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                                                 December, 2004
                               General Meeting: Tuesday, December 21, 2004
                                           HOLIDAY PARTY
                                                6:30 p.m.
                                            Neighborhood Community Center
                                             1845 Park Avenue, Costa Mesa
Officers                                            (714) 327-7525
  Nancy Benay
First Vice President
  Kayoko Nebrig
Second Vice President                          A Glance at the NHOS:
  Doug Cowan
Corporate Secretary                        Pat Rowland, Founding Member
  Margaret Nerio                 This is the second in a series of articles that will focus on NHOS’s
Membership -Volunteer Needed
                                                             first 25 years
  Laura Perry
  Richard Hara                  Most of us know Pat Rowland through our visits to the Rowland Col-
Ex-Officio                      lection, a Garden Grove-based orchid nursery that specializes in
  Guy Gottschalk                miniature and novelty cymbidium hybrids and many other genera that
                                can be grown outdoors in coastal Southern California. Over the
Board of Directors
                                years, Pat (and, or course, Charles “Butch” Weckerle-Thrun) has
Jan Anderson                    been an avid supporter of Southern California orchid societies: the
Georgia Farmer                  CSA, AOS, and the Fascination of Orchids show. In particular, her
Anne Gazda                      involvement with NHOS dates back to its founding in 1978/79, as
Angie Graham                    her son, Bud, was one of the catalysts behind the establishment of
Jim Miller
Michael Miranda                 NHOS. Recently she shared some of those memories.
Rose Nakabara
Ron Nash                        Would you believe that the oil shortage and rising gasoline prices of
Chuck Spain                     the late 1970s were a contributing factor in the founding of NHOS?
                                At the time, cymbidium enthusiasts drove 40 minutes or more to the
News Submission Deadline:       LA Arboretum to attend the monthly CSA meetings. It became Bud
the 25th of each month.         Rowland’s goal to establish a branch of the CSA in Orange County.
                                In 1978 the first organizational meetings to launch the new society
Editor:                         took place in Jane & Paul Brecht’s spacious second floor bonus room
A.J. Lane                       in their Irvine home. Besides Bud Rowland and the Brechts, other
E-mail:         organizers included Howard Wilburn, Les & Millie Starkey, Alf
Phone: (949) 643-1897           Friend, and Woody Wilson. Rather than a branch of the CSA, the
                                organizing group decide that NHOS would have a general orientation
NHOS Website:                   with a focus on growing orchids outdoors. By the end of the 1978,                    the society was ready to launch the general meetings so invitations
                                were mailed to OC residents of the CSA and customers of Brecht’s
Web Designer:                   Orchids inviting them to attend the “first informal meeting” at the
Marcie Hague                    Glendale Federal Savings Community Room in Fashion Island across            from Buffum’s.
                                                                               Continued on page 2
Pat Rowland, founding member, continued . . .
                                                                Tips from the Ole Perfessor
        . To everyone’s amazement, a spillover crowd
turned up for the first meeting on January 18, 1979 to                               The Phalaenopsis Orchid
hear Paul Gripp of the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate                                        (fay-le-nop-sis)
speak on “Outdoor Orchid Growing” and particularly
laelias which were not yet well-known among OC hob-                                  Probably the most popular
byists. Thereafter the meetings, with Paul Brecht’s         orchid in the world is the phalaenopsis orchid
help, were moved to the First Methodist Church on 19th      which orchid growers have nick-named phals
Street in Costa Mesa. Among the first speakers were         (fayls). Unfortunately too many novice growers
Clark Day on paphs, Bob Dugger of San Diego on              buy this orchid first and get easily discouraged
odontoglossums, Lloyd de Garmo on cymbidiums,               because they cannot get it to re-bloom. It is tricky
“Doc” Charles on paphs, P.G. Barnett on cattleyas, and      to grow and must be grown in a greenhouse or
George Vasquez on phalaenopsis. With a $100 contri-         indoors. It likes the same comfortable temperatures
bution from Howard & Eve Wilburn to fund the speak-         you do and will stop growing if the temperature
ers (a $25 honorarium for gas money) and mailings, in       drops below 60 degrees.
addition to the promise of a 150 blooming plants from
Pat Rowland for the plant raffles, the NHOS was                     Originating in the Philippines, it thrives on
launched. Enthusiasm, camaraderie and support among         high humidity and good air movement. It likes low
society members ran very high during the early years.       light conditions, no direct sun, but a bright area and
                                                            can be mounted or grown in a plastic pot using a
Pat’s fascination for orchids dates back to her under-      mix of seedling bark, perlite and charcoal: 8 parts
graduate college days at UC Santa Barbara in the late       bark, 1 part small perlite, and 1 part charcoal.
1940s where she attended the second annual cymbidium
show (precursor of the annual International Santa Bar-              Buy a small fan with a metal clip and keep
bara Orchid Show & Sale) at the Santa Barbara Armory,       it running constantly at slow speed attached to your
and with a friend who was botany major, had a chance        baker’s rack near your plants. Do not direct the air
to visit many or the large private orchid collections in    to the plant but direct moving air to an area where
Hope Ranch. At the time, though, she was learning the       the plants are. Do not dry out pots with direct air
find art of jewelry making, which took precedent over       hitting the pot. Clean the fan blades and assembly
orchids. Returning to the newly-opened Long Beach           every 2 months. Air movement is your best protec-
State College, Pat finished her degree in art and shortly   tion from white mealybugs.
thereafter started a family with her husband, Lee. A
true California and OC native, Pat was born in Garden               Water with lukewarm water, and avoid cold
Grove, raised in Tucson, and except for brief stay in       water. Usually tap water will do if left out for awhile
Kansas, has spent her entire adult life in SoCal. Lucky     to gain room temperature. Water plants twice a week
for us!                                                     in summer months once a week in fall & spring, and
                                                            once every two weeks in winter months. Some
The Rowland Collection was private until 1986 when it       misting in the morning is beneficial.
became a commercial nursery. Pat’s favorite orchid is
“the next one to open” and she’s always looking for                  Fertilize once/month with 20/20/20 balanced
something new. She is best known for her cymbidium          fertilizer: 1/2 teaspoon per gallon.
Snow Court but her favorite cross is cymbidium Califor-
                                                                                  -Bill Austin, The Ole Perfessor
nia Ablaze. Pat is an emeritus judge with CSA and an
active judge with AOS. We thank The Rowland Collec-
tion for our greenhouse tour in October.
                                      -Nancy Benay

         NHOS Holiday Party
      December 21                 6:30 p.m.
         Festive Potluck Dinner
       Costa Mesa Community Center
            Last name: A—F            Dessert
                       G—Q         Main Dish
                       R—Z         Salad/Side Dish
   (please bring enough food for 10-12 people)

                 Also please bring:
- a blooming orchid/orchid-themed item to exchange
- your dancing shoes; our librarian Denise Claycomb,
     will teach line dancing—no partner required!
  - your blooming orchids—no judging in December
     Arrive at 5:30 to help decorate if you wish

                Lily Hara, Holiday Party Chairperson

 Mark Your Calendar . . .

 ♦    Saturday/Sunday, December 4-5: CASA de las ORQUIDEAS’ Open House, 10-4, 170 S Nardo, Solana
      Beach (858) 755-7572 (includes The Rowland Collection/Islander Delights/Andy’s Orchids also)

 ♦    Thursday-Sunday, February 10-13, 2005: FASCINATION OF ORCHIDS INT’L SHOW, South Coast
      Plaza, Costa Mesa (714) 962-8165

 ♦    March 2005-18th WORLD ORCHID CONFERENCE in Dijon, France, <>

 ♦    August 29-September 15, 2005: AUSTRALIAN ORCHID SAFARI, Tom Biggart (619) 441-9874

Additional News
-This is Laura Perry’s last year as Membership Coordinator. We need a 2005 volunteer; training is provided.
-American Orchid Society (AOS) calendars may be ordered through Nancy Benay. These make wonderful gifts.

-The November judging chart will be in the January newsletter.
-All items submitted to this newsletter are subject to editing.

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