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Ch-03 Practice Quiz Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best by Levone

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									Ch-03 Practice Quiz

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____    1. How have the advancement of medical technology and the increased use of computers influenced the
             medical assisting profession?
             a. They have replaced many medical assistants with more specialized medical
             b. They have limited the responsibilities of medical assistants to clinical tasks.
             c. They have increased the amount of training necessary to become a proficient
                 medical assistant.
             d. They have provided fewer work opportunities for medical assistants in hospital
____    2.   A recent graduate of a comprehensive medical assisting training program could apply for all of the
             following positions except:
             a. medical receptionist
             b. physical therapy assistant
             c. billing and coding specialist
             d. transcriptionist
____    3.   Which of the following skills would not be an appropriate expectation of the competent medical
             a. Performing insurance coding and billing
             b. Giving instructions to patients about self-care after treatments
             c. Using the computer to perform a variety of office functions
             d. Diagnosing common patient symptoms
____    4.   Which quality in a medical assistant is most likely to promote positive relations in the medical
             a. Businesslike behavior
             b. Consistently high grades during medical assisting training
             c. Attractiveness
             d. Sincere interest in patient welfare
____    5.   You are beginning your externship in a large office that has three medical assistants. What is the best
             way to learn about your job responsibilities?
             a. Ask for a job description and clear directions for daily activities.
             b. Spend a lot of time getting to know the patients.
             c. Wait politely until someone has time to explain your duties.
             d. Perform only those tasks that you are directed to do.
____    6.   Which statement best describes the relationship of administrative and clinical medical assisting
             a. Administrative duties require the least interpersonal contact.
             b. Both are of equal importance in maintaining a high-quality medical practice.
             c. Clinical duties offer more variety in the type of work performed.
             d. Clinical tasks are more difficult to learn than are administrative tasks.
____    7.   Which is the most important consideration in choosing a uniform?
            a. It should be becoming and flattering to the body type.
            b. It should not be wrinkled by the end of the workday.
            c. It should give a professional neat appearance.
            d. It should be fashionable.
____   8.   Which professional organization also certifies laboratory professionals?
            a. AAMA
            b. American Association of Medical Transcriptionists
            c. National Healthcareer Association
            d. AMT
____   9.   Because medical assistants are key public relations representatives for the physicians for whom they
            work, it is critical that medical assistants never:
            a. perform all duties as quickly and as efficiently as possible
            b. impress patients with their competence
            c. show sincere concern for each patient
            d. tell patients who are ill that they have an excellent chance for recovery
____ 10.    What would be the best way for new medical assistant graduates to become good team players in the
            medical office?
            a. Show consideration and appreciation of each member of the staff.
            b. Share what they learned in school about the latest techniques in healthcare.
            c. Be careful to perform only those tasks in the job description and no other duties.
            d. Try to develop close friendships with everyone on the staff after working hours.
____ 11.    Which is not a good reason for becoming an active member of a medical assisting professional
            a. Improved chances for promotion at work
            b. Ensuring fair pay by asking others about their salaries
            c. Networking opportunities
            d. Professional growth through continuing education
____ 12.    The best way to earn a favorable evaluation on your externship would be to:
            a. show integrity and practice high ethical standards
            b. be friendly with your supervisor and other senior staff members and keep
               co-workers at a distance
            c. impress the physician with your knowledge about medicine
            d. show your willingness by performing tasks that have not been assigned to you
               even if regular duties are not yet completed
____ 13.    The first national organization formed for medical assistants was:
            a. CAAHEP
            b. ABHES
            c. AMT
            d. AAMA
____ 14.    Extra advantages or benefits from working in a specific job are called:
            a. Prerequisites
            b. “Perks”
            c. Commissions
            d. Extras
____ 15.    Why is bargain help often the most expensive?
           a. The physician must pay additional taxes for bargain help.
           b. Bargain help makes the most efficient medical assistant.
           c. Extra time must be spent in training or correcting mistakes.
           d. More benefits are given to bargain help.
____ 16.   Which of these careers could not be entered as a result of medical assistant training?
           a. Billing specialist
           b. Medical receptionist
           c. Coder
           d. Respiratory therapy assistant
____ 17.   Which of the following are important to remember during an externship?
           a. Do not worry about reconciling petty cash.
           b. Ask the physician to treat your daughter’s ear infection.
           c. Never handle drugs or money without permission.
           d. Feel free to correct co-workers when they perform a procedure incorrectly.
____ 18.   Which of the following is not a part of the medical assistant creed?
           a. I am loyal to myself.
           b. I endeavor to be more effective.
           c. I am true to the ethics of my profession.
           d. I aspire to greater service.
____ 19.   The medical assistant should consider which of these factors when seeking employment?
           a. Pay rate
           b. Benefits
           c. “Perks”
           d. All of the above
____ 20.   The first medical reference listed on a medical assistant graduate’s resume is often the:
           a. first paying job
           b. volunteer work done during school
           c. first actual job
           d. externship
Ch-03 Practice Quiz
Answer Section


      1.   ANS:   C   PTS:   1
      2.   ANS:   B   PTS:   1
      3.   ANS:   D   PTS:   1
      4.   ANS:   D   PTS:   1
      5.   ANS:   A   PTS:   1
      6.   ANS:   B   PTS:   1
      7.   ANS:   C   PTS:   1
      8.   ANS:   D   PTS:   1
      9.   ANS:   D   PTS:   1
     10.   ANS:   A   PTS:   1
     11.   ANS:   B   PTS:   1
     12.   ANS:   A   PTS:   1
     13.   ANS:   D   PTS:   1
     14.   ANS:   B   PTS:   1
     15.   ANS:   C   PTS:   1
     16.   ANS:   D   PTS:   1
     17.   ANS:   C   PTS:   1
     18.   ANS:   A   PTS:   1
     19.   ANS:   D   PTS:   1
     20.   ANS:   D   PTS:   1

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