F. Mitchell Johnson Board Room
                                  Lander University
                              Greenwood, South Carolina

                             Friday, December 17, 2004
                                1:00 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.

Presiding:    Mr. George R. Starnes, Chair

Members of the Board in Attendance:          Mr. L. B. Adams, Jr.
                                             Ms. Ann B. Bowen
                                             Mr. Bobby M. Bowers
                                             Mr. Robert Brimmer
                                             Mr. Maurice Holloway
                                             Mr. Raymond D. Hunt
                                             Dr. Glenn J. Lawhon, Jr.
                                             Mr. Jack Lawrence
                                             Ms. Mamie W. Nicholson
                                             Dr. Sally E. Self
                                             Mr. Fred M. Thrailkill
                                             Ms. S. Anne Walker

                                             Mr. Finis E. Horne
                                             Mr. J. Thomas ―Tom‖ Kinard
                                             Mr. Anthony B. Noury
                                             Ms. Ricci Land Welch

Others in Attendance: President Daniel W. Ball; Dr. Leonard E. Lundquist, Vice
President for Academic Affairs; Ms. Diane Newton, Vice President for Business and
Administration; Mr. H. Randall Bouknight, Vice President for Student Affairs; Ms.
Eleanor S. Teal, Vice President for University Advancement; Mr. Jefferson J. May,
Athletics Director; Dr. Uma Sridharan, Chair, Faculty Senate; and Ms. Clara S. Bonds,
Administrative Assistant, President’s Office

Guests: Ms. Susan C. Going, Librarian; Mr. Jesse Quarles (student) from Charleston;
Mr. Rodney Jones (student) from Rock Hill; Mr. Terrell Turner (student) from Columbia;
Mr. Sean McClester (student) from Lugoff; Dr. Robert Phillips, Chair, Department of
English and Foreign Languages; and Mr. Tom Covar, Budget Director

Chairman Starnes stated for the record that the appropriate publicity for the meeting, in
order to comply with the Freedom of Information Act, had been disseminated and this
meeting was in compliance with that Act.

The regular meeting of the Lander University Board of Trustees was called to order at
1:00 p.m. by Chairman Starnes who acknowledged and welcomed: Dr. Uma Sridharan,
Chair, Faculty Senate; Ms. Susan C. Going, Librarian; Mr. Jesse Quarles (student) from
Charleston; Mr. Rodney Jones (student) from Rock Hill; Mr. Terrell Turner (student)
from Columbia; Mr. Sean McClester (student) from Lugoff; Dr. Robert Phillips, Chair,
Department of English and Foreign Languages; and Mr. Tom Covar, Budget Director

Chairman Starnes called on Dr. Phillips who presented a copy of ―The Descent of Music,
Stories,” a book of stories written by Mrs. Deborah Cumming a former Lander
University professor. Ms. Teal noted a scholarship had been established for Ms.

MINUTES: IT WAS MOVED (Bowers) and seconded (Walker) that the minutes of the
last meeting, Tuesday, September 14, 2004 be approved as circulated. A vote was taken;
the motion carried unanimously.

Legislative Update: Mr. Covar briefly discussed and responded to questions regarding
the Legislative Update information attached to the report from the Office of Financial
Affairs. He reported it is anticipated there will be new funds available for the legislature
to appropriate to state agencies. The Board of Economic Advisors provided estimations
of the following: $5,703,739,477 of General Funds available for appropriation in the FY
2006 Budget and a revenue for the South Carolina Lottery of $265,000,000. Mr. Covar
stated that the Supreme Court has not ruled on the Life Sciences Bill. He further
indicated that the Governor is expected to release his budget recommendations sometime
during the week of December 20th.

ACADEMIC AFFAIRS: Ms. Walker reported on behalf of the Academic Affairs
Committee. She called attention to the report from the Office of Academic Affairs,
which had been distributed earlier. (A copy of the report will be made a part of the
official minutes.) Ms. Walker highlighted the following:

       Academic Program Accreditation: Following their visit, the National Council
for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) determined that the University met all
six NCATE standards and will recommend Lander University be awarded continuing
accreditation through the 2010-2011 academic year to the National Board of Examiners.

        Potential New Academic Programs: Dr. Lundquist reported a Program
Planning Summary would be submitted to the Commission on Higher Education
Advisory Committee on Academic Programs (ACAP) in January, 2005 seeking approval
to convert the criminal justice emphasis, a non-degree program, into a full degree
program in either criminal justice administration or criminal justice management. If the
Program Planning Summary were approved by ACAP, a full program proposal would be
developed and submitted to the faculty, President, and Board of Trustees for approval.
After internal approval, the proposal will be submitted to the Commission on Higher
Education (CHE). The University would begin offering the program on-line either in the
fall, 2005 or spring, 2006, if granted approval by CHE. Dr. Lundquist responded to
questions.    Information is being collected on the feasibility of developing an
undergraduate degree program in non-profit management.

The Self Family Foundation awarded the University $500,000 to improve all of its
secondary certification programs, particularly in Spanish, and to develop a secondary
certification program in the sciences. A coordinator will be hired to coordinate the
curriculum for the University’s secondary teacher certification programs and to develop
summer programs/camps, which will be offered to attract students into its Spanish and
science secondary teacher preparation programs.

       Enrollment: As of December 10, 2004, undergraduate applications are up 20%
in comparison to this time last spring. Acceptances for spring, 2005 are up 24%. The
number of new freshman applying for fall, 2005 is up 3.8% in comparison to last fall. As
of December 10, 2004, the total number of undergraduates applying for admittance to the
University was increased by 3.1%.

FINANCE AND FACILITIES COMMITTEE: Mr. Hunt called attention to the report
from the Office of Financial Affairs, which had been distributed earlier. (A copy of the
report will be made a part of the official minutes.) Noting that two (2) additional
columns had been added to the report—CYTD (Current Year to Date) Actuals and PYTD
Prior Year To Date) Actuals, Mr. Hunt and Ms. Newton elaborated on several line items.
Ms. Newton also responded to questions.

to the report from the Office of University Advancement, which had been distributed
earlier. (A copy of the report will be made a part of the official minutes.) He then
highlighted the following:

        Development Activities: Chairman Starnes announced the University had
exceeded half of the campaign goal of $7.5 million during the campaign’s public kick-off
event, ―Taste the Talents of Lander,‖ which was held on Thursday evening, September
23, 2004. The Donor Recognition Gala was held on Friday, October 1. Alumni giving is
up—a report will be made during the next Board meeting. The Abney Foundation
granted another $100,000 in support of The Abney Foundation Scholarship Program.

The V. Kann Rasmussen Trustees has not responded to the University’s grant request of
$750,000. To date, total gifts and pledges to the campaign total approximately $8

       The Lander Foundation will assist the University with repairs of the Van
Bergen bells in the Old Main Tower (up to $30,000) and with the renovation of the F.
Mitchell Johnson Board Room and the President’s reception area (up to $30,000).

       Scholarships: Since the beginning of the Comprehensive Campaign, sixty-three
new scholarships have been established; ten since the last meeting.

       The Investments Committee: The Foundation’s two money managers—
Greenwood Capital Associates and Morgan Stanley—reported the following for the
period ending September 30, 2004: Greenwood Capital Associates a loss of –1.53%;
Morgan Stanley a net gain of .41%. Attention was called to the information attached to
the report from the Office of University Advancement regarding the Bi-Lo A+ For
Schools Rewards Program and the Food Lion Shop and Share Program. A gift of
$175,000 has been received from the Estate of Lenna Hall Clifford establishing a
scholarship to aid music, specifically piano and violin students.

       Board of Visitors met on campus on Thursday, October 14, 2004.

        Alumni Office Activities: Thirty-five alumni volunteered to participate in the
―We’ve Got Class‖ Phone-a-thon. Over 150 alumni said, ―YES‖ and made a pledge.
Homecoming and Alumni Weekend have been combined and will be held February 25-
26, 2005. A schedule of events/activities can be found in the report from the Office of
University Advancement. The Alumni Association has partnered with CENDANT, a
division of RCI vacations, to offer alumni, faculty, and staff short notice and off-season
condos for a flat rate of $349 for a one or two bedroom time-share.

       Bearcat Club held its 9th annual Sprint Bearcat Classic on Thursday, September
30, 2004 with 196 golfers participating in the event.

       University Relations and Publications: A packet of material was distributed
showcasing some of the publications that have been published/printed following the
realignment of University Relations and Printing Services, along with Pocket Book of
Facts produced for the President’s Office and distributed to all boards, faculty, staff,
coaches, and appropriate outside constituents. The Office of University Relations and
Publications will update the information annually. The final event of the centennial year
was Lander’s participation in the Greenwood Christmas parade.

        Docent Program currently has 16 professional volunteers assisting Admissions,
Administration, Athletics, College of Education, College of Arts and Humanities,
Instructional Services, Jackson Library, Mass Communications, President’s Leadership
Program, College of Business and Public Affairs, and Student Services.

        Greenwood-Lander Performing Arts (GLPA) began its 58th season with the
Virsky Ukrainian National Dance Company on October 13, 2004. GLPA offered a
special outreach program on November 13, 2004, which brought over 600 children from
Greenwood area schools to Lander for a performance of ―Peter and the Wolf.‖ Other
performances are listed in the report from the Office of University Advancement.

Self called attention to the report from the Office of Student Affairs, which had been
distributed earlier. (A copy of the report will be made a part of the official minutes.)

        Division of Student Affairs has experienced several personnel changes. Details
are noted in the report.

       Residence Life: The groundbreaking ceremony for Centennial Hall was held on
December 1, 2004. Construction is scheduled for completion in early 2006. A thorough
study of the remaining residence halls is underway.

      Counseling Services: Students utilizing campus counseling services increased;
however, it was noted that it was a trend occurring nationally.

       EXPO Summer Orientation will be coordinated by the Offices of Academic
Affairs and Student Affairs to ensure that all appropriate topics are effectively covered
and that the best use of students’ time is realized. EXPO 2005 is scheduled for June 12-
14, 2005 and July 24-26, 2005.

       Lander President’s Leadership Program (LPLP) 101 successfully concluded
with 31 new freshmen on December 6.

       Student Government Association (SGA) had a positive fall, 2004 semester,
passing several bills with recommendations to the University administration.

         Career Services sponsored a Sunday afternoon event on September 26, 2004 to
assist students in preparing for graduate school. Seventy-five students participated. The
annual Career Information Exchange was held on October 27, 2004, and brought 44
businesses, government agencies, and graduate schools to campus to meet students,
introduce their companies/programs, and recruit upcoming graduates. Career Services
partnered with the Department of Business to host a Greenville job retreat for five (5)
students on November 11-12, 2004. Sixteen students participated in cooperative
education programs this fall, with companies such as SC Biotechnology Incubation
Facility, Dickert’s Moving & Storage, NHC Healthcare, Elliott Davis, Self Regional
Healthcare, and Sharp Facets. Thirty-three students attended the presentation conducted
by Walt Disney representatives during the Career Information Exchange. Eleven
students were interviewed and seven (7) were offered the internship for spring, 2005.

       Health Service: Students seeking health care services increased 17% when
compared to last fall. The increase is being attributed to the increase in the number of
freshman students on campus. Student Health Services provided a clinic for students
wishing to receive the meningococcal vaccine.

        University Police Department is developing a zoned parking program to be
implemented in fall, 2005. Attached to the report from the Office of Student Affairs is an
activity log event summary from the Lander University Policy Department.

As a matter of information, Mr. Bouknight informed the Board of the passing of a Lander
student. He also commented on the report from the University Police Department

        Intercollegiate Athletics: Mr. May called attention to the report from the
Department of Athletics. (A copy of the report will be made a part of the official
minutes.) Regarding fall sports, he reported that men’s soccer finished third; women’s
soccer finished sixth; women’s cross-country finished fourth; and women’s volleyball
finished sixth. Mr. May stated that the men’s basketball became the first men’s team in
the history of the Peach Belt Conference (PBC) to go to a division one school (Charleston
Southern) and win. Lander University will host the 2006-07 conference basketball
tournament and related activities, i.e., art and cheerleading.

        Peach Belt Conference: The University of North Florida and Kennesaw State
University have been accepted as members of NCAA Division I. The Peach Belt
Conference has added North Georgia College and State University and there has been
discussion on the topic of inviting private colleges/universities to join the PBC. Mr. May
further commented on other changes within the conference.

RECESS: Chairman Starnes called for a short recess.

OTHER BUSINESS: Chairman Starnes commented on the groundbreaking ceremony
for Centennial Hall; new dormitories/cost; and need to capitalize on the University’s
current momentum.

PRESIDENT’S COMMENTS: Chairman Starnes called upon President Ball for
remarks. Dr. Ball briefly discussed past spending habits; the need/cost of campus
improvement(s); sources of funding; and alerting the Board of the necessity of a
substantial increase in housing and tuition fees for next year. In addition, he reported on
the bonus program; adjustments that were made to some faculty salaries; the Docent
Program; winding down of the centennial celebration; and the reception following
commencement on Saturday for honorary degree recipients. Dr. Ball revealed renditions
showing the new Dining Hall addition.

FACULTY SENATE: Chairman Starnes called on Dr. Sridharan, Chair, Faculty Senate
for any additional comments. Dr. Sridaran stated that it had been a good semester and
thanked the President, Board, and Dr. Lundquist for the bonus. She noted other Senate
and/or faculty activities/initiatives included: two (2) open forums relative to Section IV,
of The Faculty Handbook; service projects to increase the university’s visibility and
build linkages with the community; adopted a park in Ware Shoals; and, along with
ROTC, wrote Christmas cards to servicemen.

EXECUTIVE SESSION: Noting that there was a matter of personnel to be discussed,
the Board entered into Executive Session. All visitors were excused.

       IT WAS MOVED and seconded that the Board continue its business in Executive
Session. All in favor.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 3:45 p.m.

NEXT BOARD MEETING: Tuesday, March 1, 2005

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