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					                                                                               CRIMINAL JUSTICE
                                                                             ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE

College of Eastern Utah (CEU) and Utah State University (USU) are working in partnership to offer an Associate of Science in
Criminal Justice to a larger number of students. Awarded by CEU, this degree will be available at USU Regional Campuses and
Distance Education (RCDE) sites across the state. Students will take CEU Criminal Justice (CJ) courses broadcast to USU RCDE
campuses and centers, and students will fulfill CEU general education requirements by taking USU courses which will then be
transferred to CEU. For more information on the CJ Department at CEU, please visit For
more information on CEU or USU RCDE, please visit their websites, respectively: and

Because students will need to enroll in both schools in order to complete the Associate of Science in Criminal Justice, students need
to qualify for admissions at both CEU AND USU. Students taking classes at both institutions simultaneously will be responsible
for paying each institution’s respective tuition for the number of credits they are taking. Students must be aware that they need to
have 24 credits from CEU in order to receive the Associate of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. Students should also be aware that
they must have a grand total of 63 credit hours, (33 credits of general education and 30 elective credits,) in order to receive their
Associate Degree, and they may need to take additional elective credits outside of the required CJ or general education courses to meet
these requirements. Elective courses may be from either institution in any department as long as they are 1000 level courses or above.

The information contained in this document does not represent a contract and is subject to change at any time without prior notice.


 CEU maintains a policy of open enrollment. For information on applying to CEU please visit Students
 should apply as a Criminal Justice major. The following courses must be taken at CEU in order to earn the Associate of Science in
 Criminal Justice. Students must complete the required courses and three elective courses. For CEU advising, please contact Scott
 Henrie at 435-613-5135 or Richard Walton at 435-613-5267 or call the CEU open advising office at 800-336-2381.

      Course                                                                  Credits   Semester Taken     Grade    Note
I     REQUIRED COURSES – 12 Credits (Four Courses)                                                                  * Course has CJ
      CJ 1010 – Introduction to Criminal Justice                                3       ______________    ______    1010 as
      CJ 1330 – Criminal Law                                                    3       ______________    ______    prerequisite
      CJ1340 – Criminal Investigation                                           3       ______________    ______
      CJ 2350 – Laws of Evidence *                                              3       ______________    ______    ** Course has
                                                                                                                    CJ 1010, CJ
II    CRIMINAL JUSTICE ELECTIVES – 9 Credits (Three Courses)                                                        1330 and CJ
      CJ 1070 – Law Enforcement / Corrections Academy Part I ^                  3       ______________    ______    2350 as
      CJ 1080 – Law Enforcement / Corrections Academy Part II ^                 3       ______________    ______    prerequisites
      CJ 1090 – Introduction to Law Enforcement                                 3       ______________    ______
      CJ 1300 – Introduction to Corrections                                     3       ______________    ______    *** Course has
      CJ 1360 – Crime Scene Academy                                             3       ______________    ______    CJ 1010 and CJ
      CJ 2110 – Security and Crime Prevention                                   3       ______________    ______    1330 as
      CJ 2330 – Juvenile Justice                                                3       ______________    ______    prerequisite.
      CJ 2340 – Survey of Criminal Procedure **                                 3       ______________    ______
      CJ 2360 – Juvenile Law and Procedure                                      3       ______________    ______    ^ Credits will be
      CJ 2810 – Experimental Courses                                           1-3      ______________    ______    awarded for
      CJ 2977 – Cooperative Work Experience                                    1-3      ______________    ______    successful
      CJ 2988 – Special Problems                                               1-3      ______________    ______    completion and
      CJ 2999 – Workshops                                                      1-3      ______________              evaluation of
III   OTHER COURSES – 3 Credits (One Course)
      CJ 1350 – Introduction to Forensic Science ***                            3       ______________    ______

Students should be aware that at CEU CJ 1010 fulfills the Social Science requirement in general education, CJ 1300 fulfills the Oral
Communications requirement, and CJ 1350 may fulfill the Earth Science requirement. CJ 1010 and CJ 1300 will count for both the
CJ requirements AND general education, but CJ 1350, if counted as an earth science, DOES NOT count as an elective course in the
CJ department. It is still recommended that students take CJ 1350 for Earth Science so as to acquire the 24 CEU credits required.

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 To apply on-line to Utah State University students may go to Students do not need to apply for a
 major or may apply as a General Studies major. Students should be aware that admissions requirements at USU are higher than at
 CEU. Once students have applied and been accepted they may begin to take classes to fulfill the CEU General Education
 Requirements at USU. The following table lists the CEU General Education areas and what USU classes will fulfill these

 While the categories in the following table reflect CEU General Education areas, the courses listed below are the USU course
 numbers and titles so as to help students select the right classes at USU. A glossary of USU terms and acronyms is listed below the
 table for clarification.

 Course                            CR    Sem. Taken      Grade         Course                          CR     Sem. Taken     Grade
         ENGLISH                                                           SOCIAL SCIENCE**
 ENGL 1010-Intro. to Writing        3    __________      _____         CEU CJ 1010-Intro to CJ.         3     __________     _____
 ENGL 2010-Intrmed. Writing         3    __________      _____
                                                                          PHYSICAL SCIENCE
         MATH                                                          Any BPS Course                   3     __________     _____
 MATH 1030-Qunative Reason.         3    __________      _____
           OR                                                                LIFE SCIENCE
 MATH 1050-College Algebra          4    __________      _____         Any BLS Course                   3     __________     _____

 AMERICAN INSTITUTIONS                                                     EARTH SCIENCE
 Any BAI Course                     3    __________      _____         CEU CJ 1350-Intro to Forensic    3     __________     _____
 OSS 1440-Microcomputer App         3    __________      _____         ORAL COMMUNICATIONS
              OR                                                       CEU CJ 1300-Intro to Correct.    3     __________     _____
 Completion of CIL Exams *                                             OSS 1550-Busn. Correspond.       3     __________     _____
 HUMANITIES & FINE ARTS                                                Any CI Course                    3     __________     _____
 Any BHU Course                     3    __________      _____
 Any BCA Course                     3    __________      _____           ELECTIVE COURSES**
 Additional BHU / BCA Course        3    __________      _____         _________________________        3     __________     _____
                                                                       _________________________        3     __________     _____

* The CIL Exams consist of six tests that assess students’ competency of computer and information technology. In order for the test
to fulfill the CEU Computer Literacy requirement they must be posted on the student’s transcripts. For more information on
the tests, visit

** In order to meet credit requirements students may need to take additional elective courses. Please see an academic advisor for
verification on how many elective may be necessary.

Because the Computer Literacy and Oral Communications areas are competency requirements, all credits applied toward them will be
counted as elective credits.

BAI – Breadth American Institutions
BHA – Breadth Humanities
BCA – Breadth Creative Arts
BSS – Breadth Social Science
BLS – Breadth Life Science
BPS – Breadth Physical Science
CI – Communications Intensive
CIL Exams – Computer and Information Literacy Exams

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