MnSCU E-Learning Development Grant by keara


									              Minnesota State Colleges and Universities –Round 4 e-Curriculum Grant
                                   Confirmation Memorandum

Total Grant Amount from the Office of the Chancellor: $72,800.00

Proposal Title/Identifier: Metropolitan State University

Online Law Enforcement Completion Program

Main Project Contact:

Ginny Lane, Executive Director: School of Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice

E-Mail Address Main Contact:

List of Deliverables:
Course Title                                 Projected            Projected Date of     Number of
                                             Development          First Offering        Enrollees
                                             Completion Date
LawE 330 Critical Issues in Law              Spring 2005          Spring 2005           Up to 24
Phil 301 Ethical Inquiry                     Summer 2005          Summer 2005           Up to 24
CJS 375 Criminal Justice Ethics              Fall 2005            Fall 2005             Up to 24
CJS 360 Diversity Issues in Criminal         Spring 2006          Spring 2006           Up to 24
CJS 490 Criminal Justice Capstone            Spring 2006          Spring 2006           Up to 24
CJS 350 Citizenship                          Summer 2006          Summer 2006           Up to 24
CJS 382 Homeland Security                    Summer 2006          Summer 2006           Up to 24

Other Deliverables: (e.g. Career Pathway Materials, including completion of additional on-line courses)
• Development of an online model for the assessment of prior learning using the e-portfolio project;
• Development of online academic advising website for major completion program;
• Development of statewide law enforcement articulation (see below).

Participating System Institutions and/or other Partners: A significant aspect of this project is the
development of a statewide articulation between Metropolitan State and the fifteen MnSCU institutions
offering two-year law enforcement/criminal justice degrees. Articulations are in place with six of the
fifteen POST-certified programs in the MnSCU system. The following are the remaining schools with
whom we plan to develop statewide articulation:

Central Lakes College (AAS)
Minnesota State Community and Technical College - Fergus Falls (AS)
Hibbing Community College (AAS)
Minnesota West Community and Technical College – Worthington Campus (AS)
Northland Community and Technical College (AS)
Ridgewater College (AAS)
Riverland Community College (AS)
Rochester Community and Technical College (AS)
Vermilion Community College (AS)

Round 4 RFP e-Curriculum Award Confirmation Memorandum
                                                 Page 1
This memorandum serves to affirm and clarify the key provisions outlined in the original RFP document.
This memorandum may also outline new requirements based on the rights of the Office of the Chancellor
to request changes to proposals submitted in response to the Round 4 e-Curriculum RFP.

Institutions receiving grant awards must submit any changes to the agreed upon proposal in writing and
ask for approval to make changes. Please direct letters asking for approval of changes to the Sr. Vice
Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs[or Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Innovations]

Please complete the above items, review the attachments, and secure signature. When finished, please E-
mail this completed page to deborah.proctor@ to begin the financial processing.

Note: A hard copy, including signatures should also be mailed to:

Deborah Proctor, Ph.D.
e-Curriculum Director for Minnesota Online
300 ETC-1450 Energy Park Drive
St. Paul, MN 55108

Please contact Deborah Proctor, e-Curriculum Director for Minnesota Online, with any questions about
this memorandum ( or call 651-649-5935).

Round 4 RFP e-Curriculum Award Confirmation Memorandum
                                                 Page 2

   Institutions agree that courses, certificates, diplomas, or degrees whose development is partially or
    completely funded with this grant will be fully available for three years (Fall 2006-Fall 2008). Relief
    from this requirement requires advance notice and approval from the Sr. Vice Chancellor for
    Academic and Student Affairs. See RFP Frequently asked Questions at

   Institutions that receive an award for degrees, diplomas, or certificates to be developed as a part of the
    grant deliverables must begin the Program Approval process immediately after the Memorandum of
    Understanding has been signed. See documents and information related to this process at

   The one-time funding provided under this award will be used for Round 4 e-Curriculum activities
    that conform to the original RFP requirements: all technology-enhanced learning (credit or non-
    credit) developed through this grant is predominately asynchronous (i.e., student learning is not place
    or time-bound).

   The CAO at the primary institution will complete and attach the Higher Learning Commission
    Accreditation, Intellectual Property, and Quality Recommendations attachments for this award.

   By August 2006, all courses and materials necessary to deliver any courses and/or “entire certificate,
    diploma, or degree” will be in place and ready to be offered.

    MnSCU Colleges and/or Universities awarded grants under this Round 4 e- Curriculum Grant
    Program will confirm that they have taken reasonable and good faith efforts to ascertain that there are
    no duplicate package of courses (certificate, diploma, etc.) currently available or under development
    within MnSCU.

   Participating institutions agree that all courses, certificates, diplomas, or degrees must follow
    currently established program review policies and practices and that system funding does not imply
    program approval at any level.

   Participating institutions agree to provide any information needed or otherwise comply with any
    Federal rules, regulations, and reporting expectations that might apply to this grant (Federal
    requirements are not anticipated).

   The project coordinator or primary institution agrees to submit to the Sr. Vice Chancellor for
    Academic and Student Affairs an annual report on August 30, 2005, 2006, and 2007. This report will
    include (a) a short narrative describing the activities undertaken by the project and their relationship
    to proposed activities, (b) measurable outcomes and lessons learned, (c) a summary budget indicating
    expenditures relative to the project , (d) references to any publications or presentations resulting from
    the project, (e) information on how best practices related to this project were shared/celebrated with
    the MnSCU community, and (f) additional information as requested, including participation in a
    possible study of the effectiveness of the RFP process.

Round 4 RFP e-Curriculum Award Confirmation Memorandum
                                                 Page 3

   The amount funded through a system allocation has been reduced through targeted line-item
    reductions to enable funding of more campus initiatives and communicated to those who submitted
    the proposal. Please enter all the reductions/revisions listed on your award letter below and submit a
    revised budget [see Attachment 3] along with the signed memorandum of understanding :

Budget Reductions and/or language revisions:

1. $11,000 Advisor (as requested, please see rationale in revised budget section)
2. $ 5,000 Program Coordinator

   The named coordinator of this project will follow through with the three required
    year end reports on this project.

   If the named project coordinator changes the name and directory information of the
    new person in charge of the grant will be communicated to the Sr. Vice Chancellor.

    Information on enrollment, retention will be tracked and this information will be
    included in annual reports.

   The primary institution named in this proposal will complete and attach the
    Intellectual Property Attachment [Attachment 2] to clarify the intellectual property
    arrangement governing the development of courses.

Round 4 RFP e-Curriculum Award Confirmation Memorandum
                                                 Page 4
                                   SIGNATURE PAGE*

The following Minnesota State Colleges and Universities institutions confirm their
understanding of the Grant requirements as set forth in this document, all attachments,
and the conditions set forth in the original Round 4 e-Curriculum RFP project e-folio site:

President, Primary Minnesota State Colleges & Universities Institution

Chief Academic Affairs Officer, Primary Minnesota State Colleges & Universities Institution

Primary Grant Project Director

Date ______________________

President, Primary Minnesota State Colleges & Universities Institution

Chief Academic Affairs Officer, Primary Minnesota State Colleges & Universities Institution

Primary Grant Project Director


Linda Baer, Sr. Vice Chancellor for Academic & Student Affairs
MnSCU Office of the Chancellor

*(Page may be copied to provide for more signatures as necessary)

Round 4 RFP e-Curriculum Award Confirmation Memorandum
                                                 Page 5

As explained in the original RFP, institutions acknowledge that Higher Learning Commission
accreditation standards must be met if a college or university intends to offer a degree program entirely in
a distance education format, and the institutions agree to pursue any necessary change in accreditation
status in a proactive and timely manner.

Before funding will be released for selected proposals, campuses receiving funds must provide below a
brief but detailed outline/plan with action steps for addressing the Higher Learning Commission distance
education guidelines for courses, certificates, or diplomas.

Higher Learning Commission Accreditation Plan Outline:

Please see attached Higher Learning Commission letter and Statement of Affiliation Status.

Round 4 RFP e-Curriculum Award Confirmation Memorandum
                                                 Page 6

Include a clear statement of the intellectual property arrangement governing the development of courses
partially or completely funded through this grant.

Be sure to include a clear indication of whether courses, certificates, diplomas, or degrees are being
developed under a

  “work for hire” arrangement
  shared ownership arrangement
  faculty developed and owned with an arrangement granting use rights to specific institution(s)
 x other:

Check one of the three boxes above and explain below.

        Metropolitan State University administration and faculty association are in the process of
        developing local policy and procedure under MnSCU policy 3.26 Intellectual Property. All
        development done within the auspices of this grant will comply with MnSCU policy 3.26 and,
        when completed, with local policy and procedures as well.

Important Note: In accepting funds through this grant, all participating institutions agree that in shared
ownership situations, institutional/system use shall be assured for a minimum of three years.

Round 4 RFP e-Curriculum Award Confirmation Memorandum
                                                 Page 7

Please attach a revised budget to this memorandum of understanding and if the budget revisions change
deliverables, timelines, or outcomes please include that information along with the revised budget.

      Budget: Direct Costs

      Course Development: 28 credits X $500/credit                     $14,000
      Center for Community-Based Learning                              $ 2,000
     .25 advisor for online programming                                $11,000 (see * below)
      Project Coordinator                                               $ 5,000
      One graduate assistant to assist in development of courses in
      D2L and a website for marketing, admissions, registration
      information and online advising.(20 hrs./week)                    $20,000
     Statewide Articulation Consultant: 80 hours @ $75/hr.              $ 6,000
     Homeland Security Consultant: 40 hours @ $75/hr.                   $ 3,000
     Instructional Designer: 60 hours @ $75/hr.                         $ 4,500

     Travel: Meetings with Community and Technical Colleges        $ 4,300
       Mileage: 6,000 miles (15 trips @ 400 miles @ 37.5) = $2,250
       Lodging: 4 nights @ $70 = $280
       Food: 19 days @ $30/day = $570
       Telephone: $100/month x 12 = $1200

     Education Survey: (w/MPPOA) design/mailing/analysis                $ 1,500
     Print Marketing and mailings                                       $ 1,500

                 TOTAL FUNDING REQUEST:                               $ 72,800

      * Advisor Rationale: This program will require considerable individual advising with online
      students, most of whom will have associate of science degrees and in need of assistance with
      completing general education coursework as well as electives using the prior learning assessment
      option. While general online orientation and advising will be coordinated with other online
      programs, the work referred to here is very program specific and, we believe, necessary for success
      of this first cohort in particular.

     Matching Funds/In-Kind ($26,000)

                 Trainer/Instructional Designer $10,000
                 Director, Center for Online Learning $10,000
                 Business Office Grant Specialist $5,000
                 IT Online Specialist $5,000
                 SLC Clerical support $5,000
                 Brochures/postage for marketing online program $2,000
                 SLC Director $5,000
                 One course prior development $2,000

Round 4 RFP e-Curriculum Award Confirmation Memorandum
                                                 Page 8

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