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									              Sub: Statistics                                                               Topic: Normal Distribution

              To find the probability that fewer than 40 are romances

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              Novels: Romance USA Today reported that 11% of all books sold are of the romance genre. If a
              local bookstore sells 316 books on a given day, what is the probability that

              (a) fewer than 40 are romances?

              (b) at least 25 are romances?

              (c) between 25 and 40 are romances?

              (d) In the solution to this problems, what is n? p? q? Does it appear that both np and nq are
              larger than 5? Why is this an important consideration?

              Let p be the proportion of all books sold is of the romance genre.

               i.e., p = 11% = 0.11 q = 1-p = 0.89

              Let n be the number of books have to sell on given day

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