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									Co-Creator of Six Sigma Unveils “The Great Discovery” ... the 4th Generation
of Six Sigma
Dr. Mikel J. Harry, the world renowned co-creator of Six Sigma and national best selling author
reveals The Great Discovery®, a process that advances human achievement to the point of
breakthrough – and beyond. In this sense, it is a way that virtually any person or work team can
envision, plan and achieve extraordinary things. The Great Discovery® is a highly structured
and systematic way of thinking that allows anyone to formulate a dream or stretch-goal and then
create a clear roadmap to the realization of such aspirations. The Great Discovery is the
cognitive map for how individuals, work teams and businesses of all sizes can achieve Six Sigma
results, similar to those enjoyed by many of the world’s top corporations.
Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) March 5, 2010 -- The Great Discovery emerged from several years of research
conducted by Dr. Mikel J. Harry and his team of renowned subject-matter-experts. They carefully filtered and
synthesized the key lessons learned in practicing Six Sigma over the past two decades, and uncovered the
common threads that can lead to breakthrough success for any person, work team, or organization. Dr. Harry and
his team were able to discover the Proven Path and Three Principles of Success that marks the way to
breakthrough performance.

 The Great Discovery provides access to the underlying success of Six Sigma to everyone, not just a select few.
Traditionally, only 2% - 5% of an organizations workforce is involved in the planning and execution of Six
Sigma. Now, with the launch of The Great Discovery, everyone in the organization, from the top-down or the
bottom-up, can participate and meaningfully contribute to their organization’s business improvement initiatives.
This means that the power of Six Sigma can finally be harnessed by the other 95% of the workforce, regardless of
its size or business orientation.

 Essentially, Six Sigma is a better way to lead work teams or run a business. It’s a way to move an organization
to higher levels of performance – in everything they do. It’s a roadmap and set of tools that, when properly
applied, will create breakthrough in the way work gets done; therein, leading to higher levels of profitability and
customer satisfaction.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet a living legend from the world of business and experience what he calls “The
Great Discovery”. Join us March 11, 2010 in Tempe, AZ as Dr. Harry unveils the 4th Generation of Six Sigma.
For more information or reservation please call 480.515.0890.

Discover how to increase your odds of success and create breakthrough in everything you do – realize The Great


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