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					Achieving the Dream State Policy Accomplishments 2006-07 (Rounds I-III)

    The following pages summarize self-reports by lead organizations in eight Achieving
    the Dream states that entered the initiative before 2007 (Rounds I through III) on their
    activities and accomplishments for the program year, October 1, 2006 – September
    30, 2007.
    The states are: Connecticut, Florida, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania,
    Texas, Virginia, and Washington.
    The accomplishments are organized according to the five policy areas that Achieving
    the Dream state teams have established as the top priorities for policy change: Data
    and Performance Systems; Incentives and Support for Student Success; K-12 and
    Post-Secondary Alignment; Transfer and Articulation; and Need-based Financial Aid.
                                      Achieving the Dream State Policy Accomplishments 2006-07 (Rounds I-III)

 DATA AND PERFORMANCE                  INCENTIVES & SUPPORT FOR                 K-12 AND POSTSECONDARY                     TRANSFER AND                  NEED-BASED FINANCIAL AID
        SYSTEMS                            STUDENT SUCCESS                             ALIGNMENT                           ARTICULATION

CCCS have made significant             CCCS Council of Presidents              A system wide taskforce of          An MOU was signed by CCCS             System advocacy for affordability
progress on developing a culture       refined and reaffirmed the              college deans studied placement     and CSUS to facilitate transfer for   with the general assembly and
of evidence to support the             system’s strategic plan priorities,     standards in colleges across the    community college students            the governor’s office contributed
rigorous research needed to            which are integrated with               system. Their efforts were          wishing to pursue 4-yr degrees.       to a significant expansion of
inform decision- making and to         Achieving the Dream student             augmented by a system-              In combination with the               financial aid that has been
more accurately assess the             success priorities such that all        commissioned ACCUPLACER             Guaranteed Admissions Program         included in the final budget for
impact of student success              colleges throughout the system          validity study completed by         with UCONN, which has recently        the state for 2008-2009 with an
interventions.                         are unified in their focus on           CCRC. The findings of the task      expanded to involve all 12            increase of over $16 million in
The design for the IR data mart        increasing student success              force and the validity study are    community colleges and the five       Connecticut Aid to Public College
has been completed for statewide       outcomes by focusing on meeting         informing the system’s effort to    branch campuses of the                Students (CAPCS) over 2007.
implementation.                        the needs of a changing student         fulfill a legislative mandate to    University, barriers have been
                                       population in conjunction with          develop a plan for establishing a   reduced and transfer has become
Increased capacity for research        meeting the demands of the              standard for performance and        a more viable option for
has been created by dedicating a       state’s economic development            placement in college-level          community college students with
system-level position to facilitate    priorities through workforce            courses.                            expanded advising and support
the introduction and effective use     development; expanding access                                               services included in within the
of the data mart and to expand         to opportunities at all levels of the                                       strengthened agreements.
and improve research and data          educational continuum;                  A new, more rigorous high school    Provisions of the Guaranteed
collection across the system, for      maintaining affordability and           curriculum has been proposed for    Admissions programs also
both academic and non-credit           extensive need based financial          statewide implementation by the     require completion of an
programs                               aid; improving accountability           Connecticut State Department of     associate degree.
Research studies have been             through improved data collection,       Education that will integrate
completed on accelerated               analysis and reporting; and             college and career preparation
developmental education;               ensuring safe, secure, and              requirements.
placement test score validity and      inclusive campus environments
relationship to student success,
retention and persistence; and a
study on the impact financial aid
on student success is in
                                    Achieving the Dream State Policy Accomplishments 2006-07 (Rounds I-III)

        SYSTEMS                          STUDENT SUCCESS                         ALIGNMENT                              ARTICULATION

The Fast Facts: Student Success      Convened the colleges in the        The Division of Community              The Division of Community            The Legislature appropriated $2
Series, a monthly college-by-        second annual Connections           Colleges with 9 community              Colleges has worked with the         million to community colleges in
college data results presentation    Conference, which provides          college presidents served on the       Office of Articulation to provide    matching grants for first
at the Council of Presidents         colleges the opportunity to learn   Department of Education’s Go           additional information on the high   generation students.
meetings has been                    from one another and learn more     Higher Task Force to provide the       school feedback reports and has
institutionalized as a standing      about the data and research         community college’s experience         worked with Florida Academic
agenda item.                         support available through the       in the state’s effort to align high    Counseling and Tracking for
Partnered with JFF to identify       Department of Education’s           school exit requirements and           Students ( to
measures that can serve as early     Division of Community Colleges.     college entrance and                   determine the most informative
warning system to determine          The Division of Community           performance requirements.              data to provide colleges.
whether students are “on track”      Colleges provided small grants to   Participated in the state’s revision
or “off track” towards completion    colleges who returned to their      of K-12 math standards
and engaged CCRC to perform a        campuses to implement selected
logistical regression to validate    practices learned at the
study findings.                      conference.
                                      Achieving the Dream State Policy Accomplishments 2006-07 (Rounds I-III)

 DATA AND PERFORMANCE                  INCENTIVES & SUPPORT FOR             K-12 AND POSTSECONDARY                       TRANSFER AND                 NEED-BASED FINANCIAL AID
        SYSTEMS                            STUDENT SUCCESS                         ALIGNMENT                             ARTICULATION

         New Mexico
NMHED, in partnership with other       As of 2007, NMHED rewards           NMHED hosted a research               Transfer of online and summer        Secured passage of an amendment
state agencies, is leading a state-    state colleges and universities     symposium Dec 2007 as part of         courses is part of NMHED’s six-      to the College Affordability Act which
level effort to create a student       with performance funding for        the Governor’s Higher Education       point plan to increase student       expanded eligibility to students in
data sharing system, which             increases in freshman retention     Summit, which provided the latest     success.                             tribal colleges and part-time students
includes the use of a student          rates and increases in graduation   research on K-12 and                  In addition to the 35-hour General
identifier that follows K-12           rates for Hispanic and Native       postsecondary alignment, college      Education Core requirements
students into postsecondary and        American students.                  readiness standards, placement        developed by the New Mexico
workforce.                                                                 assessment, and other student         Articulation Task Force, NMHED
Convened colleges in data                                                  success-related topics. Achieving     adopted 64-hour transfer
sharing meeting to inform college                                          the Dream publications and            modules in Business
leaders of the new legislative                                             resources were distributed and a      Administration, Early Childhood
requirements that impact                                                   compendium of research and            Education, Criminal Justice;
collection, reporting, and use of                                          best practices is being printed for   Social Work, Pre-Engineering,
data required by recent student                                            dissemination.                        Elementary Education and
data sharing and high school                                                                                     Nursing modules are underway.
reform legislation.
Developed Plan for NM’s P20
Education Data System
identifying methods to capture
K12 student identifier within
higher education student
information systems; presented
to legislature Dec 2007.
                                          Achieving the Dream State Policy Accomplishments 2006-07 (Rounds I-III)

  DATA AND PERFORMANCE                     INCENTIVES & SUPPORT FOR                 K-12 AND POSTSECONDARY                          TRANSFER AND                     NEED-BASED FINANCIAL AID
         SYSTEMS                               STUDENT SUCCESS                             ALIGNMENT                                ARTICULATION
         North Carolina
Beginning with fall enrollments, all 58    NCCCS completed preliminary             Developed administrative rules          NC expanded the Comprehensive             In order to help more low-income
Colleges are “live” with both student      research on the internal articulation   allowing local education agencies       Articulation Agreement, originally        students attain college credentials
enrollment and course data in the          of course levels and competencies       and school systems to partner with      formed with the 16 public universities    without having to rely on the
system’s data warehouse project.           for ABE and developmental               higher education partners to provide    to the 36 private and independent         availability of need-based financial
(Business and human resources              education to college credit courses.    college credit for high school          colleges and universities in the state.   aid, the Legislature has increased
processes for all colleges have been       The goal is to provide a more           students in on-line programs and for    CC students enrolled in the College       funding for “Learn and Earn”, which
installed.) A necessary pre-cursor to      seamless sequencing and alignment       the administration of the “Learn and    Transfer core will receive hour for       allows all students- including low
system and institutional research          of all preparatory programs to the      Earn” early colleges statewide.         hour credit and those with AA             income students- to earn an AA
capacities.                                state’s recently adopted uniform        NCCCS awarded 12,646 GEDs and           degrees or sufficient hours transfer      degree and high school diploma
The system office is undertaking a         placement scores.                       2,207 Adult High School Diplomas.       in as rising juniors to all senior        simultaneously at no cost. The
two-year pilot to track the                The General Assembly provided           North Carolina’s GED passing rate       institutions in the state. Private and    legislature also increased funding for
subsequent performance of ABE              recurring funds for an additional       was 7th in the nation. Ninety percent   Independent colleges represent            “Learn and Earn” online which can
students into college-level                dedicated student services position     of community colleges had at least a    some of the most selective graduate       serve up to 6,000 students per
enrollments, similar to the tracking       at each community college.              75% retention rate for ABE and AHS      programs and also some of the most        semester who live in rural areas or
now done for developmental                                                         programs. (NC is one of the few         deeply endowed foundations.               are not able to attend an early
                                           The fifth annual statewide Minority                                                                                       college location “on site”.
education students, as a possible          Male Mentoring Conference drew          states to operate Adult Secondary       NCCCS, and the Transfer Advisory
statewide accountability measure.          600 participants. In the “short         Education programs as part of a         Committee adopted a dedicated             This marks the first full year for the
In a strong vote of confidence in          session,” the General Assembly          Community College system).              advising course for students who          staffing of the new Financial Aid
NCCCS Data and Research                    provided $600K for the creation of 20   Expanded to 25 the number of            intend to transfer to 4-year              position in Student Services at the
activities, the General Assembly           Minority Male Mentoring projects        degrees that can be earned entirely     institutions. The course (ACA 122)        NC System level. A study of
granted authority to the State Board       across the state.                       on-line at community colleges.          will be available to all 58 colleges      Financial Aid operations and needs
of Community Colleges to research                                                                                          and universities are being asked to       is planned for the coming year.
                                           NCCCS’s Strategic Plan specifically     After input from joint governing        grant a one hour elective transfer
and adopt new performance and              references the goals of Achieving the   boards, DPI has adopted diploma                                                   NCCCS, with the state education
accountability measures for colleges                                                                                       credit which would make this the          grant authority, increased the
                                           Dream and establishes a Task Force      requirements that reinforce “college    only “advising” course with such
and the system without requiring           on Under-represented/ Under-            track” as the default course of study                                             number of FAFSA Day Activities.
prior legislative approval.                                                                                                credit.
                                           Served Students that will research      for all students and eliminated                                                   For third consecutive year, increased
                                           “best practices” in the colleges        differentiated diplomas. The new        New state policy established an           the number of colleges eligible to
                                           through June 2008 and then              high school diploma requirements        optional "Transfer Core Diploma" as       waive the federal work study cash
                                           disseminate findings to all colleges.   articulate college entrance             recognition for students in AA or         match requirement by securing Title
                                                                                   requirements                            AAS degree programs as an                 III eligibility status from US ED.
                                                                                                                           "intermediate" objective/
                                                                                   Increased the number of CC GEAR-        accomplishment when they complete
                                                                                   UP partnerships with State GEAR         their "general transfer course of
                                                                                   UP program                              study".
                                    Achieving the Dream State Policy Accomplishments 2006-07 (Rounds I-III)

        SYSTEMS                          STUDENT SUCCESS                      ALIGNMENT                           ARTICULATION

Worked with the state             Convened colleges for student       Analyzed state and institutional    Continued to participate with the   Continued advocacy for
Department of Education to        success forum to share              policies and practices to improve   state department of education to    expanding and strengthening
improve the annual data reporting information about their campus-     student transitions through dual    implement articulation policies     financial aid policies and
for the community colleges and    level strategies to improve         enrollment                          around the first 30 credits,        incentives for students who face
drawing on many data elements     student success outcomes and        Applied for funding to study        including legislative testimony     financial
already reported by the colleges  the implications for policy.        placement assessment standards      and advocacy to Senate              Continued to advocate for
through the National Community    Engaged in on-going advocacy        and began researching               Education Committee and related     improved funding for Act 101,
College Benchmarking Project.     with the legislature on student     placement cut score validity        parties.                            which assists “at risk” students in
Began dialogue with state         success issues, presenting at the   studies conducted in other states   Continue to advocate for            the transition from secondary to
Department of Education to        community college Caucus            to inform the Commission’s policy   broadening of the current           postsecondary.
include community colleges in the breakfast and related legislative   position on standardized            statutory requirement for 30        Reviewed state financial aid
student unit record system (PA    hearings.                           placement cut scores.               transfer credits to include an      policies and developed and
Secure ID) with expectation that                                                                          additional 30 credits               circulated a policy brief making
the colleges will begin to enter                                                                                                              the case for changes in the
the system, at least on a pilot                                                                                                               administration of financial aid in a
basis, within the next year.                                                                                                                  way that increases success for
                                                                                                                                              community college students,
                                                                                                                                              particularly for students taking
                                                                                                                                              developmental education.
                                     Achieving the Dream State Policy Accomplishments 2006-07 (Rounds I-III)

        SYSTEMS                           STUDENT SUCCESS                          ALIGNMENT                    ARTICULATION

Continue work to augment the          Successfully engaged the             Selected representatives from                       Circulated financial aid report
state’s higher education              Legislature and higher education     Achieving the Dream colleges                        advocating realigning financial
accountability system with            audiences to restore community       participated in the vertical teams                  aid awards according to student
lessons from Achieving the            college funding and continued        required by HB 1 to develop                         needs, particularly focused on
Dream, including engaging higher      advocacy for incentive funding for   college readiness standards and                     increasing aid to students
education policy decision makers      community colleges to increase       provided the community college                      enrolled in community colleges to
on including intermediate             student success.                     perspective in the state level                      address the gap in financial aid
benchmarks for community              Selected Achieving the Dream         process to establish standards.                     funding between community
colleges in the state’s               colleges received HB 1 grants        Vertical teams completed their                      college students and students
accountability system                 from the Coordinating Board to       work and the college readiness                      attending 4-year institutions.
Began review of state-level           support campus-level student         standards have been posted for
student success data elements to      success innovations and              public comment.
improve the collection, reporting,    evaluations. The Coordinating
and use of indicators and             Board is working to commission a
measures that measure student         rigorous evaluation of the student
progression through                   success experiments and will
developmental education               broadly disseminate successful
                                     Achieving the Dream State Policy Accomplishments 2006-07 (Rounds I-III)

        SYSTEMS                           STUDENT SUCCESS                       ALIGNMENT                            ARTICULATION

Completed curriculum data mart,     VCCS convened a                     VCCS completed the NGA               See Financial Aid for information      The 2007 Transfer Scholarship
which addresses college-by-         developmental education best        funded Academic Weakness             on Transfer Scholarship.               legislation passed creating
college and system wide             practices summit featuring Dr.      study, which examined the            More than 20 transfer                  funding for up to $2,000 for
productivity and enrollment data.   Christine Kelly-Kleese from         performance of recent high           agreements were signed with 4-         community college students
The curriculum data mart allows     Durham Technical Community          school graduates in                  year partner institutions. All         transferring to 4-year institutions
customized reporting and a select   College in North Carolina.          postsecondary. The findings from     VCCS colleges began a                  who have completed their AA
group of institutional researchers  Virginia Achieving the Dream        the study were broadly distributed   campaign to market the                 degree. The grant provides
will be able to access student-     colleges shared their experiences   to interested parties and served     agreements as well as the              $1000 for all eligible students and
level data to conduct more robust   implementing campus-based           as one of the anchors to the         transfer grant benefits, and the       extra $1000 for student pursuing
analyses.                           student success interventions       state-level college readiness        chancellor asked each of the 23        undergraduate degrees in
A second retention data mart is in and the system informed the          discussions of the P-16 Council      presidents to submit a marketing       science, technology, engineering,
development and college and         colleges of the some new data       and in the state process to define   plan as part of individual college’s   mathematics, nursing and
system representatives have met and research findings from the          college readiness standards in       2007-2008 strategic goals. The         teaching.
to consider how cohorts will be     NGA academic weaknesses             math and English.                    System Office also began to
defined, what tracking information study and subsequent follow up       VCCS also completed two              market transfer opportunities to
will be available, and what other   studies. In addition to Achieving   reports examining placement cut      students through new transfer
data sources should be included the Dream colleges, there were          score policies, one which            brochures and a newly designed
to enhance the functionality of the representatives from all system     informed the system’s Placement      transfer website.
data warehouse tool.                colleges.                           Task Force’s work to identify the
                                                                        colleges needs for a placement
                                                                        assessment tool and placement
                                                                        assessment procedures, and the
                                                                        other examined the success of a
                                                                        cohort of high school graduates
                                                                        in developmental education and
                                                                        gatekeeper courses. Both studies
                                                                        will inform the dialogue between
                                                                        colleges and their local school
                                                                        system regarding college
                                    Achieving the Dream State Policy Accomplishments 2006-07 (Rounds I-III)

        SYSTEMS                          STUDENT SUCCESS                        ALIGNMENT                           ARTICULATION

SBCTC approved a learning year       Contributed to the Achieving the   Continued to study the overlap      In 2005, a bill passed that          Opportunity Grant funding was
to pilot student achievement         Dream publication, Power Tools:    between developmental               authorized applied baccalaureate     expanded to a total of $23 million,
incentives program that rewards      What Features Should a State’s     education and adult basic           degree pilot projects within the     which will significantly increase
colleges who get students to and     Community College Data and         education by convening the          community and technical college      access and retention of
through intermediate benchmarks      Performance Measurement            Career Pathways Institute           system. After a competitive          underserved adult learners.
that are predictive of successful    System Include to Promote          Convened Achieving the Dream        process, four community colleges
outcomes or “momentum points.”       Student Outcomes and               Colleges and presented a            will begin offering upper-division
SBCTC approved $500,000 in           Institutional Effectiveness?       system-level overview and           courses. A new bill passed in
funding to pilot the student         Increased research capacity by     college specific data on the        2007 expands the offerings to
achievement incentive system         hiring a new researcher to work    following initiatives: Socio-       two more colleges by February
and each college will receive        on accountability and student      economic study, Student             2008.
funding for incremental student      success related issues.            Progress Data, Transfer Pipeline    SBCTC approved a focused
gains so that results can be                                            Analysis, Transition Math Project   mission expansion for the
evaluated to determine possible                                         and high school course taking       system’s five technical colleges
future funding levels for the                                           patterns of recent high school      increasing transfer capacity in
program if the learning year                                            graduates.                          technical colleges. A bill will be
results are promising.                                                                                      proposed this legislative session,
                                                                                                            which will provide for focused
                                                                                                            transfer degree granting authority
                                                                                                            on preparation for
                                                                                                            baccalaureate degrees.