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									How To Promote Your Website
And Save $1000's of Dollars
By Garnet R. Chaney

Last update: March 2004


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Here is my easy checklist of ways to promote your website. All of these are proven methods, and
many of them are very inexpensive, or even free!

No matter what your motive is for your website, whether it be the fame of a providing a free
resource, the fortune of having successful sales, or making your existing customers happier, the
key to any of those objectives is: Website Traffic!

        More Visitors = More Success
The following techniques will help your website attract more visitors. You're probably already
doing some of these items. Make a commitment each month to add one or more items on this list
to your website.

Easy Tips For Promoting Your Website
         Check off all the items you need help with. The more items you check, the more visitors your website will have.

    1.       Put your website address, for example, on everything you
         print. This includes:
             o Business Cards
        o   Letterhead
        o   Invoices
        o   Newspaper Ads
        o   Yellow pages advertisements
        o   Receipts

2. Hint: Let your webmaster see these things and double
   check your URL. Give your webmaster a proof copy of all
   these things, and ask if they have the correct URL. Once
   he approves the URL on one of your business cards, put a
   copy of your card in the file where you keep information
   about your website. Later you, or a tech savvy employee,
   can compare other things that you print in the future to what was written on that card.
3.       Get more than one domain name for your business. Of course you should get your
     business name, and/or some catchy short name, like But also get a domain
     name that includes keywords related to your business or service, like, or
     Budget Saving Tip: Don't pay too much for your domains! I used to pay $35 per year for
     my domain names, but now I own so many names, I can't afford to pay too much. Visit
     my domain name registrar, and get your new domain names, or renewals
     of your domain name, for $10 a year, or less.
4.      Get a domain name keyword consulant, like myself, to help you choose the best
     keyword rich domain names related to your business or service.
5.       Don't loose your domain name! I've had some clients who have told me tales of
     misery and woe about how they bought their domain name early in the internet game, and
     then didn't know, or forgot, to renew it, and now some cybersquatter has their name and
     wants $1000 or more to give back their name.
     So go ahead and pay for your domain name for the next 4 years. You can save a lot of
     money by transfering your domain name to Right now, while you are
     thinking about, visit GoGarnet and start your domain transfer. When you transfer your
     domain to GoGarnet, you will get an extra year of registration when you transfer your
     name. You can also buy additional years for less money than your current registrar. Then,
     every year on your birthday, give your website a present and renew your domain for
     another year, or two. I pay my most important domain names 9 or 10 years into the
     future. You should to, at
6.       Most email programs let you have a "signature" that is automatically added to all the
     messages that you send. Be sure that you put your website address in your signature.
     Send a message to your webmaster and ask him to verify the URL that is in your email
7.        Get an email address that looks like:
     Your webmaster should be able to set this up as a separate email box, or as a forward so
     that the email to that address is delivered to
     wherever you usually receive your email.
                                                                   Proofreading Help List
8.        A properly operating website is very
      important. You should have your website double                                 e-Books
      checked for working links, working interactive                                 & Docs:
      forms, properly displaying pictures, and other                                 Lapsing
      quality assurance.                                                             Into a
9.        If you have uniforms in your business, put                                 A
      your URL on the uniforms.                                                      Curmudg
10.       Put your URL on all other promotional items.                               eon's
      Make a t-shirt, or polo shirt, to give out to your                             Guide to
      best customers, and friends, and be sure it has your                           the Many
      web address on it!                                          Things That Can Go Wrong
                                                                  in Print--And How to Avoid
11.       Put your URL in press releases.                         Them [DOWNLOAD:
12.       Don't have any press releases yet? You should           ADOBE READER]
      write one!
      Website Press Release Checklist:

             a. Write a press release about your website, and submit it to a press release
             distribution service.
             b. Add your press release to your site.
             c. Repeat every time you complete a major new addition to your site.

13.      Put your URL on the side of any company vehicles that you have. Your employees
      might even like the idea of a bumper sticker to put on their cars too.
14.       Put your URL on every page of your catalog or price list. You want to make it as
      easy to find as your toll free number.
15.       Good content is king. Regularly add new content to your website.
16.       Some great content for your website could be the addition of a complete online store.
      TheWebsiteMakers offer some great complete Online Stores, such as the Online Camera
      Store for your website.

                                                                           Search Engine
Streetwise Maximize Web
Site Traffic: Build Web
Site Traffic Fast and Free
by Optimizing Search
Engine Placement
by by Robin Nobles

THE savvy way to
successful website
promotion; Attracting on-
line traffic; Guide to top
positioning on search
by by Derek Galon

     Affiliate Program
17.       Make sure your site is properly submitted to
      search engines. Here are some places to submit
      your site.

           URL:     http://


                                                                        Affiliate Selling: Building
                                                                        Revenue on the Web
       0                      engine_starter                            by by Greg Helmstetter

                                                                        The Complete Insiders
18.       Explore search engine marketing to get even                   Guide to Associate &
      better search engine traffic.                                     Affiliate Programs
                                                                        by by Declan Dunn
19.       If your site has been online, with good                         Get your Amazon List at
      content, for at least 6 months, you should get a            
      search engine positioning for your site. This will
      help you see how your site is positioned for the search terms that would bring you
      targetted traffic. Some companies charge as much as $2000 for this kind of report.
      Budget Saving Hint: Visit my SeoMetrics.US, and learn why you need this kind of
      report, and see some examples of reports I can make for your website (and your
      competitors), for $50 or less!
20.       Make sure you have good traffic reporting software as part of your site. You should
      study your traffic patterns, and also study the section that tells you what search terms
      people are using in search engines to find your site.
21.       Learn about pay-per-click search engines like ah-ha, FindWhat, Searchfeed, and
      Overture. Set aside a small budget to explore placing listings on these search engines.
      Tip: My new Website Promotion Wiki has URLs, phone numbers, and brief info, about
      the biggest pay-per-click search engines.
22.        Register your site at They'll give you up to a 1000 free visitors
      for your site!
23.         Launch a sweepstakes associated with any one or more of the following:
           o   Registering for your newsletter
           o   Customers putting their name and email on a clipboard next to your cash register.

      The prize can be one of your products, or a promotional item.
      Please note: Make sure that there is no purchase required for entry, and that you include
      "Void where prohibitted." There are also other rules that vary from state to state.

24.         Put printable coupons on your website that people can bring in to your store.
25.           Send out a once every two weeks newsletter to people who have registered on your
26.       Offer free articles to other sites in exchange for them placing a link in the article back
      to your website.
27.     Explore targetted email promotion. Make sure that the email list is a reputable list
    where all the members have used "double-optin".
28. Avoid SPAM and "bulk email" like the plague. They can work, but the amount of
    headache they can cause is not worth it. For some ideas about how to use email
    marketing, see my article about email marketing.
29.      Create your own link exchange with sites that are complimentary and non-
      competitive to your own.
30.       Do you have friends who have personal websites? If they like your website, ask them
      to write a mini-review of your website and post it on their site. You might even supply
      them with a sample keyword rich review they can use.
31.        Start an affiliate program., Commission Junction, is a great way to get
32.        Actively participate in news groups and discussion groups. Join forums that are
      interesting to you, and try to help as much as you can. In every message you post, put
      your URL after your signature. Some forum software allows you to create an automatic
      signature that is added to every message that you post. Even Better: - edit your sig for
      each message to tell why your site is relevant to the message you responded to.
33.       Include a catalog with all orders that you ship. Let your customers know that they
      can find special offers and coupons on your website, then put some there for them to find.
34.           Regularly update the coupons, discounts, and special offers on your website.
35.       Add an online survey to your website to see what kinds of information and additional
      content your visitors would like.
36.        Add a questions and answers area, and put in the most common questions that your
      clients, patients, or visitors ask you.
37.       Add a "tell-a-friend" feature to your website. This will let your visitors easily spread
      the word about your great site.
38.           Place classified advertisements, and include your URL in them.
39.       Do you have a niche site? Are there certain specialzed magazines you'd consider
      buying an advertisement in? Why not write a review of your website, and submit it to the
      magazine for publication? They have lots of copy inches to fill, and they are often very
      happy to receive articles of great interest to their readers. This can give you a lot more
      space in their magazine than you'd ever be able to afford.
40.       Add a search the internet box to your site. FrontPage makes it easy. I also have an
      inexpensive script that will let you add quality, family friendly, search results to your
      website. When people click on those search results, you'll make money!
   41.        Do you sell products? If your website is advertising your service business, (for
         example, you are a chiropractor), are there products related to your service that you can
         sell? If so, add an ecommerce store to your site.
   42.        Have you followed the "content is king" step above, and written a lot of good articles
         for your website? Package them as an ebook, and sell the eBook on Amazon. Liberally
         sprinkle your ebook with links back to your website, so readers can get up to date
         information, and order products from any kind of store, or affiliate links, that you might
         discover later.
   43.    If you sell items in a store on your website, explore selling those same items on
       eBay. You could discover a new gold mine from buyers there who are looking to buy!
   44. Subscribe to my Advanced Website Promotion

I can help you get started today with these tips, no matter what your budget. Promotion of your
website is just as important as the design and hosting of your website. You should make
promotion a part of your monthly online budget.

Just check the boxes above that you would like help on, and then fill out the information below,
and click send. I'll look at your needs, and plan a promotion strategy for you at a price you can

- Garnet

P.S. I added a dozen new strategies to this list within the last month. Don't miss out! Write me
and ask to be on my newsletter list for website promotion, and I'll let you know when I add more.

             "Garnet has forgotten more about search engine marketing than these
             guys will ever know!"
                        -Bob R.'s critique of a recent "free lunch to get you to buy our
                      overpriced $5000+ e-commerce and internet marketing system"

             Garnet :
             First of all ... thanks a lot for being with us ... Thanks for excellent ideas
             and considerations that you provide to us in this thread. ..... I have read
             what you publish here with Great Attention, because these matters are
             "Life or Death" for me !!!
             [There are] a few excellent people that I have met in this board and that
             would be wonderful as consultants and advisors for me, and I include
             you in those people with knowledge, science and programming to give
             sound advice to me ....

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