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					                                          VILLAGE OF SACKETS HARBOR
                                            REGULAR BOARD MEETING
                                                           June 8, 2004

PRESENT: Mayor Deans, Deputy Mayor Bombard, Trustees Hoagland & Kinnie; Treas. Yuhas & Engineer Kris Dimmick
Also present was District 9 Legislator Barry Ormsby.

ABSENT: Trustee Pacilio

The Regular Board meeting was called to order at 7:03pm by Mayor Deans with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Motion to approve the Regular Board Meeting minutes of May 13, 2004 was made by Deputy Mayor Bombard, seconded by
Trustee Hoagland. Vote carried 4-0

Mrs. Betsy Cutter and Mrs. Ilene Crandall gave a presentation on the Tot Lot Park Project. The committee has been working on a
grant from Parks and Recreation as previously reported. Mrs. Cutter noted that volunteers are needed for the Tot Lot Committee.

A motion was made by Trustee Kinnie, seconded by Deputy Mayor Bombard to approve up to $25,000 cash and in-kind services
for the 50-50 match Tot Lot Grant. Vote carried 4-0

Mayor Deans reported that on Patriot Pride Day the students did a remarkable job in the village. Kudos to the school system.

Mayor Deans reported that the Memorial Day Observance was one of the largest in years. Congratulations to Mr. Tim Mason and
Mrs. Connie Barone for a job well done. Sincere thanks go out to General Austin for his participation in the ceremonies.

The Annual Seaway Trail Family Day had the largest turn out to date, and was truly a nice afternoon.

Mayor Deans presented a Sounds and Lights of the Harbor flyer and asked that everyone do his or her part to help create a
successful event.

July 4th Activities include a Strawberry Shortcake Social, Concerts on the Waterfront in the afternoon and Fireworks in the

Officer Coseo reported that Project Child Safe has sent the Village Free Gun Locks. Anyone wishing to obtain them is welcome to
stop into the Village Office.

A letter was received from Ed and Laura Tillson regarding a malfunctioning storm drain on the corner of Ambrose Street and Barn
Alley. (Attached) Mr. Lonny Reinhardt, Village DPW Superintendent reported that the drain had filled with dirt and mud, a 240’
section of the drain has been since replaced, sump pumps rerouted to the storm drain which falls in line with the DEC Consent

A letter was received from Sackets Harbor Leasing Company, LLC which was referred to Attorney Jonathan Fellows for his
review. (Attached)

A letter was received from Richard Fioretto and Morgia’s Beach Residents voicing concerns about the rundown Clam Shed
buildings. (Attached)

Mayor Deans received several letters from 2nd and 3rd Grade Students thanking him for visiting their classes and answering
questions as Mayor Deans reported he had done at the June meeting.

A letter was received from Dorothy Olshefski and Paul Windover voicing concerns regarding an abandoned boat trailer parked
next door to them. (Attached)

A motion was made by Trustee Deputy Mayor Bombard and seconded by Trustee Hoagland to accept the Treasurer’s report. Vote
carried 4-0

BILLS: Abstract #1, Vouchers #1 - #51 ............................................ $218,614.87
Motion to approve payment of bills was made by Trustee Hoagland, seconded by Trustee Kinnie. Vote carried 4-0

A motion was made by Trustee Hoagland, seconded by Deputy Mayor Bombard to appoint Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputies
Sterling, Coseo and Marichoney to the Village of Sackets Harbor Police Force for the weekend of June 11 th and 12th at a rate of
$20.00 per hour. Vote carried 4-0

Mayor Deans noted that the Chamber of Commerce contributed $2,000.00 for this action; he also gave a brief overview of the

Trustee Bombard: Deputy Mayor Bombard reported that Recreation will soon begin. Applications have been distributed, and she
also gave a brief description of the program. Deputy Mayor Bombard asked Mr. Reinhardt if the Tot Lot Park could be seeded
with grass. Also referred to was the planting of the garden area at the intersection of County Route 75 and NYS Route 3 coming
into the village. It was reported that the Main Street Beautification Committee is also addressing this garden.

Mayor Deans commented that Main Street is looking good; the Committee has done a lot of work.
Trustee Hoagland: Trustee Hoagland reported that this year the Village Board has had more input on the Sounds and Lights event
than ever before. He has been addressing problems at the Visitor Center and he has not heard from Mr. Illingsworth in regards to
the Bandstand railings as of yet.

Trustee Kinnie: Trustee Kinnie suggested that a letter be sent to the School regarding Patriot Pride Day. The Can-Am Committee
has submitted an application to the Marketing Advisory Committee requesting $2,000.00 for the Parade. (Attached)

A motion was made by Trustee Kinnie, seconded by Trustee Hoagland authorizing $2,000.00 for the Can-Am Parade. Vote
carried 4-0

Trustee Kinnie also reported that Big Apple Music has submitted a proposal of 10 to 12 PA Horns for West Main Street at a price
of $1,000 to $1,200.

A motion was made by Trustee Kinnie, seconded by Trustee Hoagland to authorize up to $1,200.00 for 10 PA Horns and a channel
run to the Bandstand. Vote carried 4-0

Trustee Kinnie presented the rack card the village had allocated funding for at a previous meeting. The Committee is now working
on a tear off map of the village. It will cost $200.00 to get the map printed and will be taken out of the Visitor Center funds. The
Summer Fun ad will begin soon and will cost $280.00.

A motion was made by Trustee Kinnie, seconded by Trustee Hoagland to allocate funds from the Visitor Center budget, up to
$200.00 for the tear off map and $280.00 for the Summer Fun ad. Vote carried 4-0

Trustee Pacilio: Absent Mayor Deans reported that Trustee Pacilio had held an Emergency Management Committee Meeting.

Ontario Shores Project – Nothing new at this time.

Mayor Deans reported that he had followed up on the Fort Pike Donation Agreement and that Mr. Michael Campbell reports the
owners have decided not to proceed with the donation.

After Superintendent Reinhardt and Mayor Deans highly recommended that the contract be renewed, a motion was made by
Trustee Hoagland, seconded by Deputy Mayor Bombard to authorize the Mayor to sign the DANC Contract Renewal. Vote
carried 4-0

POLICE REPORT, Sergeant Coseo: (Attached)

DPW, Superintendent Lonny Reinhardt: Superintendent Reinhardt reported that the DPW have been mowing and trimming. They
also worked on the drainage system on Main Street. An air purification system was installed at no cost for three months at the
Main Street lift station, the only cost being $600.00 for the charcoal. The price of the system would be $1,800 if purchased.
Superintendent Reinhardt had received a quote from Black River Tree Removal to trim the trees on Main Street for $75per tree.
There are ten to eleven trees that need trimming; and $500.00 to remove a thorn apple tree next to the school.

VISITOR CENTER REPORT, Barb McKeever: (Attached)

HERITAGE AREA DIRECTOR, David Altieri: (Attached)

PICKERING-BEACH MUSEUM, Jeannie Brennan: Getting ready to start the new season.


Mr. Norm Hunneyman reported that July 9 th would begin the second year of the Seaway Trail Guided Tours of the village. Pride
for the community is awesome from the visitors. Each tour takes about one and a half hours. (Brochure Attached)

Mr. David Cutter presented a conceptual design for signage at the Main Street lift station; this design would also provide sufficient
camouflage for the electrical panel which is located there. The Marketing Committee to head up the project.

Motion to adjourn Regular Board Meeting at 8:20 p.m. was made by Trustee Hoagland, seconded by Deputy Mayor Bombard.
Vote carried 4-0

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa M. Gregory
Village Clerk

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