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									             Scholarships for Dads | Grants for Dads
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Scholarships for Dads | Scholarships for Fathers
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What Scholarships for Dads is NOT:

  * It's not a waste of your time....
  * It's not some lame scam ....
  * It's not a joke ....
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So, What IS Scholarships for Dads?

The productive years of men are extending well past 65. Boomers are refusing to retire,
either because of financial circumstance or due to lifestyle preferences. It's to this end, and to
the single father demographic especially, that school grants for single fathers are growing
part of charitable appropriations with larger charitable foundations as well as government
sponsored entities. College grants for single fathers come from many sources. While some
government grants for single fathers come in the form of federal financial aid for fathers,
others come from private benefactors in the form of private school grants for single fathers.
It's very important to know the difference, since what each source looks for in a grant
application/request varies from source to source.

I learned this the hard way. 5 years ago, my wife and I divorced, and I was in a situation
where I had to pay her alimony, child support for our two boys, and my high medical costs for
a chronic condition that I have. These compounded issues complicated by family life and
work life─I had hardly any breathing room, as I wasn't in a position to take on anymore debt
in the form of a bank loan. This is when I thought of seeing if I could possibly get a grant to
help with some of my bills. Surprisingly, there are a plethora of college grants for fathers, and
government grants for single fathers, just waiting to be awarded. The issue isn't that these
the criteria for application is ultra exclusive, it's that men aren't applying at all! After endless
hours and days on the phone, and even more time waiting at government agency lines, I
eventually won enough college grants for fathers, and it was enough help me through a
graduate degree in business, to take my career to the next level.

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