We are happy to help you plan further travels in Bali or
After registering, we travel by boat with a park ranger    agricultural tools to the ceremonial kris. In the             other islands in Indonesia.
to Terima Bay, where we dock at the island and snorkel     afternoon: “Tourism and World Cuisine,” Ubud is               Itinerary may change subject to unplanned opportunities.
along a fabulous coral reef, with myriad varieties of      home to a dizzying array of restaurants of all ethnicities.   Although no one is required to attend any activities, there
tropical fish, giant clams and corals. Stop at important   We will hear from local experts how visitor's                 will be no refunds for missed activities. Anyone who leaves
temple for briefing on etiquette and history. Cooking      experiences and expectations have changed the local           the tour at any time, for any reason, is on their own.
Trip Package Includes:                        soy sauce factory, coffee production
       •      Round-trip airfare from San     factory, palm sugar processing, and          Registration/Release forms may be
Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York           other food.                                  downloaded at
                                                                                           Cancellations and Refunds:
on Singapore Airlines with an open                   •      Guided tour and visits to at   After tickets are issued, refunds for air fares
return and optional stopovers.                least four different markets.                will be governed by regulations listed in flight
       •      5 nights in Ubud Cultural              •      Guidance to some of Bali’s     contract. For the land portion, a cancellation
Center                                        great shopping opportunities.                fee of $75.00 is charged until time of
       •      1 night in Sanur Beach                 •      Travel/health/repatriation     departure. There will be no refunds after
       •      5 nights in Munduk              insurance                                    departure. Final payments due June 1, 2009.
                                                                                           Single Supplement:
Mountain Resort                               Not Included: Extra drinks at meals          Those traveling as singles may choose
       •      4 nights at Canggu Beach        (bottled water only provided), Some          roommates from among the group. If no
       •      Full breakfasts and one         meals, laundry services, extra baggage       roommate is available, the client will be
other meal almost every day.                  and overweight charges, passport fees,       advised before departure, and must pay a
       •      Seminars in Indonesian          single room supplement, tips and             single supplement. Maximum:20 people.
language, local customs, Bali Hinduism,       airport taxes.                               Minimum 10.
caste and social systems, offerings and       Price:$4400.00 based on two people           Airlines:
                                                                                           Singapore Air, the world's foremost airline,
temples, Indonesian history and politics,     sharing a room with twin beds and a          flies to Bali from San Francisco, New Yorkand
farming and irrigation systems, local         private bath. The price includes land        Los Angeles. Connecting flights from your
dining customs, and more.                     arrangements and air, based on current       home town are offered at a discount, return
       •      At least 8 cooking classes in   prices (Oct. 2008). Excessive raises in      stopover in Singapore is offered for free.
making local traditional dishes               air fare may affect tour price. Minimum      Passport, Visa and Health: A passport, valid
       •      3 live theater performances.    10, maximum 20 participants.                 six months from date of entry with proof of
                                                                                           onward transportation. An Indonesian visa will
       •      Treks through local             A $350.00 deposit is required to             be issued on arrival, with payment of $25.00.
villages, coffee & clove plantations,         secure space.                                No inoculations are suggested or required. 4.
tropical rain forests.                                                                     We need to cite the requirement that they
       •      Services of professional                                                     provide written documentation that they've
Balinese English-speaking guide Made                                                       passed a health exam prior to departure.
Surya, and celebrity chef and Instructor                                                   Early Registration:
Joseph Schultz.                                                                            As soon as you know you want to join us, send
                                                                                           in your deposit. Early sign ups get the best
       •      Pre-trip information, and                                                    flights and the best rooms. We expect that this
printed recipes from each class.                                                           trip will fill up early--don’t be left out or have
Restaurant guide in Ubud.                                                                  to pay extra fees for signing up late! We are
       •      Visits to important temples,    Call toll free 888-476-0543                  traveling at the height of High Season, and
fruit and flower market, Tenganan             or email for further                         everything fills up quickly.
aboriginal village, royal palaces, family     information.
homes, artists, weavers, and carvers          Contact Danu Enterprises
compounds.                                    today and escape the
       •      Food-related excursions to      ordinary!

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