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Five Tips For Writing Great Web Content


This document helps to ,create greate web site

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									       Five Tips For Writing Great Web Content
                                      by Sharon

Writing for the web is another great freelance writing market. It’s already huge and it’s growing every
day. There’s so much web content out there that you need to make yours stand out. Here are four ways
to make your web content appeal to readers.

1. Descriptive Titles

The title of your article should tell the reader what it’s about. Some people like to use humor, while
others prefer to play it straight. It doesn’t matter, as long as readers know what to expect. Readers want
to know what’s in it for them. A good title will tell them. That’s one of the reasons that article titles with
numbers in them tend to do well. If your article is called: ‘Seven Ways To Land Your Perfect Partner’,
then readers know what they will get.

2. Direct Address

One of the things I love about writing web content is that you can address readers directly. It’s like
having a conversation with someone who is in the same room. When writing web content, your writing
voice is often like your speaking voice, and it’s a great idea to let your personality shine through.

3. Clear Language

With web content, you are writing for an international audience, and not everyone speaks the same first
language as you do. That’s why it’s best to stay away from obscure expressions and jargon and use clear
and simple language. You can also add examples to make it even easier for reader to understand.

4. Break It Up

If you want your web content to be user friendly, you have to make it digestible. That means breaking it
into small chunks, usually with one main idea in a paragraph. It’s also a good idea to make the article
scannable by adding a subheading for each main idea. That means that readers will be able to glance at
the subheadings and pick out the main ideas.

5. Summarize

If an idea is worth saying, then it’s worth saying again. A bulleted list that summarizes the main points is
another good way to make sure that readers understand your article. Here’s a recap of this article as an
example. To write a good web article:

  * Choose a good, descriptive title.

  * Talk to your readers as though they are in the same room.

  * Use clear language.

  * Make articles scannable, with one main idea per paragraph.

  * Add a summary.

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