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									EERE Web Coordinators Meeting

          Meeting Agenda
     February 5, 2009 @ 1:30pm
• Around the room (Sarah) – 15 min
• First annual EERE Web workshop (Leslie) – 5 min
• Completion of the Web Centralization Project
  (Sarah/Michael) – 10 min
• FEMP redesign (Gabrial Boeckman) – 10 min
• ITP widget (Michelle Sosa-Mallory) – 5 min
• Inventory reorganization project (Janis) – 20 min
• EERE Library Update (Michael) -10 min
• Next meeting March 19th @ 1:30 PM
Around the Room (15 min)
EERE Web Workshop (5 min)
   •   What: Opportunity to learn more about
       EERE Web standards, Web best practices,
       and Web technologies
   •   When: April 30, 2009, 4-5 hours TBD
   •   Who: EERE Web coordinators and
   •   Where: TBD
   •   Topics: Need volunteers to help steer
   Completion of the
Web Centralization Project

  Sarah Kirchen & Michael Thomas
Official Close of Web Centralization Project
 Project Background:
 Winter 2004 - EERE commissioned a study to evaluate the
    feasibility of centralizing hosting and simplifying
    maintenance of EERE’s Web sites and maintain content
    separately from template.

 Outcome: Study recommended adopting a content
    management system (CMS).

 Thus was born the Web Centralization Project.
Completion of Web Centralization Project
 Web Centralization Project Objectives:
 • Gain more control over and further standardize the
   EERE template and the way it is implemented across
   the EERE Web sites.
 • Allow non-technical content producers to edit sites
   themselves through a WYSIWYG interface, without
   having to focus on template or coding.
 • Centralize the location of EERE’s Web sites (RedDot
   servers are housed at Forrestal).
Official Close of Web Centralization Project
Project Timeline:

•   Summer 2004 – EERE evaluated 9 content management systems, and chose
    RedDot based on cost, ease of use, likelihood of complete deployment.

•   Fall 2004 – Purchased CMS software and hardware and developed hosting

•   Winter/Spring 2005 – Set up infrastructure, cybersecurity, certification &
    accreditation; built EERE templates.

•   Summer 2005 – First site (Education) went live in the CMS.

•   Summer 2008 – Migrated the main EERE Server to Germantown

•   February 5, 2009 –Migration of Solid State Lighting completed
    – Last “Official Migration”
Official Close of Web Centralization Project
 Project Outcome:
 • Migrated 95 EERE sites into the CMS
     – Coded, Tested, QA’d Reviewed, Corrected… and finally sent
 •   75% (95 out of 125) of EERE’s sites are now
     managed in the CMS
 •   Sites not currently managed in the CMS are either co-
     branded sites or data-driven applications that will be
     moved into the CMS when those sites are redesigned.
FEMP Redesign (10 min)

   •   Update on FEMP’s redesign
   •   www.eere.energy.gov/femp/
ITP Widget – (5 min)

   • Explanation of ITP’s new widget
   • www.eere.energy.gov/industry/
Why De-Clutter the EERE Web Site?
         Presented by Janis
             M. Adkins
            GTI Federal
EERE Web Site – How We Got Here

  • Phase I: 1994–2002 – Create Web presence for
    anything and everything you can (it was the Wild
  • Phase II: 2002–2006 – Get all your content in the
    same look and feel, and centralize your platforms
    (we are one unified EERE Web site with 10
    Programs plus Corporate pages)
Where We Are Today

 • Phase III: 2007–2009 – Strategically review
   your content and strategically manage your
   sites, so your users can achieve their tasks and
   your program can achieve its goals. A key tactic
   to support your strategy is to de-clutter,
   minimize duplication, and streamline content.
Volume of Content Causes Usability Problems

  • Usability Testing showed difficulties in
    completing basic tasks because of too much
  • Certain tasks were particularly difficult for
    participants to complete, such as finding case
    studies related to solar energy use (only 37%
    completed task)
Content Volume Causes Search Problems
 • Content is overwhelming/clogging search results
 • Excess content causes “irrelevant” results and
   unrelated pages
 • 40% of calls to EERE Information Center from
   people unable to locate specific information they
   sought on EERE Web site
Search System is Clogged

  • Often, technical documents are listed before more
    general information that is being sought
  • More pertinent pages often fall through the cracks
    (2 examples follow)
     Only Small Portion of All Assets Visited
Program Name           Number of Most Visited          300th Most Visited
                       Assets    (title & visits)      (title & visits)
                                 12 months             12 months
Hydrogen, Fuel Cells   2,281       Hydrogen Home       AC Transit (25 visits)
& Infrastructure                   Page
Technology                         (129,649 visits)

Solar Energy           1,220       Solar Home Page     Solar America Initiative:
Technologies                       (259,186 visits)    Utility Capacity Credit
                                                       Valuations (2 visits)

Vehicle Technologies   3,863       Vehicle Home Page   Vehicle Technologies
                                   (83,018 visits)     Program: Fact #67:
                                                       September 4, 1998, Btu per
                                                       Passenger Mile for U.S.
                                                       Transit in 1995 (77 visits)
Popular Search Phrases / Associated Results
    Search Phrase Used                          Number of Results
    wind energy for kids                        44,189
    solar energy lesson plans                   43,415
    energy management                           42,642
    energy policy act 1992                      42,640
    energy consumption statistics               42,634
    renewable energy jobs                       42,630
    states with renewable portfolio standards   38,865
    heat pump                                   33,439
    weatherization assistance program           27,358
    doe biomass                                 23,103
    solar water heater                          18,449
Sample Search Phrase: Heat Pump

  •   #1 “Consumer Site” Phrase
  •   Used 33,439 times over the course of 12 months
  •   Search comes up with 18,687 results
  •   Only top 500 results shown in search results
  •   In standard search, 50 pages needed just to display
      the top 500 results!
Solution to these Problems
  • Develop Global Navigation (one part of ongoing
    redesign effort)
  • De-clutter the site – establish new “Reference
    Site” (yet to be named)
  • Makes sense to “clean house” before rearranging
    what is left
First Steps to De-Clutter

  • Help identify the current content that is rarely if
    ever sought, but important; to be moved to new
    Reference site
  • Help identify other content to be:
     –   archived;
     –   kept but for EERE-eyes-only;
     –   removed; or
     –   otherwise modified
How Reach the Goal?

  • Developing on-line tool to review all content
     – Inventories already prepared of each Program’s
  • Select one site to “test” the de-clutter process
  • Ensure sites do not get re-cluttered (by
    implementing routine review of assets per
    maintenance plans)
Update on the Library (Michael – 5 min)
•   New URL www.eere.energy.gov/library
•   Program Publication Verification Reports
•   Training of one person from each program
•   Updating of each program’s information
•   Publicize launch centralized site
•   Implementation of “Program Specific” sites
•   Implementation of “Related Publications” widget
•   Program launches
Next Meeting

  • March 19th @ 1:30 PM
  • Save the Date! EERE Web Coordinators
  Workshop April 30th

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