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EMR for Dermatology
Are you a Dermatologist seeking a quality, specialty specific Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution
for your practice? If so, EMR Experts has the solution. Our EMR software solutions have been
customized to meet the specific needs of the Dermatology specialty featuring many custom templates
and dermatology specific content for history of present illness (HPI), complaints, review of systems
(ROS), drug prescribing, physical examination and coding. The software also incorporates an electronic
super-bill and E&M coder that has been customized for the dermatologist. We recognize that no system
has it all, which is why we will work with you to customize the software to your exact needs. EMR
Experts truly offers the very best EMR software solutions for the dermatology specialty.

Dermatology Specific EMR Features

Typical dermatology specific templates that can be further customized to suit your practices' specific
needs include:

       Dermatology Specific SOAP Templates
       Varicose Vein Templates
       Cold Sore Templates
       Skin Cancer Templates
       Psoriasis Templates
       Before and After Reports
       Acne Visit
       Dermatology Images (Image of each body part for describing lesions, rashes, etc.)
       Before and After Photo Comparisons

Standard EMR Features

       Point-n-Click Dermatology SOAP Note Templates
       Custom Dermatology SOAP Note Templates
       E&M Coding Assistance for Dermatology
       PDR-based Prescription Writing
       Decision Support (ADE, Coding)
       Billing/Scheduling Software Interface (Practice Management Software)
       Document Management/Storage (for images, labs, reports, letters, etc.)
       Tablet PC and Pocket PC Optimized
       HL7 Custom Interfaces
       Health Maintenance Reminders
       Patient Portal
       Bubblesheet Intake Forms for Dermatology
       Dermatology Patient Education
       Lab Interfaces (Quest/Labcorp/Unilab)
       Patient Statistics Reporting
       Automated letter templates to referring physicians
       Interoffice messaging
Why every healthcare office needs to convert to EMR software?

       Increased productivity and reduced expenses
       Patient encounters are documented quickly and information flows more quickly to office
       See more patients without decreasing the amount of time you spend with each patient
       Eliminate transcription and chart-pulling expenses
       Improved E&M coding
       Documentation is consistent and legible
       Coding recommendation via E&M Level Coding
       Improved and streamlined communication within your practice
       Document each step of medical decision making within your practice
       Track communication activities between each person within your practice
       Alert people within your practice of urgent matters
       Document phone calls and route to appropriate staff person for follow-up

Our EMR solutions can be purchased on their own to integrate with your existing practice
management/medical billing software or with our integrated practice management software

If you’re thinking about converting to EMR and would like to see a demonstration or simply need to
have some questions answered please call EMR Experts at 877-367-1367 or visit us on the web at

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