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					       Fall 2007
Advising Update Session

 Thank you for coming!
    What’s in This Year’s Session?
•   VJC advising system basics
•   We are doing well – thank you!
•   Focus on career support
•   Learning Beyond for students and faculty
•   Advisor survey results
•   The new WebXpress
•   New Policies and Issues
•   A chance for Q & A
    The VJC Advising System Basics
• Faculty based system typical of small colleges
• All fulltime faculty advise
• Advise in teaching discipline whenever possible
• Faculty in non-major disciplines advise deciding
• Advising required for students with fewer than 30
• Degree Audit as fundamental guiding document
           THANK YOU!!!
       Advising is Going Well…
• On the Spring 2007 Noel-Levitz survey
  students rated their satisfaction with
  academic advising at a significantly higher
  level than at our peer institutions.
• In last Spring’s online survey of advisors
  98% agreed or strongly agreed with the
  following statement “I am confident that I
  understand how to advise effectively.”
Developmental Career Advising
• Noel-Levitz result shows VJC students get LESS
  career support from their advisors than at our
  peer institutions
• Goal: Increase career focus of advising
  – Increase advisor consciousness about career
  – Freshman advising, focus on self-exploration
  – Pre-graduate school advising
  – Recommending Career HQ services
  – Working with Career Services Asst. VP Chris Noya to
    implement new strategies
                 Learning Beyond
• One-Credit-Options (OCOs):
   –   One credit add-on course
   –   15+ hours of experience
   –   Gradable academic component
   –   OCOs in service, culture, travel, etc.
   –   Faculty encouraged to be creative!
• 3-credit Service Learning courses
• Study Abroad (plan early!)
• Field Placements (internships, career related
  placements, etc.)

       • Please recommend LB experiences to your
        Advisor Survey Results
• 87 (out of 110 or so) Advisors took online survey in
  Spring 2007
• Highlights: Big picture looks good!
   – Most feel well-supported by Advising Office and Department
   – 96% say advising “important”, 95% say they “enjoy” advising
   – Comfort with using WebXpress system
   – Strong understanding of curriculum
• Lowlights:
   – Reluctance to embrace annual mandatory sessions (sorry… the
     Dean made me do it…)
   – More students need to set up appointments ahead of time
   – Some frustration with understanding Degree Audit
   – Not much use of Advising website (available through Student
     Solution Center link on “Quicklinks” list on VJC homepage)
     Student Survey Results
• On the whole very satisfied with academic
• Areas of weakness or frustration?
  – Career advising
  – Promptness of advisor communication
         The New WebXpress
• New “For Advisors” section
  – All subsections unchanged
• On the student side – new “Email My Advisor(s)”
• WebXpress “for Parents” Allows parents to see
  academic info as well as financial (different from
  FERPA release which is in comments field)
• Degree Audits available to students and
  advisors through WebXpress as usual
         New Policies and Issues
• New minimum grade standards for “Major Requirements” in all
  majors, and for “Secondary Requirements” in some majors
    – Most depts. tougher standards
    – Retroactive to all catalog years but all pre-Fall 2007 courses
      “grandfathered in”
    – Post-semester manual updating will be done by Registrar and program
      leaders so degree audits are correct
• Degree Audit fine points
    – Sub-minimum coursework to bottom of that section
    – 300+ general electives not listed in “other courses”
• CORE program correction – no formal study hall
• Academic probation and suspension
    – Two consecutive semesters on probation then suspension unless
• Signed preregistration form is true “paper trail”
             Q & A…???

• What is unclear?
• What can be improved?
• How can I help?

• My job is to help you help the students…
  please put me to work!